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Did You Know Monique is Available for Phone Consultation?

Videos are great, but if you have a specific question or an issue to which you can't find the answer in the Whole Woman materials, why not schedule a phone consultation with Monique or any of our other Certified Whole Woman® Practitioners?

The cost is reasonable and the peace of mind is priceless.

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Training and Qualifications for Whole Woman Practitioners

Certified Whole Woman Practitioners have undergone a rigorous selection and training process. Women are selected for their educational background, passion for the work and life skills. The training involves about 500 hours of work, reading, writing, lectures and discussions.

Students are also required to spend a week with Christine Kent at the Whole Woman Center in Albuquerque NM for a practicum and final assessment to demonstrate their learning and qualifications for certification.

The purpose of all of this is to be sure that Whole Woman Practitioners are thoroughly prepared to help their clients who are committed to avoiding surgery and need and want the guidance of a qualified Practitioner.

Monique Sanders

Monique Sanders

Albuquerque, NM
Monique Sanders email

Monique is a mother of two and long time energy healer. She learned to move energy in a healing practice by working on her youngest son Loren for thirteen years. Loren was born with physical disabilities that left him without the use of his arms, legs, head, and mouth. Diagnosis with “Rag Doll Syndrome” Monique learned to run healing energy on Loren. By age 2, Loren begin to show signs of movement of his hands, arms, toes, feet, and legs. His neck and shoulders also began to strengthen allowing him to pull up into a seated position. The hard work and consistent daily practice helped Loren gain full control of his body. Today he is an active young man in his community, attends High School, and is a Special Olympic participant.

Monique advanced her knowledge and continued to consult with families with special needs children to provide hope and guidance. Receiving a national certification in Tuning Fork Therapy® Level One. Tuning Fork Therapy® is based on the belief that as sound waves pass through the body, they elicit responses within the body's systems. These systems react to the sound waves and vibrations created and use them to restore to a healthier and more harmonic base.

Monique discovered Whole Woman and Christine Kent's breakthrough research while searching how to manage her own bladder prolapse symptoms. After struggling alone for five years with Kegels and Pilates, Monique decided to become a Certified Whole Woman Practitioner to spread the word to other women to enable them to lead a full and active life with this all too common problem.

The Whole Woman program which works to restore our natural postural alignment fits perfectly with sound energy healing. By restoring our full human extension with Christine's program it is possible to teach others correct human alignment and the correct exercises to enjoy life long joint health. Whole Woman also provides reassurance that there is something you can do to successfully manage prolapse symptoms for a lifetime.

Monique is accepting new clients by appointment only.