February 2019 Whole Woman Newsletter

Updates for February

If you are in the northern US, I hope you are warming up from the polar vortex. It sounded pretty brutal! I lived in Bemidji, Minnesota for a few years in my early post-college era and I must say I loved the bitter cold and long winters. They made the arrival of Spring all the more joyful. However, there are limits, and fifty below zero (Fahrenheit) plus wind chill is pushing it.

To our Aussie friends, I hope you weathered the corresponding blast furnace heat wave. The world is changing and not in a good way I’m afraid, which I am choosing to see as a challenge to becoming the highest version of myself. We’re here on this beautiful earth together and have to take the ride for better or worse.

I have a few important items to tell you about this month.

The Annual Whole Woman Summer Conference

The first is a reminder that this year’s Whole Woman Summer Conference will happen on August 9-11. We’ll be hosting an open house for all attendees Friday night, and we’ll start with Whole Woman Yoga® at 7:30 Saturday morning. We’ll wrap up by 3:30 or so on Sunday so most attendees will be able to get home Sunday night.

It is important to understand just what the Whole Woman Conference brings to you.

There are two sides to harnessing the transformative power of education. The first is intellectual understanding, learning the basics, just like we learned our alphabet and arithmetic. The second is putting that learning to work.

If you have studied my materials in the past, books, videos, or consultations, then you have gotten the intellectual side of the work. What truly brings the Whole Woman work to life is working hands-on under either my direct supervision, or one of the Whole Woman Practitioners I have personally trained and certified.

We have eight excellent students this year who will come to Albuquerque for their practicum and final assessment the week prior to the Conference.

They will graduate Friday night, then be on deck to work with the Conference participants.

The Conference is an immersive experience designed to make sure you come away with correct understanding of Whole Woman principles and practical experience with the help of myself and my well-educated new Practitioners.

The Conference is by far the most cost effective way to get the Whole Woman principles to work in your body and your life.

The Conference theme this year is The Story Your Gait Tells.

The way you walk reveals vital information about your pelvic alignment and potential problems for your spine, hips, knees, and pelvic organ support.

Also this year I’ll be conducting an optional two day post-conference workshop, The Post-Menopausal Whole Woman - Challenges and Solutions. The workshop will be open to Conference attendees only and is limited to twelve participants. There will be an extra cost for this. More details shortly.

We are still finalizing the details of venue and schedule. We will email you as more information is available and when we are ready to start accepting registrations. Please click the button below to register your interest in attending. There is no obligation.

And yes, the conference likely means the expense and inconvenience of getting on a plane. Fortunately, Albuquerque is easy to get to by air, and depending on the venue we settle on, we’ll only be 10-15 minutes from the airport.

Attending the Conference will be an investment in your quality of life and will serve you well for all your days.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference.

The Whole Woman Works! Intensive

Everything I just described about the learning that takes place at the Conference applies to the Whole Woman Works! Intensive but even more so. The difference is you and I will work together, one-on-one for two and a half days.

The Whole Woman Works! Intensive is the fast track to fully internalizing the Whole Woman Way, transforming your body and life.

For more information on the Whole Woman Works! Intensive, please reach out to my office, support@wholewoman.com, or call at +1 505-243-4010.

The Whole Woman Garage Sale

A couple of years ago, when we started migrating to streaming video, and were shipping fewer products, we let our part-time shipper go and sent all our DVDs to a fulfillment house in Indiana. Once we made the decision to quit producing DVDs and focus exclusively on streaming video, we had a number of DVDs left at the fulfillment center.

We finally arranged to have them shipped back to us. We are reluctant to just toss them into the dumpster, so we thought let’s have an online “garage sale” and make them available at rock bottom price.

Some of these videos are no longer in our library, but they are still of value.

Of course, we firmly believe that streaming video is superior technology, but DVDs still work and many, many people still have their trusty DVD players. You may also be interested in the DVDs as gifts for women in your life who might find the material of value and hopefully get them to rethink considering surgery.

In the table below is the breakdown on what’s available and bargain pricing. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. Be aware that customs duties or VAT may be due on receipt for orders sent outside the US.

Because this is a clearance, there will be no returns allowed with the unlikely exception of a defective disc, which we will replace if we still have any or refund if not.

It’s an opportunity to save some money, gain value from the work, spread the value among friends and family.

The Whole Woman Garage Sale will continue until the inventory is exhausted, or the end of February, whichever comes first.

You’ll find the DVDs at wholewomanstore.com. When the available inventory of an item reaches zero, the product will no longer show up on the list, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, it’s probably sold out.

Thanks for helping us put these DVDs to work in the world and avoid the recycling bin!

The Whole Woman Way

There are many dimensions to the Whole Woman Way of living, eating, and evolving. And there are certain tools that have been and remain indispensable. One is the Grow Cart that Lanny built for me many years ago when we lived out in the country and he had a wood shop.

Some years ago, I asked him to write up what it is and how he built it. If you are handy and have the tools, or have a partner who is/does, the document will give you what you need in the way of information to build the Grow Cart.

If not, odds are there is a handyperson in your neighborhood who could build one for you. Ours uses four foot daylight florescent tubes, but if you have restricted space, the Grow Cart could be built around two foot tubes as well.

Use it for growing wheat grass (or barley grass in our case), which we used to juice, but now give to our chickens, who slurp it down like spaghetti.

Growing herbs, onion and garlic shoots, and salad greens can feed you all year. We have outdoor plants that we have to bring in during the winter to protect them from the cold. We park them next to the Grow Cart for “sunlight” and warmth until the Spring weather returns.

The limits are only your imagination. I hope you find the document inspirational and of value. Please let us know if you take on the project of building one or having one built. If you have questions about it, please contact Lanny at support@wholewoman.com or +1 505-243-4010.

The Grow Cart document is a .pdf file, which you can download by clicking the button below.

Have a wonderful month, and enjoy your Valentine’s day. When everything is said and done, only love remains…

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman