September 2018 Whole Woman Newsletter

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Angels Among Us

Yes, Whole Woman has Angels.

These are the women who are unfazed by the cultural inhibitions toward talking about “down there” and who are up front and courageous about sharing their experiences with prolapse, incontinence, hip pain, or vulvovaginal issues with family and friends.

These are the women who convince other women that hysterectomy is not a solution to anything and is likely to be the source of lifelong chronic problems, and that the “repair” surgeries doctors are touting are notoriously unreliable and dangerous.

These are the women who have put Whole Woman methods to work in their lives, have reaped the many benefits, and now give back by educating their friends and loved ones that the conventional path is not the best way.

If you are one of those Angels, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. These referrals are part of the lifeblood of Whole Woman, and more importantly, your gift of education, encouragement, and support to other women is a blessing for them.

Thank you.

Practitioner Training

The 2019 Class is shaping up very nicely.

However, it will be January and the class will be starting before you know it. Now is the time to slow down a bit and think about what the comprehensive Whole Woman knowledge would mean for your life, for yourself and your ability to serve others.

Chances are you experienced that rush of hope when you found the Whole Woman website and realized there was a legitimate alternative to what you had been hearing from your doctors, while they sharpened their scalpels.

You can bring that rush of hope to other women and give them the knowledge, tools, and support they need to retake control of their bodies and lives.

Please visit and download the 2019 Whole Woman Practitioner Training information and application package. Read it carefully. There is no obligation when you submit an application, and it will give me a chance to call you and discuss the possibility of enrollment in the class. I look forward to talking with you.

If you have questions, of course, call our office and speak with Lanny.

2018 Whole Woman Works! Sessions

2018 is winding down and I have only two more available times for Whole Woman Works! Intensives.

You are serious about your pelvic health when you realize that if you want your pelvic health to be better, you must do some things in your life differently than you have done in the past.

Two and a half days with me one-on-one is a transformational experience.

If you are new to Whole Woman, I can virtually guarantee I will turn most of what you think you know about women’s health on its head. Even if you’ve been at the Whole Woman work for some time but really need a boost to move your health to a new level, this is your opportunity.

Prime yourself to enter 2019 with a new level of clarity and confidence about your body. Please visit for more information and to apply.

The Joy of Menopause

When I first conceived of a course on menopause I envisioned a video course similar to our others, five or six modules totaling maybe 90 minutes of video.

But the more I thought about it and began to itemize the list of physical challenges and complaints that typically accompany menopause, and how badly menopausal and post-menopausal women are treated by the medical system, I began to realize this was a much bigger project than I had originally envisioned.

Unlike prolapse, menopause impacts the lives of all women everywhere.

And the more I researched the drugs and surgeries pressed upon women who are struggling, feeling lost, trusting their doctors, and not knowing what options are available to them, the more horrified I became at the predations of the medical system.

The fact is that as a society, we have placed enormous power and trust in those who have undertaken the arduous work of becoming medical professionals.

But, the medical system as a whole has grotesquely abused that power through the unholy influence of Big Pharma and the multinational surgical supply companies, who have largely usurped the profession for their own economic gain.

The only antidote to this abuse of power is education, taking control of your health back from a system which is far more interested in what you are worth to them financially than your physical well-being.

These are harsh words.

But I’m prepared to back them up with solid science, ironically produced and published by the same medical system, providing hard evidence of the system’s mendacity

And provide lots of practical advice on how to become your own best healer as well.

The menopause video course is a full nine months long and includes nine monthly primary videos and four weekly shorter, practical videos in between.

It’s just too much information to absorb in a shorter period of time. But spaced out over nine months, you can not only absorb but integrate the information in practical steps to facilitate a smooth transition through menopause and beyond.

This is the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken - forty-five videos in nine months. The first three are complete, we shot the fourth today, and we will be in intensive research, writing, production, and post production mode for months yet to come.

I want to extend a special thanks to those who helped us launch the project by pre-purchasing it.

But the course is now up and available to all. The first primary video will be available at the time of purchase, the first secondary video the next day, the second a week later and so on.

Of course, you will continue to have access to all the videos that have been “dripped” into your account.

And there is a nine-month payment plan as well.

We women are given such a tiny, cursory education about our own miraculous bodies, and told just trust the doctors who know what’s best for us. But over and over again, the system has let us down, mislead us, and done terrible injury to millions of women.

Please join me in the amazing healing, educational and practical journey of the Joy of Menopause. As I have said so many times, “You are not the patient, you are the Physician.”

The Whole Woman Workshop

With the launch of the Joy of Menopause, I have reluctantly come to the realization that I just will not have the bandwidth to host a quarterly workshop for the foreseeable future. So our next workshop will be August 9-11, 2019 here in Albuquerque, supported by the newly graduated class of Whole Woman Practitioners.

It will be a great workshop, in a larger venue than the Whole Woman Center, so please start making your plans to attend now. There will be lots of fresh new information, an in-depth review of the basics, and lots of hands-on help from our new Practitioners to fine tune your posture, exercises, and understanding your body.

I hope to see you then!

In the meantime, be safe, be well, and from first awakening until lying down for sleep (with a few quality rests in-between), pull up into your natural birthright, Whole Woman posture!

With love,
Christine Kent
Whole Woman