Whole Woman Products and Services

Whole Woman products include both online and physical products. Online products include streaming videos. Physical products include accessories such as the Whole Woman Posture Belt and Exercise Baton.

Whole Woman is in the process of migrating streaming videos to a new delivery platform. The list below shows the streaming video products currently available on the new platform. Some streaming video products remain on the Whole Woman Store site. Click the buttons below to visit the two sites.


Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent provides the following services. Click the links for more information.

What Happened to DVDs?

In 2012, Apple phased DVD drives out of their computer lineup. Even back then, from Apple's point of view, the technology of DVDs was obsolete.

There were several reasons for this.

At Whole Woman we made the transition from VHS tapes to DVDs years ago. Now it's time to tranition away from DVDs to streaming video, which is the current standard.

We are well aware that despite the scope of internet availability, there are still those in the US and elsewhere with intermittent, unavailable, or metered internet, which make streaming video untenable. We are working toward making our videos downloadable to help women with inadequate internet availability.

For more information, please contact Whole Woman support.

About Taxes & Tariffs

Notice to customers outside the US

Many countries charge import duties or Value Added Taxes (VAT) on certain products sent by mail. Often the local Postal Service will notify the customer and demand payment of duties or VAT before the package will be delivered.

Each country's rules are different and it is not possible for us to keep track of what will be taxed or not from one country to the next. For example VAT in the UK applies to DVDs but not books. Please plan for potential additional costs if you are ordering physical products from outside the US.

To help reduce this problem, most of our products are now available in electronic form (e-books and streaming video), which eliminates postage cost, shipping delay, and possible duties and tariffs. Thank you.