March Whole Woman News

Update for March

I hope those of you in Northern climes are starting to see some warmth. The trees in our neighborhood as well as our fruit trees are all in bloom. Spring is definitely upon us.

For those in the Austral regions, I hope you are starting to see some respite from the heat as you move into your Autumn. I know it’s been a scorcher for you.

First Aid for Knees

First order of business is First Aid for Knees. We ran a promotion, which you should have received a series of emails about, but the emailings and countdown timer were not in sync, so the last email went out after the promotion was over. Ugh! Technology! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

So I’ve opened the promotion up for another week in case you wanted to take advantage of this special opportunity but missed the deadline.

I’m very pleased with this new program, primarily because when I developed chronic knee pain from an injury, I learned what a misery it is, and with my research and experimentation, I healed my own knee problem and want to pass that learning on to other women.

So, if you are suffering with a knee problem, I have real empathy for you! And I want to share with you the two most critical things I learned in my research on knees, which led to the creation of First Aid for Knees.

First is that if your knees are healthy one month, and inflamed, swollen and painful the next, the classic orthopedist line that “It’s bone on bone, the cartilage is just gone” is nonsense. We don’t develop osteoarthritis overnight. Many doctors still swear that the synovial fluid that feeds and lubricates the joint is sterile, despite the fact that medicine has known for a hundred years that it is a transport mechanism for both bacterial and fungal infections.

Does this suggest that you should take antibiotics? As always, such a decision should be yours alone, but understand that our relationship with the microbial world inside and around us is essential for our survival. Taking antibiotics is the bacterial equivalent of a nuclear explosion, annihilating everything, including the bacteria we rely on for our digestion. The good news is there is much we can do to engage our beneficial bacteria to protect and heal ourselves without falling back on a an old and dysfunctional medical paradigm.

The second thing I learned from my own swollen and inflamed knee experience is that the pain we suffer does not come from the knee! It is a product of spinal and pelvic misalignment, which results in deep knots of tension in the musculature of the thigh. Increased tension in the powerful muscles of the thigh greatly stress the ligaments that surround and work the knee. These ligaments are filled with pain receptors and thus a common source of chronic knee pain.

Given lack of the awareness most women have of their “suck and tuck” posture, and the unnatural alignment our comfy but unhealthy furniture puts us in, it is no wonder that more women (mostly post-menopausal) see orthopedists for knee problems than hip pain.

Any woman with knee pain, or who wants to avoid the misery of chronic knee pain, the sleep disruption, limitation of basic life activities, and most importantly the dangerous and often quality of life destroying surgery, will find First Aid for Knees invaluable. And it contains a great new workout!

The Seventh Annual Whole Woman Conference

It’s time to start planning your trip to Albuquerque for our annual summer Conference! This is going to be a great event.

As Whole Woman enters its 16th year, my thinking has undergone a subtle but important shift. When I “cracked the code” on prolapse, it seemed obvious to me that once someone understood the root cause, how to implement the solution would be obvious and easy.

What I have come to realize is that in many respects assimilating the anatomic and conceptual underpinnings of all the Whole Woman materials I have developed over the years may be the easy part for many women.

The real challenge is implementation. integrating change into a lifetime of postural, movement, and dietary habits.

This is why the Whole Woman Conference is so important.

The posture itself is simple…feet parallel, knees straight but not locked, belly relaxed, chest lifted, shoulders down, flat and broad across the back, and back of the neck pulled up by slightly tucking the chin. But living in the posture, relearning how you sit, stand, walk, run, lift, and carry both at home and on the job is much more complex and unique to each woman.

The Conference is your opportunity to make a quantum leap in your ability to fully implement and integrate the Whole Woman work into your life. If you have joined us before, this will be an opportunity for both a “tune up” and to deepen your knowledge.

When we hear something for the first time, we only absorb bits and pieces. The second time, our understanding begins to penetrate the surface of what we have been taught. With each subsequent exposure our understanding becomes more deeply embedded in our awareness. So even if you have joined us at the Conference in the past, you will find real value in returning, and we would love to see you again this year.

The Conference theme this year is “The Story Your Gait Tells.”

This may sound a bit obscure, but in recent years I have come to observe how important the human gait is as a diagnostic tool.

For the eye that can see, the gait reveals the postural defects that contribute to all the ailments you have heard me address for over fifteen years now, prolapse, incontinence, hips, and knees.

We have another wonderful class of nine Whole Woman Practitioners in training with me this year, and they will all be at the Conference to provide lots of small group and one-on-one support and guidance.

Of course, I’ll be sharing the latest knowledge and information from all the research I have been doing since the last Conference, so there will be lots of learning, both intellectual and hands-on and practical.

Something New! The Post-Conference Joy of Menopause Workshop

As you may be aware, we launched our most ambitious video course development project ever last summer, the Joy of Menopause video course.

When complete, the course will include nine primary videos, and thirty-six secondary videos, related to the primary videos.

Here are the topics for each month -

  1. All Health Begins in the Mouth
  2. Bones of Contention - Strong Bones, No Drugs
  3. Melanoma is an Estrogen-Dependent Disease
  4. The Myth of BRCA Genes and the Untold Story of Breast Cancer
  5. Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Aging Brain
  6. Conquer Insomnia and Cool Hot Flashes
  7. Vaginal Atrophy and Closing of the Flower
  8. Healthy Heart, Happy Life
  9. Soaring Spirit and Endless Becoming

What has made Whole Woman unique all these years is my discovery many years ago now, that the huge body of research produced every year contains countless hidden gems.

These are practical, potentially life-changing, and even life saving, information and insights that would otherwise never rise to the awareness of the general public, because these gems do not serve the interests of big pharma or big medicine.

This certainly has been true from the research I have done for the Joy of Menopause video course. As a result, for the first time this year, I am conducting a Post-Conference workshop devoted to the essential information women need to both smooth their inevitable transition through menopause as well as effectively respond to the common challenges many post-menopausal women will or currently face.

In the next few days, I’ll be publishing more information on both the Conference and Workshop. including pricing, schedule, venue, and content details.

The Conference dates are August 9-11, 2019, and the Workshop will be August 12-13.

I hope you will join us for both!

The Whole Woman Works! Intensive

If coming to the Conference doesn’t fit into your schedule, I would encourage you to consider scheduling a Whole Woman Works! Intensive.

Video courses are important tools for learning. And they provide the benefit of being able to go back to them again and again.

But you cannot ask a video course a question. And while we have our Whole Woman forum for that, there is no substitute for hands-on, direct personal experience. It is the combination of intellectual understanding and direct personal experience that most powerfully embeds learning into our daily lives.

In this three day event, customized to your unique requirements, one-on-one with me, we will dive deeply into those aspects of the Whole Woman work that will be of most value to you. And I’ll feed you a natural, organic, vegetarian, tasty lunch each day.

Comfortable lodging and excellent restaurants are only a few blocks away, and the Whole Woman Center is only a five minute Uber drive from Albuquerque’s modern and comfortable airport. Your spouse/partner is welcome to join us if you desire. If you would like to share the experience with a woman friend, I encourage that. It’s very valuable to have a friend to have shared this experience with when you return home. And the friend can participate for half price.

Doing the Work Every Day

We regularly get calls from women who have been customers for some years, but who have drifted away from the work, and their bodies are reminding them they need to revisit our material, which they may have forgotten how to access.

I just cannot emphasize enough that women’s health is not a “set it and forget it” nor a “take this pill and be cured” proposition. If one or more of the variety of women’s health conditions I help with has brought you to Whole Woman, it is essential to realize that the symptoms you are experiencing are the product of a lifetime of unfortunate life ways.

These ways are not your fault, they are generally just cultural imperatives that we absorb growing up. But when the symptoms show up, what they are trying to tell us is that we must change these life ways. Whether it’s furniture, car seats, gyms, or grocery stores, our culture does not provide us with what we need for a lifetime of vibrant female health.

What we are taught and learn from our environment is the product of huge corporate influence, agricultural, medical, and pharmacological.

Yes, Whole Woman is unconventional. It is worth being aware that what is conventional is massive rates of maternal mortality, huge hospitals packed with cancer patients, rampant heart disease, and destruction of our environment through corporate and government intransigence, which no woman in her right mind would accept in her home, the nest for her children and grandchildren.

Convention has its value, but it comes at a huge cost. I encourage you to realize that the Whole Woman work is not just for the moment, to “fix” a problem. The Whole Woman work is recognizing that the problem is systemic, that our bodies are calling on us to change our life ways.

Change is not usually easy or fun, but it’s worth remembering that homo sapiens in the spectrum of astonishing biology inhabiting our planet, we don’t run very fast, we don’t climb very well, we are of modest size and strength. The one thing we do perhaps better than any other higher order species is adapt. The capacity to adapt is the gift of our cerebral cortex.

Using it means embracing the data confronting us from our bodies, our environment, and our relationships, which are reminding us that it’s time to adapt!

Blessings always,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman