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Did You Know Shirine is Available for Phone Consultation?

Books and DVDs are great, but if you have a specific question or an issue to which you can't find the answer in the Whole Woman materials, why not schedule a phone consultation with Shirine or any of our other Certified Whole Woman Practitioners?

The cost is reasonable and the peace of mind is priceless.

Better yet, why not schedule a personal visit? Call Shirine for more details.

Training and Qualifications for Whole Woman Practitioners

Certified Whole Woman Practitioners have undergone a rigorous selection and training process. Women are selected for their educational background, passion for the work and life skills. The training involves about 500 hours of work, reading, writing, lectures and discussions.

Students are also required to spend a week with Christine Kent at the Whole Woman Center in Albuquerque NM for a practicum and final assessment to demonstrate their learning and qualifications for certification.

The purpose of all of this is to be sure that Whole Woman Practitioners are thoroughly prepared to help their clients who are committed to avoiding surgery and need and want the guidance of a qualified Practitioner.

Shirine Young

Shirine Young, BPhysio

Dublin, Dalkey Co.

Phone: Mobile 0876494013 or outside of Ireland +353 876494013

Shirine Young Email

Shirine trained as a physiotherapist in Dublin, Ireland. She initially worked in public hospitals dealing with spinal injuries, orthopedics and out patient services. She then moved solely into private practice starting in a medical center and moving to set up a larger specialized physiotherapy clinic with a partner that she ran for 10 years. Her family moved to the States and she took a career break to concentrate on rearing their 3 children. She played International field hockey for over 5 years and has always been interested in sports and fitness and tries to maintain an active healthy lifestyle.

She discovered Whole Woman when looking at alternatives to treating low back pain and incontinence. She was hugely impressed with Christine's holistic approach, her success in treating pelvic organ prolapse and her wealth of knowledge on women's health and immediately wanted to learn more!

Shirine has always had the utmost respect for the medical profession and some of the life saving operations they do. But has watched as more and more unnecessary surgeries are performed in the hope of the 'quick fix' that sadly doesn't exist!
We may currently be living in an age of phenomenal technological advancement but try as they may they cannot improve on nature's marvelous design of the human body. Christine's hips work and FHE (full human extension) uses the optimal alignment of this functional design to allow us to learn to heal ourselves and live well within our true natural shape.

Shirine looks forward to spreading the word and working with many women as they embark on the journey of self help and self healing.