The Whole Woman Yoga Bundle

Whole Woman Yoga Bundle Whole Woman Yoga Bundle

If you are a Yoga practitioner and are looking for a Yoga that will support your prolapse management, then you will be interested in Whole Woman Yoga®.

Yoga was designed by men for male bodies. Traditionally, women had temple dancing for their movement practices. Women practicing Yoga is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Unfortunately Yoga has never effectively dealt with the unique aspects of female physiology.

Try the Whole Woman Yoga® bundle and experience Yoga by and for women. Available at the Whole Woman Store.

What is a
"Whole Woman"

Let's be realistic, life takes its toll on all of us. We've all had our tragedies, losses, wounds and scars. Some are physical, some are emotional.

Being a Whole Woman means accepting who you are, where you've been and the choices you have made that have created who you are today.

Being a Whole Woman means learning from the past but not living in the past. The past is lost to us. The future is unknown. Staying present in the moment is the Whole Woman work.

That doesn't mean we don't dream. But dreams without plans are only fantasies.

We learn. We grow. We question the assumptions we have been fed since childhood.

We read. We think. We converse.

We nurture our bodies with whole foods, fresh air, fresh water and natural movement. We maintain a healthy skepticism about medicine and we do our homework. Just because the doctor said so isn’t good enough.

We nurture our hearts with loving relationships. We nurture our spirits with the words of the masters and avoid those who are toxic to our spirit. We dance!

Ultimately, we find ways to serve, drawing on everything we have ever learned and experienced to enrich the lives of others.

This is the Whole Woman Way.

Resources for Women

There is a great deal of free information available to you on Please take full advantage of it. It can be life changing for you.