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Did You Know Kristen is Available for Phone Consultation?

Books and DVDs are great, but if you have a specific question or an issue to which you can't find the answer in the Whole Woman materials, why not schedule a phone consultation with Kristen or any of our other Certified Whole Woman Practitioners?

The cost is reasonable and the peace of mind is priceless.

Better yet, why not schedule a personal visit? Call Kristen for more details.

Training and Qualifications for Whole Woman Practitioners

Certified Whole Woman Practitioners have undergone a rigorous selection and training process. Women are selected for their educational background, passion for the work and life skills. The training involves about 500 hours of work, reading, writing, lectures and discussions.

Students are also required to spend a week with Christine Kent at the Whole Woman Center in Albuquerque NM for a practicum and final assessment to demonstrate their learning and qualifications for certification.

The purpose of all of this is to be sure that Whole Woman Practitioners are thoroughly prepared to help their clients who are committed to avoiding surgery and need and want the guidance of a qualified Practitioner.

Kristen Woolf

Kristen Woolf

Taos, NM USA
+1 575 751-3349
Kristen Woolf email

Becoming a Whole Woman Practitioner opens up a whole new part of my life as I graduate into Elder status.

I live in Taos, New Mexico with my husband, Bjorn. My primary work in life was as a performing and graphic artist.

Diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse, I started down the road to pelvic surgery. My surgeon-to-be proved indifferent to the ways in which my personal life would be impacted, somewhat deceptive in describing the aftermath of the surgery, and subtly threatening when I seemed unsure if I would go ahead.

I had nightmares in which my uterus was weeping! This most female part of me – that which had been the door by which my three sons came into the world, wept at the prospect of being cut in two! Was this just a body or was it MY BODY?

At the very last minute, I canceled the surgery, determined to find some other way.

A kind midwife friend suggested I look on the internet, where I immediately found Christine Kent and Whole Woman. Because I lived a mere 2 ½ hour drive away, I scheduled a consultation with Christine in Albquerque.

After meeting with that very cold surgeon, imagine my surprise at meeting Christine and Lanny, both so warm and alive – and in the very charming Plaza Escalante where I had longed to live as a teenager, newly arrived in New Mexico. I felt that I was being smiled upon.

I began practicing Whole Woman exercise and posture just from what I learned on Christine's website, and by the time of our consultation I had applied to be accepted into the next Practitioner Training.

I hope not only to counsel many women about Whole Woman non-surgical solutions to pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, but to find creative solutions to get information about female self-care out to adolescent girls in the hopes that they will never need to deal with full blown prolapse.

If I can save even one woman from this dangerous and damaging surgery which is the medical establishment's only solution, I will be thrilled.