July 2018 Newsletter


Newsletter Contents...

  1. The Joy of Menopause
  2. The Whole Woman Workshop
  3. First Aid for Prolapse Module 5 - Whole Woman Tools Update
  4. Whole Woman Emails

Note - We are emailing only the first few paragraphs of Newsletters going forward, with a link to view the entire letter on the wholewoman.com/newpages/newsletter/ site. I’ll explain the reason for this below.

As always, I hope this note finds you well and making consistent progress in stabilizing and reversing your condition.

The Joy of Menopause

June turned out to be a very busy month for us. As you are doubtless aware, we launched the pre-sale of The Joy of Menopause.

I am very happy to be working on this project. Every time I go to the medical library to look through the latest research, I am always amazed. Sometimes by the nonsense that gets published as serious research, and sometimes the critically important information that never makes its way into the hands and minds of the women who need this information.

On the foolishness end of the spectrum, I ran across a study that suggests the epidemic of prostrate cancer may be caused by bacteria in the menopausal vagina and that women should be perpetually dosed with antibiotic drugs.


When in doubt, blame the women. What a world we live in!

The Menopause project is very exciting, however. There are so many dimensions to this profound change we women go through. That is why I felt it would take nine monthly videos with four short weekly videos in between to adequately cover the territory and provide practical, science-based solutions to the common discomforts of the peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause phases.

I want to personally thank all of you who purchased this video course. It is probably the most ambitious project we have ever taken on, but the need is huge and, as usual, the medical system’s response to the menopausal change is hopelessly inadequate or worse, dangerous.

Even though the deadline for the discounted pre-sale has passed, we’ve received a number of requests from women who were traveling or otherwise didn’t get the announcement until the deadline had passed.

So I have asked Lanny to reopen the pre-sale for 24 hours starting at midnight (MDT - GMT -6) on Sunday, 8th until midnight, Monday the 9th. Here is the link in case you missed the pre-sale window and would like to take advantage of the discount.


The Whole Woman Workshop

My workshop is only about a month away. There are still a few seats available and the Early Bird pricing is still in effect.

Albuquerque is easy to get to by air or car, we’re a five minute ride from the airport, and there is wonderful food and lodging within a short walk. So the logistics are simple.

We will have at least three Whole Woman Practitioners in attendance to help out with demonstrations and to work with you directly, answer questions, and tune up your posture.

The Early Bird pricing expires on July 10th, so save some money, come have a great experience, and come away with the confidence that you are doing the Whole Woman work correctly, and that you are on track to stabilize and reverse your condition!

First Aid for Prolapse Module 5 - Whole Woman Tools

This project has taken weeks longer than I anticipated. But we are in the post-production phase of it, and all the footage has been shot.

The first chapter on Whole Woman Breathing is complete, as is the second on Pelvic Rocks.

Remaining chapters include Firebreathing, Nauli, Belly Tosses, Hip Turnout, Whole Woman Toileting, and Whole Woman Walking and Running.

Post-production is going pretty quickly, other than the many tweaks I insist on to get each chapter just how I want it. I think we should have them all up by Tuesday. For those who have been waiting for these tools, many thanks for your patience!

Being a two person operation, we wind up wearing many hats and sometimes that means projects take longer than we anticipate.

All enrollees of the First Aid for Prolapse video course will receive the Module 5 upgrade for free. I look forward to your feedback.

Whole Woman Emails

Being a web based business means we get to reach women from almost every corner of the globe.

It also means that email is the lifeblood of our business.

Concurrent with the rise of email came the predictable rise of spam, or un-requested, undesirable commercial solicitation by email.

The tsunami of spam we have all experienced causes huge headaches for the likes of yahoo, gmail, and other mail service providers.

As a result, they have developed sophisticated systems for identifying spammers and shutting down their ability to deliver email to the mail service customers.

Additionally, there are organizations who monitor email and “blacklist” those emailers whose email traffic looks suspicious to them.

All this puts the burden on Whole Woman of proving to everyone involved that we are a legitimate emailer.

There are a couple of things the powers that be particularly look for to identify possible spammers.

First, they call “spam traps”. These are usually either bogus email addresses they have posted in such a way that only someone who, for example, sends out automated “bots” to scrape email addresses off of websites and either use those addresses for their own mailings or sell their email lists to others.

Spam traps can also be email addresses that people have abandoned. So if you change your email from Yahoo to gmail, but don’t notify us about the change, and we continue to email your old address, the spam police may tag us as spammers.

The second problem is what they call “engagement.” If someone has not clicked on a link in our email for some months or a year or more, to the spam police, this looks suspicious.

I wrote you about this last month, and one of our strategies was to include only the first few paragraphs of my newsletter in the email, with a button to connect to the full newsletter on wholewoman.com. That click assures the spam police that you are engaged in the relationship with Whole Woman and that we are not spamming you.

We have been building our list for fifteen years with women who have found us online, downloaded articles and become customers. And inevitably, there are those on the list who have lost interest in our messages but haven’t unsubscribed.

So, please let us know if you change your email address so we can update our records.

And Lanny will be sending out an email shortly to those who haven’t responded to our emails in six months or more to verify their interest so we can demonstrate to the emailing services to which we subscribe that we are maintaining good list hygiene and being good internet citizens.

The risk of being blacklisted is a serious threat to any internet business and we really appreciate your help in keeping our list clean.

Keep up the good work and do let us know if there is anything we can do to be of assistance.

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman