August 2018 Newsletter

Heavy Traffic in Whole Woman Land

Did you ever experience your life as a traffic jam that you wonder if it will ever unsnarl itself?

Right now at Whole Woman, I am struggling with a muscular injury to my right leg and knee, finishing up this year’s Practitioner Training class, preparing for the Whole Woman Workshop this weekend, working on the scripts for the first installments of the new Menopause course, conducting Whole Woman Works! intensives, and just because the chaos level wasn’t high enough, remodeling our kitchen.

We’ll be shooting a fair amount of the Menopause footage in the kitchen, and our tiny little kitchen needed some serious work. A new countertop, new shelves, new paint, and even a new range will make the kitchen much more functional in which to work, clean, and shoot. I’ll send along a photo in next month’s newsletter when (hopefully!) the dust will have settled a bit.

I have been blessed with a number of women who have come to Albuquerque for a Whole Woman Works! Intensives. These 2 1/2 day programs are definitely the fast track for women who are serious about absorbing and implementing the Whole Woman work. They are exhausting for both myself and the women who come for the Intensive, but as the light of understanding grows in the eyes of the participants, the joy overpowers any fatigue.

I have a limited number of Whole Woman Works! openings available between now and the end of the year, so if you’re feeling like your work with the Whole Woman methods needs a rocket boost, please visit

for more information and to apply. Of course, feel free to call Lanny at my office if you have any questions.

The Menopause video course is progressing nicely. We will be shooting the first two major installments toward the end of August and Lanny will have his hands full with the post-production work, but so far we’re confident of a September first rollout.

I know a nine month course seems like a lot, but the female organism is complex, and at menopause, everything changes. And remember there will be four shorter, practical videos each month as well.

The Whole Woman Workshop is right around the corner! This will be a wonderful and intimate gathering to explore Whole Woman principles and practices in depth. Our dear friend and one of our early practitioners, Kristin Woolf will be down from Taos to help out, as will a couple of our students from this year’s Practitioner Training class. So there will be lots of hands-on help.

There are still a few open seats. If attending the workshop has been hovering in the back of your mind, now is the time to act. Call Lanny today for more information. To register, visit

We are also experimenting with live streaming sections of the workshop as well as providing attendees with an edited video version. If you are interested in participating in the live streaming, please visit

We’re reasonably confident we can do the live streaming successfully, but there are many things that can go wrong (Murphy’s law applies) and it is our first run at this live streaming technology. The worst case is live streaming subscribers will get an edited copy after the weekend.

There is still lots of preparation to do for the Workshop so there is no rest for this girl. I do hope you will take a deep breath and say “Yes”, register, get a plane ticket or jump in the car and come to the workshop. It will be a special and very likely for you a life-changing event.

The 2018 Whole Woman Practitioner Training has been a marvelous class. Smart and hungry for knowledge, these women will be making an impact in their communities. They include an osteopath, a physical therapist, a public health official, an Australian yoga teacher, and a local alternative healer and computer wizard.

They still have their practicum and final assessments to complete, but I am very confident they will all do splendidly. I’ll be finalizing their Practicum and Final Assessments in the two weeks after the Workshop. I so look forward to introducing them all to you next month and rolling out their directory listings as full fledged Certified Whole Woman Practitioners!

I wish we had Certified Practitioners in ever city, town, and hamlet in the world. But the Earth is a big place and there are an awful lot of cities, towns, and hamlets. But it is such a comfort to know that there is someone nearby who is caring and knowledgeable when you need Whole Woman training, a “tune up”, or support. Please do take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.

If you have an existing practice of some kind for which the Whole Woman work would be a natural extension, I hope you will consider becoming a Certified Practitioner yourself. If you don’t have a practice but are intrigued at the thought of making this work available in your community, please consider joining the 2019 class that is already forming up. Please visit for more information and to download the 2019 information and application package. There is no obligation.

A few months ago, I felt something funny in my right leg at our weekly Scottish Country Dancing get together. The next morning it was quite painful. I have been doing Whole Woman self-care with it, meaning running experiments and paying attention to my body.

Then a couple of weeks ago, when it was starting to feel better, Lanny and I were powering up a little hill in our local park, through which we like to walk, and my right knee gave out. It has been very painful but I have been nursing it along. I can tell that it’s healing, but this has been just another complexity to my complicated Whole Woman life.

I know my complicated life is not unique. Somehow, oriented as we are to service, I think virtually every woman’s life is complicated by the needs and wants of all the people we care about. Such is life!

So the traffic jam will clear in time as it always does. But I have been thinking about this coming year’s possible projects and it would be helpful if you could share what would be a priority from your point of view. Please choose one below…

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Many thanks. I’ll report the results in the September newsletter.

In the meantime, be well and remember to remember to stay pulled up in Whole Woman posture!

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman