September 2019 Whole Woman Newsletter

The Medical System’s Fatal Flaws

I get like this once a year or so.

I’m completely absorbed in a new project, saturated with journal articles, research studies, highlighting, note taking to the exclusion of practically everything else except eating and sleeping.

This time the subject is breast cancer.

How the medical system destroys the lives of women never ceases to amaze me.  Equally amazing is the almost total lock the medical system has on the human psyche that they alone stand between us and the grim reaper while happily draining our wallets and bank accounts. 

What is emerging from my research is mind blowing, and I’ll be sharing much more about this over the next couple of months, but two glaring truths are standing out that explain why the medical system is so good at acute care, and why it’s so terrible at chronic or degenerative disease.

The first problem goes back at least to the Enlightenment and probably Descartes and the meme that the mind and body are separate and distinct.

This has led to the severance of humanity’s connection to our ecosystem.  Caught up in our mental machinations, with remarkably few exceptions, humanity is largely oblivious to the fact that we are biological creatures who have emerged from, and are totally supported by, and dependent on our ecology.

As a species, it seems we attend to our ecosystem only when it inconveniences us.  Hurricanes, droughts, tornados, and other natural events are considered disasters.  Who does Mother Nature think she is interfering with our important business with these annoyances?

So we have mindlessly and relentlessly reshaped the planet to satisfy our egos and now, many serious scientists are suggesting that ours and countless other species, may only have as little as five years of existence left.

Living with an existential axe over our heads of this scale is unlike anything earlier generations have had to bear. 

Assuming some vestige of humanity survives the coming environmental catastrophe we have created, one hopes we will have learned that we are the children of nature, totally dependent upon her, and our cleverness must never again ignore the ecosystem that gave and has always sustained our lives.

The second truth is that the medical system continues to confuse symptoms with diseases.

We have seen this over and over with the medical system’s approach to pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and chronic hip and knee pain as you are doubtless well aware.  

The cancer industry (and it is an industry) never even considers that cancer is actually a symptom.  

The sad truth of the matter is that the rest of us, those outside the medical establishment and customers of the system are ultimately responsible for this dysfunctional behavior on the part of medicine.  

I have said countless times that the “healthcare system” knows virtually nothing about health, but they know a great deal about disease.  

Consider this for a moment.  If your doctor were truly an expert on health and you came in with a complaint and he/she prescribed a complete overhaul of your diet, exercise regimen, aggressive limits to stimulant and alcohol consumption, how likely would you be to transform your life to those standards?

What?  No more turkey at Thanksgiving?  No more lattes or morning coffee?  Multi-mile runs every day?  A target weight of what???

What are the odds you would ever visit that doctor again?

The fact is, that as human beings, we want to keep doing what we have always done.  If medical symptoms arise as a result of what we have been doing, we just want the symptom to go away.

Doctors may not be the most enlightened spectrum of humanity, but you don’t get a medical degree by being stupid.  The system just gives us what we want and have asked for. 

"Make my symptoms go away!"

Our environment is now so polluted with carcinogens and radio isotopes, it is truly miraculous that the human immune system can function at all to keep us alive.  

Worldwide, cancer is the new leading cause of death.  About 90.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2015, which led to 8.8 million deaths.  These numbers are expected to increase by 70% over the next two decades. (Source: Naaz F et al Bioorganic Chemistry 81: 1-20 2018) 

Cancer is a symptom of humanity’s failure to understand the fundamentals of health, the bedrock foundation of which is the ecosystem of our precious, closed planet.  For reasons known only to the Gods, miraculous life sparked into existence here and has flourished for billions of years.  

Yet, humanity, in our hubris, has put all that at risk.

The evolution of the human cerebral cortex gave us a possibly unique capacity for cognition, although that may also be true of some of the cetaceans (whales and dolphins).  However, in combination with opposable thumbs, our cerebral cortex has fueled the astonishing explosion of creativity that is the history of humanity.  

Unfortunately, this combination has also caused more destruction than any other force in the history of the planet.

The banking, fossil fuel, and nuclear systems we have created are so vast, powerful, and entrenched that it seems hopeless that any of us individually can have a significant impact on the health of our environment and our physical bodies.  

Yet, now is the time to fight with everything we have.  Every decision counts.  How you spend your hard earned money at the grocery store, what you put into your body, the industries you support directly or indirectly at the gas pump or through your pension plan, all these things matter.  

In the final analysis, we will all come to our last hour of life, be it through the natural cycle of life or the human created collapse of our ecosystem.  Knowing you have lived your best life also means that you have come to appreciate that our awareness, our spark of consciousness cannot die.  We may drop our body, but our awareness lives on.  

I’m not talking about hope, faith, or religious dogma.  If you are not clear about this, go to YouTube and search on “near death experience” and you will see thousands of experiences reported by those who through accident, disease, or other means have been to the “other side”.   

These fellow human beings have been shown a broader view of the nature of reality than we experience when constrained by our physical bodies.  And for reasons we cannot know, they have either chosen or been asked to return and share their experiences with us.

A few such stories we could write off as fraudulent.  But you will discover that there are way too many stories, way too consistent, and way too sincere and authentic expressions to be anything other than a gift.  

The gift is releasing us from any and all fear of death.  

What we get in return for accepting this gift, is the ability to fully embrace life and experience it in all its fullness, whether that means a miraculous human awakening through which the impending environmental disaster is avoided, or we are living in end times and our time is just running out.

It also frees us from the stranglehold of the myth, perpetuated by the medical system, that only they stand between us and death.  

With that freedom comes the ability for all of us to step up our game.  Let go of those habits we hang on to out of inertia, emotional ties to our memories, families, friends, or anything else that negatively impacts our health or lowers our frequency,  and step up to physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health in the fullest way of which we are capable.

In so doing, we honor Mother Nature and the Divine of which she is a pure reflection.

All blessings on your month.  Make it a milestone in your life.

Christine Kent
Whole Woman