Comments from Last Year's Conference Attendees

"I loved the conference and meeting the other women and the bond we formed with each other and with Christine and the other practitioners. Thank you for your outstanding work Christine and the courage with which you share your knowledge. You are helping so many women. I highly recommend the hands on experience of the conference in addition to the other Whole Women materials."
JM, Illinois, USA

"Even though I've had a session at Whole Woman, having the opportunity to have my posture assessed and practicing that posture through the course of a conference was invaluable. Being affirmed and reminded that this is a process was very valuable to me."
YP, Alaska, USA

"The information which I received at the Whole Woman Conference in Aug., 2017 will make a profound impact on my quality of life going forward. Christine Kent's research and dedication to improving women's health is a gift of immeasurable value."
NL, Connecticut, USA

Whole Womamn Summer Workshop

The Whole Woman Workshop

August 9-11, 2019

Dear Friends of Whole Woman,

This last summer, Lanny and I conjured up the thought of doing a quarterly workshop here at the Whole Woman Center.

Aside from technology hiccups, the August workshop went very well. However, putting on a Whole Woman Workshop is a huge undertaking.

Subsequently, we made the commitment to produce the Joy of Menopause, the most ambitious project we have undertaken. Nine major monthly videos with four shorter weekly videos each month requires many hours of research, writing, scripting, production planning, shooting, and post-production work.

We have realized that we cannot practically do both. It was a difficult decision, but necessary.

The damage the medical system is doing to women with the common symptoms of menopause is both tragic and preventable with education. Honoring our commitment to our customers who have subscribed to the Joy of Menopause and keeping women out of the medical system for these issues has to be our priority.

So our next workshop will be in August, 9-11, 2019.

We will probably hold this at a local hotel rather than the Whole Woman Center as the Center space really limits us to about a dozen participants, plus we will have all of our graduating Whole Woman Practitioners in attendance to work with the participants.

We will make more information about the August Workshop available shortly and put it up on this page.

If you were thinking about coming to see us in November, our apologies for any disruption of your plans.

Please consider as an alternative (click the link for more information)

Of course, please call or write Lanny if you have any questions about any of these programs.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope to see you soon!

Christine Kent
Whole Woman