Comments from our Students

The reason I joined the Whole Woman Practitioner Training was two-fold.  The first was to help myself and the second was to help other women.  So far this course has given me the tools I needed  to improve and manage my prolapse and more.  This experience has been both deep and empowering at the same time.  I am very grateful to Christine, for her ability to clearly convey all this valuable information to her students, and for the  courage, strength and determination in making it available  to all women.

Paula Alempijevic
Brooklyn, NY USA

I chose to join Whole Woman Practitioner Training because the methods helped me to recover so well from a debilitating prolapse and I wanted benefit others by passing on this vital and wonderful information.  The course has exceeded my hopes and expectations. It is well structured and the Whole Woman team, Christine, Lanny, Amy and the other students are really lovely and supportive.

Lindy Roy

The Whole Woman® Practitioner Training program is based on the large body of information Christine Kent has been researching and developing for many years. In the program, you will become empowered to help yourself and others. It is a very intense, yet rewarding experience, much like a graduate program and requires a commitment of many hours each week: attending class, completing assignments and readings. However, the expansion of knowledge and insight make the investment of time and effort very worthwhile.

Carol Bilek
Greater Philadelphia Area, USA

I would recommend practitioner training to anyone who is looking for a way to uniquely have an impact on providing a much-needed alternative to the standard medical system answer for women’s health issues. You will gain a deep understanding of your body and the Whole Woman philosophy directly from the source! The program is intense and takes commitment but the camaraderie of my classmates and mentor support made the experience enjoyable.

Maureen Kovach Newell
Boardman, OH USA

Studying to be a Whole Woman Practitioner has been a personal journey for me. This work is good for all women, so going into it more deeply can only be better for you, whether or not you become a Practitioner. It took me a couple of years to finally join the course, but it was timely for me. I became quite well practised with the work, so that when I began the course it wasn’t unfamiliar. The theory is quite intensive but achievable if you keep a regular pattern of study and reading. The week in Albuquerque is really important on many levels, including the bonding with your classmates who will become your colleagues. And working at the Whole Woman Conference is like jumping in the deep end - an excellent opportunity to start your work as a Practitioner. There are so many women out there who need to the information and advice - my practice began as soon as I returned home!

Karen Michelle Simmonds
Landsborough, QLD Australia


I'm Interested!

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We have been asked by a number of women if it is necessary to have prolapse to become a Whole Woman® Practitioner.

It is not necessary to have prolapse to qualify as a Whole Woman® Practitioner. We want to open the knowledge up to any woman who is committed to helping other women with this condition.

All Whole Woman® Practitioner Training applicants are required to submit a completed application and phone interview prior to acceptance. Whole Woman® is committed to Practitioner Training being open to women of all ages, races, ethnicities, backgrounds and sexual orientation as long as she can meet our other qualifications. Students are also required to sign an enrollment agreement which is included in your application package.

The quality of Whole Woman® Practitioners must be high to protect the reputation of the work and the practices of the other Practitioners, so application to the program does not guarantee acceptance.

Whole Woman® Practitioner Training

The 2017 Class is Now Open for Applications

Christine Kent
Christine Kent, RN

The 2017 Class for becoming a Certified Whole Woman® Practitioner has been scheduled to begin January 7th, 2017!

The intent of Whole Woman® Practitioner Training is to make the Whole Woman knowledge available to women struggling with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and/or chronic hip pain in their own communities, and help them avoid dangerous and all too often debilitating surgery.

Women who complete the Whole Woman® Practitioner Training will be Certified Whole Woman® Practitioners, able to purchase Whole Woman materials at wholesale rates and resell them to their customers, and be paid to conduct personal training with their clients.

They will also have direct access to Whole Woman founder, Christine Kent, for the foreseeable future for technical support as well as the network of other Whole Woman® Practitioners.

You will be a women’s health care provider, part of a global network of women committed to helping other women find safer and more effective alternatives to traditional medical therapies for women’s health issues.

