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Whole Woman All-Inclusive Bundle

Whole Woman All-Inclusive Bundle Whole Woman All-Inclusive Bundle

The two things you need to successfully manage prolapse for a lifetime are education and support.

Get a thorough education with the Whole Woman All-Inclusive Bundle.

Christine's book Saving the Whole Woman her exercise baton, and six DVDs will provide hours of powerful, useful information that will set you on the path to reclaiming control over your body and your life.

Stay fresh with a different exercise exercise program every day as you regain your pelvic health. Click on the image for more information.

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Michel Odent, MD
Michel Odent Author of Primal Health and The Caesarean
Director, Primal Health Research Center, London, UK

As a former gynecologic surgeon who came to see the error his ways, I passionately read Saving the Whole Woman. Christine's work is medically accurate and will bring hope to millions of women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse and who want to avoid surgery.

I hope mothers will share this work with their daughters to help them avoid the kind of childbirth experience that sets them up for problems later in life.


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Praise for
Saving the Whole Woman

Christiane Northrup

Christiane Northrup, MD
Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom,
The Wisdom of Menopause, and
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

This updated version of Saving the Whole Woman is a breath of fresh air for thousands of women who have been diagnosed with uterine, bladder, or rectal prolapse. In truth, every woman should know the information in this book to help preserve her innate pelvic power.

Christine Kent on Pelvic Organ Prolapse

The pelvic organ support system is complex and beautiful. Most importantly, it will serve you for a lifetime.

There is nothing that can be done to it surgically to make it better. Surgery can only make it worse.

Managing prolapse is a journey of discovery and exploration. No one else can do this work for you.

All you need is knowledge of your natural female anatomy and the mindfulness to be attentive to your body as you sit, stand, walk, lift and carry.

Your body will tell you when you are doing things right because your symptoms will improve. When you are doing things wrong, your symptoms will worsen.

Your body is the perfect biofeedback mechanism and the only one you will ever need.

Christine Kent

Comments From The Whole Woman Forum

GranolaMom - Mother of 5, New York

This fire breathing is helping me. I want to sing it from the treetops. Thank you Christine!


I have been to many doctors. None of them could figure out the pain, which was low abdominal, low back pain after bowel movements. I found this web site and the posture information while researching, and within a few days of making posture corrections, the pain is mostly gone, AND my rectocele and cystocele have both gone from stage 2 to stage 1.

Marie - Attorney, California

For me, I will always be grateful for Christine, her materials, her inspiration and instruction, and for all of you who travel a similar path. By the way, the exercises are still instrumental in my healing program. I didn't do them for a couple of days and I noticed! -

Helping Women Successfully Manage Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Urinary Incontinence, and Chronic Hip Pain Without Dangerous Surgery so They Can Live Full, Active Lives

If you have been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse (rectocele, cystocele or uterine prolapse), urinary incontinence, chronic hip pain, or osteoarthritis and are uncomfortable with the idea of surgery (which you should be), you have come to the right place.

Saving the Whole Woman Saving the Whole Woman Since the publication of my book, Saving the Whole Woman, in 2003, and more recently Save Your Hips, thousands of women from around the world have successfully avoided dangerous and ineffective surgery for these most common of women's health issues: pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and chronic hip pain.

If You Have Prolapse, You Are Not Alone

Few women even know that prolapse exists until they themselves become symptomatic. Fifty to eighty percent of all women will deal with prolapse at some point in their lives. Once considered an “old ladies” problem, it is now epidemic in the postpartum population and we have helped girls as young as sixteen.

What I discovered, and what makes Whole Woman revolutionary, is that pelvic organ prolapse is a postural problem. The true pelvic organ support system is a postural system. They are one and the same.

Prolapse can be very successfully managed for a lifetime with the postural methods I have developed. You've probably been told to do Kegel exercises. You will discover on this site that Kegels not only don't work, they can actually make your condition worse.

Twenty years of research and the feedback from thousands of women world-wide have shown my methods to be safe and effective.

If you are post-hysterectomy, your situation is more complex. Many of our post-hysterectomy sisters have gotten significant benefit from my methods, enough to justify saying “no” to further surgeries, which are likely to create additional problems leading to still more surgery over time. There is no surgical cure for prolapse.

Chronic Hip Pain Affects Hundreds of Thousands

Save Your HipsIn the 18th and 19th centuries, physicians understood and had effective treatments for chronic hip pain. But the surgeons weren't interested in their slower, more methodical approaches. They wanted to do surgery. And, after a very long battle inside the medical profession, orthopedics was defined as a surgical specialty. The knowledge and wisdom accumulated by the doctors of old has been all but lost.

Why does this matter? Hip surgeries are very complex, highly invasive and all too frequently have catastrophic results. Hip replacement surgery is like taking your car to the shop for a tuneup and being told you have to replace the engine. You know perfectly well you need a tune up, but the mechanic only knows how to replace engines. This is the state of orthopedics today.

As with prolapse and incontinence, if you have chronic hip pain, you are not broken and therefore do not need to be fixed. You have a chronic condition that needs management over time to bring yourself back to health. Replacing your hip joint may provide short term relief (although it frequently doesn't), but the long-term consequences are dire. Fortunately, at Whole Woman, we offer an effective program for reducing or eliminating hip pain and restoring hip function without dangerous surgery.

The Next Three Things To Do

  1. First and foremost, get educated. Sadly, the medical system does not have your best interests at heart. Gynecologists, urogynecologists and orthopedists are surgeons. That is how they are trained, that is what they do, and more importantly, that is how they make their living. The materials in the Whole Woman Store are the most complete and anatomically accurate information on prolapse and chronic hip pain available in the world today.
  2. Second, I strongly recommend you join the Whole Woman Forum. This free resource is a wealth of information, answers and support. We have very knowledgeable and supportive moderators from around the world who will help you, answer your questions and be a shoulder to cry on if you need it. The forum is the heart of the Whole Woman community. Do take advantage of it.
  3. Finally, learn the Whole Woman posture that is outlined in my materials. It is simple and natural. It may feel a little strange at first but soon you will come to see how effective it is in improving your symptoms. Some exercise to help restrengthen muscles that have gotten lazy over the years will help, but the posture is the key. Learn it. Start now and be mindful of it whatever you are doing every day. Like thousands of other women around the world, you will begin to see results soon.

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On this site you will find lots of helpful information.

Do make full use of the site and let us know if we can be of any assistance or answer any questions. Thanks and welcome to Whole Woman!

Christine Kent
Founder and President