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Chronic Hip Pain?
Save Your Hips Book/DVD


Save Your Hips Book and DVD Package

The number of hip surgeries being performed is exploding. While it's difficult to find accurate numbers, it appears that hundreds of thousands of so-called "hip preservation" and total hip replacement surgeries will be done this year.

Some of this is the aging baby boomers hitting their sixties, but increasingly, these surgeries are being done on young people in a very questionable effort to prevent future arthritis of the hip.

That would be terrific if the surgeries really worked.

Do they alleviate pain? In the short run, usually.

But there is a misconception that surgery is like taking your car in for a repair. At best, surgery is a profound wounding that we take on voluntarily. And the human body is infinitely more complex than any mechanical object. But we have grown up with the idea of the "Bionic Woman" where body parts can be swapped out with better mechanical ones.

The truth is much uglier.

Hip replacements destroy the natural alignment of the leg and gait, often leading to a cascade of problems with the knees, feet, shoulders and lower back. Artificial joints fail, sometimes catastrophically. Mortality rates for the surgeries are high. Artificial joints may be recalled by the manufacturer. They may poison the patient with metal and plastic debris from the wear and tear on the prosthetic parts.

Artificial joints can often be replaced only once and when the second joint fails, you are confined to a wheel chair.

If that wasn't bad enough, whole new categories of hip surgeries have been developed to "repair defects". Research shows that the results of these surgeries are often as bad or worse than the symptoms that led the patient to consider surgery in the first place. And, due to the complexity of these surgeries, complications are common and often result in a total hip replacement.

In short, hip surgeries are profoundly invasive and life-changing.

It gets worse.

Orthopedic surgeons base their surgeries on a set of assumptions about the anatomy that have never been scientifically validated. They are guessing when they assess a patient's suitability for surgery. Orthopedic surgery has become a huge business, and just as Christine Kent revealed in her breakthrough book, Saving the Whole Woman, surgeons do what is best for them, not what is in the best interests of the patients.

In this richly illustrated, comprehensive expose of the orthopedic surgery industry, you will learn

  • That hip condition diagnoses are often inaccurate
  • The imaging studies used to justify hip surgery are faulty
  • The true dangers of these surgeries
  • How the orthopedic industry is out of control
  • And, most importantly, in the accompanying video, how to successfully manage hip conditions for a lifetime without surgery.

If you or someone you love has a hip condition, this information can be life saving.

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