May 2018 Newsletter


Newsletter Contents...

  1. The Whole Woman Workshop
  2. First Aid for Prolapse
  3. Happy Birthday Lanny!
  4. New Family Members
  5. Customer Service

It’s hard to believe it is almost Summer.

We have had a busy month at the Whole Woman Center! We have had a number of clients in for classes, consultations, and Whole Woman Works! intensives.

The Whole Woman Workshop

The big news at the moment is we are announcing the first Whole Woman Workshop, to be held here at the Whole Woman Center on August 10-12, 2018.

We have had a number of inquiries about a Conference this year, but we have decided to discontinue the hotel-based conferences, and instead hold four quarterly workshops in my studio.

The Workshop capacity will be no more than eighteen participants, which will make the sessions more intimate and allow me more personal interaction with all the participants.

With a small group like this Workshop, presentations become more like conversations, which I much prefer, and we can all work together for the demonstrations.

I have replaced the Conference link on the Whole Woman website with a Workshop link, where you will find all the details, lodging arrangements (we have been offered some nice discounts at our recommended lodging venues) and the hour-by-hour workshop schedule.

Two new things for this year’s Workshop are -


We will be making a video of the Workshop. We may stream it live or just make the recordings available after the fact. We haven’t made that determination yet. Simpler and more cost-effective technology has brought live streaming within reach of smaller companies like Whole Woman, but it is still a complex process and we are still gathering information in order to finalize our decision.

But either way, if it just isn’t feasible or practical for you to get to Albuquerque, video will give you a chance to participate in the Workshop from afar.


Every woman who comes to Albuquerque for the workshop will receive -

  • A 30 minute follow-up phone call from me a week or so after the Workshop.
  • A streaming video of her posture with my corrections
  • Access to the Workshop videos.

Please click the button below for more information.

First Aid for Prolapse Videos

Overall, the feedback on the new First Aid for Prolapse videos has been great. But it has been pointed out that there are some things missing including...

  • Whole Woman breathing
  • Firebreathing
  • Nauli
  • Belly toss exercise
  • Whole Woman walking and running

So Lanny and I will be putting together a new video we are tentatively calling Whole Woman Tools, which will be added to the First Aid for Prolapse video course, at no cost, of course.

Remember, if you have purchased Destination: Prolapse Free, or The Whole Woman Solution to Pelvic Organ Prolapse, you have been upgraded to the new First Aid for Prolapse video course for free. The upgrade does not apply to the original First Aid for Prolapse in either DVD or streaming format.

We'll be working on that this coming week so it should be available in your streaming account by the 16th, give or take a day or two. Thank you for the useful feedback that will make FAFP an even better product.

Happy Birthday Lanny!

Lanny just celebrated is 70th birthday, which took some serious planning on my part. We had a wonderful party last Saturday with many friends, did some Scottish country dancing, and Jay, a friend of Lanny’s he hadn’t seen in 25 years showed up as well. Jay had been at Lanny’s 40th birthday party as well back in the early years of our marriage.

It was a lovely evening and a wonderful celebration for my husband, best friend, and business partner.

New Family Members

Our family has grown!

My daughter Nikelle, who did so much of the early illustration and video work for us (and her new husband David), just gave us a new grandson, Dylan. He is a beautiful baby. They are a lovely couple with many common interests and Nikelle seems truly happy.

Last fall, we had a bit of a tragedy. Raccoons got into our aviary and slaughtered three of our beloved chickens and a fourth died a week or so later, I believe from the horror of it all.

So we were left with one traumatized and lonely chicken, never recommended as chickens are highly social creatures. Amazingly, at virtually the same time, a feral kitty showed up in our little plaza. Astonishingly, the kitty (who we have subsequently named Clarabelle) and Lulu, our one surviving chicken, became great friends.

When we let the chicken out in the evenings she and Clara chase each other around the plaza. It is hilarious to watch, but I really think it has kept Lulu going after the loss of her nest mates.

But now that the weather is warmer, we have just received three new baby chicks, a buff orpington, a lavender orpington (really!), and a silver laced wyandotte. It was so much fun opening up the little chirping box of day-old chicks! They are still quite small and it will take some time for them to get big enough to take care of themselves.

And, we have taken the necessary steps to protect then from marauders.

In the meantime, we started feeding the kitty, and after a month or two, Lanny was able to begin to touch, pet, and eventually hold our little wild kitty. Once that process started, she got acclimated to me as well.

Before we knew it, the neighborhood tom cats started hanging around, including an especially handsome long-haired red.

About two weeks ago she gave us five darling kittens.

We kept them out in our shed, but I realized the raccoon might come back, so we brought them into our house. Our little feral kitty has become amazingly domesticated and lets us know when she wants to go outside.

Luckily, we found wonderful homes for four of the babies among our friends so I know they will be lovingly cared for. We’ll keep one as well.

I haven’t been around kittens in a long time, so it’s been great fun to watch them develop. As soon as they are weaned, mama kitty goes off to the vet for her hysterectomy. Not exactly Whole Woman philosophy, but our kitty may already be pregnant with another batch and enough is enough.

Customer Service

Lanny has asked me to tender his apologies for his slow response to customer emails recently. With setting up the new workshop, changes in our software infrastructure, problems with our DVD vendor, and working on a new website, he has been in major overload. Hopefully things will improve in the next few weeks.

I realize this has been much more of a chatty newsletter than I usually send out, but what’s happening in our personal lives is part of what staying in touch is all about.

This summer, I’ll be continuing research on menopause, working on the support garment, which has been on hold, and putting together short videos for YouTube. I’ll keep you posted on all these matters.

Oh, and do come to my Workshop! Here’s the link for more information.

In the meantime, appreciate every day, challenges and all. Stay in Whole Woman posture, and keep learning and growing. It is what we are here to do.

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman