Praise for Christine Kent's Book, Saving the Whole Woman

Diane Lee

Diane Lee
Physiotherapist & Author
The Pelvic Girdle

Empowering women with accurate knowledge allows them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. For those women who are contemplating urogynecological surgery and for those healthcare practitioners who are advising these women, this new edition of Christine Kent’s Saving the Whole Woman is an essential read.

The evidence is substantial; restoring optimal posture and muscle function can prevent and reduce most pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. Surgery should not be your first treatment choice.

Jan Tritten

Jan Tritten
Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Midwifery Today Magazine and The Birthkit Newsletter

Saving the Whole Woman is a scathing account of the way the medical field uses and abuses women’s bodies with regard to surgeries and procedures on the pelvic floor.

These medical procedures parallel the mistreatment of women’s bodies in the childbearing year, and in both cases money is often the motivating factor.

Christine gives us hope by teaching us about our bodies and how we can prevent or solve problems without medical intervention. Give a copy to every woman you know, old or young.

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Why Kegels Don't Work

by Christine Kent, RN

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First Aid for Prolapse for Elders

First Aid for Prolapse for Elders First Aid for Prolapse for Elders

The exercise programs to support the Whole Woman posture are dance-like in the First Aid for Prolapse DVD and Yoga-like in the Whole Woman Yoga® DVDs.

For the older or less-physically capable woman we have First Aid for Prolapse for Elders.

Many women call us to ask, at what age is this DVD appropriate?.

There is no specific age. At the Whole Woman Center, we have had women in their fifties who could not get up off the floor without assistance and women well into their seventies who bound around like teenagers.

If you walk or run regularly and exercise in some way, have kept reasonable control of your weight and have no difficulty getting down onto or up from the floor, then we recommend our normal DVDs.

If you don't meet these criteria and resonable exercise is beyond your ability, then First Aid for Prolapse for Elders will be useful for you.

The exercise program is very gentle and emphasizes helping you maintain as much mobility as possible so you can enjoy your older years with as much independence as you can.

Our model for the DVD, Jean O'Neile was 83 when we shot the video and is a great-grandmother and whole woman.

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Christine Kent

Critical Information on
Pelvic Organ Prolapse You Need to Avoid Risky Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse, you need information and you need it now.

First of all, let's clarify our terms. Pelvic organ prolapse consists of three related issues:

A few doctors discourage women from surgery to "fix" these conditions, but sadly medicine is, in the final analysis, a business, and surgery generates big money for physicians, hospitals and medical suppliers.

It would be one thing if these surgeries worked, but they do not. Sure you might get some relief for a few years, but when the surgery fails, which it routinely does, you are in real trouble and the next step is more surgery, ever more invasive and less effective than the last. The surgical path is an ugly, slipperly slope.

And that is not even considering the huge range of often devastating side effects of surgery including (but far from limited to) nerve damage, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, urinary and even fecal incontinence, to name just a few.

The latest surgical fiasco is "mesh" surgery, where the vagina is "strengthened" by embedding polypropylene mesh. What they don't tell you is that the mesh has a way of moving around. It can migrate into the vagina, making sex impossible. It can migrate and embed in critical organs where it cannot always be removed.

If your doctor is urging you to consider mesh surgery, just go to Google and search on "vaginal mesh surgery" or "mesh surgery problems" and see how many ads you find from lawyers. This should tell you something. The Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about mesh, but when challenged by advocacy groups to take it off the market, they fall back on their well-worn refrain, "More research studies are needed."

You can see how this goes.

It's your body and your life and it is necessary for you to research, study and understand the decisions you face.

For one thing, yes, prolapse is uncomfortable, frightening, sometimes acutely painful, often emotionally devastating. But it is not life threatening. Take your time and make sure you are making a careful, sound decision. There is no "quick fix", surgical or otherwise, regardless of what your surgeon may be telling you.

What I can tell you with confidence, based on the thousands of women world-wide I have helped avoid surgery, is that you can almost always manage pelvic organ prolapse successfully for a lifetime, without surgery. Even women who are post-hysterectomy can see improvements.

How do I know? Because I suffered a profound uterine prolapse after a bladder suspension surgery in 1993. Since then, I have been experimenting, studying, researching, writing and working with women from around the world, and I have discovered the facts and techniques that can help you too.

I have degrees in both Anthropology and Nursing and have had to draw from a wide range of disciplines to piece together the prolapse puzzle. I started my company in 2003 when I published my book, Saving the Whole Woman, to help women just like you who don't want surgery but don't know where to turn. If you need information on how to successfully avoid surgery for pelvic organ prolapse, you've come to the right place.

The Whole Woman site is a treasure trove of information for you. Be sure to view the free Whole Woman Videos and register on the Whole Woman Forum. The forum is a fantastic resource. and are a marvelously knowledgeable and supportive group. Also be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions found on the main menu.

At the Whole Woman Store, you'll find the most comprehensive and accurate information on successfully managing prolapse without surgery available in the world today.

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