Whole Womamn Summer Workshop

The Whole Woman Winter Workshop

A Whole Woman Online Event
Begins January 9, 2019

As women, sexuality has affected every aspect of our lives from the exhilaration of our first pair of high heels to the shock of date rape.

I have created the Sex and the Whole Woman workshop to help women identify and transform our wounds and scars, particularly those related to our sex and sexuality.

Instead of those wounds and scars acting as anchors that drag us down, they can become the foundations on which we build the best years of our lives.

Our wounds are often deep, sometimes deeply buried, and are likely to be tangled with shame and guilt.

My work at Whole Woman has always been about healing our bodies so we may fulfill our potential without the lifelong damage of surgery.

Today I am announcing this new program to facilitate the healing of these deeper wounds, so that we may experience our fullest expression in this life.

The purpose of the workshop is women healing themselves. Call it self-care for the spirit.

Christine Kent
Whole Woman