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Did You Know Anna is Available for Phone Consultation?

Videos are great, but if you have a specific question or an issue to which you can't find the answer in the Whole Woman materials, why not schedule a phone consultation with Anna or any of our other Certified Whole Woman® Practitioners?

The cost is reasonable and the peace of mind is priceless.

Better yet, why not schedule a personal visit? Call Anna for more details.

Training and Qualifications for Whole Woman Practitioners

Certified Whole Woman Practitioners have undergone a rigorous selection and training process. Women are selected for their educational background, passion for the work and life skills. The training involves about 500 hours of work, reading, writing, lectures and discussions.

Students are also required to spend a week with Christine Kent at the Whole Woman Center in Albuquerque NM for a practicum and final assessment to demonstrate their learning and qualifications for certification.

The purpose of all of this is to be sure that Whole Woman Practitioners are thoroughly prepared to help their clients who are committed to avoiding surgery and need and want the guidance of a qualified Practitioner.

Anna Hamilton

Anna Hamilton

Victor Harbor (Adelaide area), SA

“I was left feeling devastated when I suffered a pelvic organ prolapse in my mid 30’s. With only pessaries, laser, and surgery as my only option to ‘fix’ the problem. I felt broken, uncomfortable and embarrassed.

I started to use my body as a science lab putting in place many practices as they relieved my symptoms, and letting many practices go as I realized they exacerbated my symptoms.

When I ‘stumbled’ across Whole Woman it took my knowledge and healing to another level. I was able to cancel my radical pelvic organ reconstructive surgery 2 days out from going onto the operating table.

I now live symptom free. It was only natural that I took the next step to become a Whole Woman Practitioner so that I could help as many women as I can.”

I work with women from not only around Australia but the world, both in person 1:1, in groups, classes, or by phone or skype.

I live and breathe sharing self-empowering practices for women everywhere. We as women are more than capable of understanding how our body works once we understand this paradigm. We then are able to make informed decisions about our own health and find a team of health professionals that support us along the way.

I can personalize a plan for you to not only reduce your prolapse and incontinence symptoms, and in some cases halt and reverse them, help with chronic hip pain, but improve your overall health and wellbeing.

I live in Victor Harbor South Australia, a 1 hour drive from Adelaide with my husband Brett and my two boys.

I look forward to meeting and assisting you.

Life is not meant just for surviving…….it’s meant for thriving!!!

Anna xxx