Training and Qualifications for Whole Woman Practitioners

Certified Whole Woman Practitioners have undergone a rigorous selection and training process. Women are selected for their educational background, passion for the work and life skills. The training involves about 500 hours of work, reading, writing, lectures and discussions.

Students are also required to spend a week with Christine Kent at the Whole Woman Center in Albuquerque NM for a practicum and final assessment to demonstrate their learning and qualifications for certification.

The purpose of all of this is to be sure that Whole Woman Practitioners are thoroughly prepared to help their clients who are committed to avoiding surgery and need and want the guidance of a qualified Practitioner.


Julie Duggan

San Francisco, CA

My name is Julie Duggan and I am a Canadian-trained Osteopath. For the past 15 years I’ve been helping patients with acute and chronic pain due to injury, poor posture, overwork, hormonal imbalance and stress. With gentle manipulations of the skull, spine, sacrum, and internal organs, I realign the body, balance the nervous system, and restore blood flow in order to reduce inflammation and allow healing to occur.

My ultimate goal has always been to find the root cause of symptoms and enhance the self-healing potential of the body. Over the years, I have come to specialize in Women’s Health but it’s only when I started to combine the Whole Woman Work into my practice that I was truly able to find the root cause and offer sustainable solutions to organ prolapse, incontinence, and hip problems in women that too often are left to suffer alone and without answers. As a Whole Woman Practitioner, I am now very well equipped to help women reduce or reverse their symptoms.

As a mother of 3, I suffered from the challenges of childbearing and birth with low back pain and urinary incontinence. After seeing pelvic floor specialists with no results, I discovered Christine’s work and as an Osteopath, I was interested in learning more about her work that was so different from what our medical system believes in and teaches us. Within a few weeks of following Christine’s postural advice, my symptoms were substantially better and I had hopes of living a normal and active life again. It naturally became a passion and a mission for me to help other women understand how their body works, to help them restore their alignment through treatments, posture and exercises, and to coach and support them every step of the way.

As an Osteopath and Whole Woman Practitioner, I am blessed to have the opportunity to see women reconnect with their body and to witness their recovery.

I offer individual and group sessions in the comfort of my beautiful office at Advanced Health, an integrative and functional medicine clinic in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. I also offer half and full day consultations for those at a road trip distance that want to be taught in person and then bring home a full program to study and work with. I am fluent in English, French and Spanish.

I am looking forward to meet and assist you in making the next step toward a new and empowering self-healing journey!

Yours truly,
Julie Duggan