A Personal Class with Christine Kent

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Sometimes when we have a problem we just need some hands on support from an expert.

Books and DVDs are very helpful but a hands-on assessment can quickly give you a big improvement.

To meet this need, Christine and her certified Whole Woman Teachers offer personal training.

At the beautiful Whole Woman Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA, Christine has worked with women from around the world.

We also now have practitioners in western Australia, the UK, Brooklyn New York and the Philadelphia area.

If you are interested in working with Christine, please visit the Whole Woman Store to purchase and schedule a class.

To work with one of our other certified Whole Woman Practitioners, visit the Whole Woman Practitioners page for contact information.

Phone Consultation

Did You Know Christine is Available for Phone Consultation?

Books and DVDs are great, but if you have a specific question or an issue to which you can't find the answer in the Whole Woman materials, why not schedule a phone consultation with Christine or any of our other Certified Whole Woman Practitioners?

The cost is reasonable and the peace of mind is priceless.

Just visit the Whole Woman Store to purchase a consultation then call +1 505-314-1455 to schedule your consultation.

Christine Kent, RN
Albuquerque, NM

Raised in Southern California, Christine graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. After raising her two children, Christine earned a second Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of New Mexico where she received a commendation for excellence in community nursing.

After two years on a busy medical/surgical floor and promotion to charge nurse, Christine took a year off to write her first book, Naturally Immune, A Manual for Creating Total Health. Christine then returned to the medical system for a year as a hospice nurse.

Disenchanted with the medical system Christine retired from clinical nursing. She suffered a profound uterine prolapse after fibroid and bladder suspension surgery. Resisting calls by doctors to have a hysterectomy, Christine suffered with her prolapse for almost ten years. She then began an in-depth study of the dynamics of female pelvic organ support to confirm her conviction that there must be a natural solution to the problem. After two years of poring over surgical, anatomical, and orthopedic texts and journals and working with her own body, Christine developed the Whole Woman Program of postural realignment.

Her ground breaking book on the subject, Saving the Whole Woman, Natural Alternatives to Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence was published in 2003 and was rewritten as a second edition, published in 2007. In 2004, Christine also produced a video, First Aid for Prolapse, now in its 2009 second edition, which has sold thousands of copies around the globe.

In 2003, Christine put up her first web site, wholewoman.com as a resource to women struggling with prolapse and looking for alternatives to surgery. Wholewoman.com has a very active forum with thousands of registered members world-wide. Women write in almost daily with stories of dramatic improvements in their condition.

In early 2006, Christine opened the first Whole Woman Center in the historic Plaza Escalante in Albuquerque to work directly with women. In preparation for the Center opening, Christine developed the Whole Woman Workout designed specifically for women with prolapse but energizing, satisfying and fun for all women.

Over the years, women from over 60 countries have benfitted from her work and women from Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, to name just a few have come to the Whole Woman Center to work with Christine.

Her latest book/DVD combination, Save Your Hips - Heal Your Hip Pain Naturally and Avoid Dangerous Orthopedic Surgery again breaks new ground. The orthopedic literature pays no attention to the relationship between the spine and hip joint misalignment and subsequent hip inflammation. Christine offers hope for women with degenerative hip conditions who want to avoid risky surgery and heal their hips naturally.

The Whole Woman™ Center also serves as a teaching center for women who wish to be trained in the Whole Woman program and make the techniques available to women in their communities.