It is not necessary to become an active Whole Woman® Practitioner to participate in the Whole Woman® Practitioner Training. Women who simply want more in-depth knowledge are welcome to apply. For those women who just want to promote Whole Woman and make commissions on the sale of Whole Woman products and services, we have a new Whole Woman Ambassador program.

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The Curriculum

The Whole Woman® Practitioner Training curriculum is extensive. The program will take about six months to complete and students will need to be able to invest ten to fifteen hours per week in their studies. The Practioner course also requires a one week stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA for the final practicum and assessment. The practicum is not required for Ambassador training.

The course syllabus is shown for general information only. Actual course content may vary depending on level of student knowledge or a variety of other factors.

Each week, students have a required video lecture by Christine Kent, as well as addition readings and videos. Discussion classes are held bi-weekly on video conference facilitated by Senior Whole Woman Practitioner, Carol Bilek.

2017 Practitioner Training Class Lecture Syllabus
Date Class
Whole Woman and Pelvic Organ Prolapse
January 4-6 Video conferencing system testing by appointment
January 6 Orientation video class
January 7 The Whole Woman Paradigm and Whole Woman Posture
January 14 The Anatomy of Prolapse - Discussion with Carol Bilek
January 21 Prolapse Surgery
January 28 Postural Assessment, WW Firebreathing, and Other WW Exercises - Discussion with Carol Bilek
Whole Woman and Urinary Incontinence
February 4 Anatomy of Female Urinary Continence
February 11 Stress Urinary Incontinence and Overactive Bladder - Discussion with Carol Bilek
February 18 Medical Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
February 25 The Whole Woman Solution to Urinary Incontinence
Whole Woman and Pelvic Microbiology
March 4 Microbiology of the Vagina
March 11 Microbiology of the Cervix - Discussion with Carol Bilek
March 18 Microbiology of the Bladder
March 25 Microbiology of the Bowel - Discussion with Carol Bilek
Special Conditions
April 1 Pregnancy and Postpartum
April 8 Menopause - Discussion with Carol Bilek
April 15 Easter - No Class
April 22 Hysterectomy - Discussion with Carol Bilek
April 29 Practical Whole Woman Solutions
Special Conditions
May 6 Anatomy of the Hip
May 13 Pathology of the Hip - Discussion with Carol Bilek
May 20 Imaging the Hip Joint - Discussion with Carol Bilek
May 27 No Class - Memorial Day Weekend (US)
Whole Woman and the Hip (continued)
June 3 Feet and Chronic Hip Pain
June 10 Gait and Chronic Hip Pain - Discussion with Carol Bilek
June 17 Whole Woman Solution to Chronic Hip Pain
June 24 Pelvic Misalignment Syndrome and Implications for Prolapse, Incontinence, and Chronic Hip Pain - Discussion with Carol Bilek
Month of July Practitioners preparation for the Practicum and final assessment
Practicum, final assessment, and 6th Annual Whole Woman Conference
First week Travel
August 6 Reception for students at the Whole Woman Center
August 7-11 Practicum and final assessment
August 11-13 Graduation and 6th Annual Whole Woman Conference

The bi-weekly classes will be held online through video conferencing. Students will need a computer with a web camera and a broadband internet connection.

At the end of the program, students pursuing certification must attend a five-day session at the Whole Woman® Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA to complete the practicum training as well as assessment and oral examination by Christine Kent.

Students are expected to attend and help staff the Annual Whole Woman® Conference which is scheduled at the end of the practicum/assessment week. Graduation ceremony is held at the Confereence. This gives graduates an opportunity to work with attendees and with Christine close at hand to answer any questions that may come up.

If you are interested in being considered for Whole Woman® Practitioner Training, please click the button below. We will send you a confirmation email and send along the information and application package.

Thank you.

Christine Kent
Christine Kent
Whole Woman Inc.

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