Christine Kent, RN
Christine Kent, RN

Help for the Devastation of Lichen Sclerosis, Vulvadynia and Other Vulva/Vaginal Problems

If you or someone you love suffers from burning, itching or deterioration of the vulva or vagina and you are suspicious of conventional medical treatments, here is hope that only a woman could provide.

For millennia, the wise women of every culture have attended to the life and health-giving plants and herbs in their environment. To survive, early humans were deeply connected to the world around them. Cycles of light and dark, the seasons, and the plants and animals that shared their worlds were essential, life-giving relationships.

The Whole Woman Way to Vulva Vaginal Health

The Challenges of Modern Life

While modern life and medical practices have brought many, sometimes astonishing benefits, this progress has come at great cost. It has isolated us from the natural world that shaped us in the first place.

In the past few hundred years, the care of the reproductive life of women, once the purview of the grandmothers and older women in the community, has been usurped by science and the male medical institution. Modern medicine is sadly driven far more by financial considerations than reconnecting women with the deep roots of their relationship with their environment and natural health.

The result has been, among others, obstetric practices that are dangerous for mothers, and the development of drugs like various estrogen based medications, which have taken a terrible toll on the lives and health of women.

Only a few years ago, a casual review of the information on vulva conditions, such as lichen sclerosis, so-called vaginal dryness and vulvodynia, were described as rare. In fact, these have always been, and continue to be, hugely prevalent conditions affecting millions of women, young and old.

Conventional treatments typically involve estrogen and immuno-suppressive drugs, both of which have well researched, documented, and seriously dangerous implications for long-term health.

Wisdom from The Natural World

Christine Kent, RN, best known for her breakthrough research on effective, non-surgical management of pelvic organ prolapse (cystocele, rectocele and uterine prolapse), has developed a new video, The Whole Woman Way to Vulva Vaginal Health. This compilation of practical, step-by-step guidance, philosophy and whole woman wisdom accumulated over a lifetime of study and experience, is a transformational journey into women’s health.

In almost seventy minutes of intensive information, Christine demonstrates that the natural world is a crucial extension of our endocrine and immune systems.

This compendium of women’s health and nutritional information is woven together with recipes, demonstrations and explanations of the underlying science that clarifies the importance of these approaches to holistic women’s health.

If you suffer from vulva vaginal disorders, this video may be a life-changing experience for you. Order your video today.

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