April 2018 Newsletter


Newsletter Contents...

  1. Last Week's Disaster
  2. Whole Woman Health Sale
  3. A Voice of Reason for Fifteen Years

Last Week’s Disaster

First of all, as you are probably aware, we had a major meltdown last week while emailing our Whole Woman list about the new First Aid for Prolapse Video Course through a new delivery platform.

The outpouring of support and patience from the Whole Woman community has been heartwarming and so appreciated. Thank you for the many kind and supportive emails.

But it was definitely a disaster and has taken most of the week to set things right.

We still have a lot of research and testing to do to find out what triggered our being blacklisted by two agencies. Whether or not we will be able to get back into their good graces definitely remains to be seen, but we are hopeful.

Meanwhile, we will continue to use the emailing platform that has been successful for us in the past.

A Disaster Sale

So we have decided to celebrate surviving this debacle with a sale. But rather than call it the Whole Woman Disaster Sale as we had thought originally, we decided to call it…

…The Whole Woman Health Sale…

Most of the women who find us do so because of pelvic organ prolapse. Few women realize that urinary incontinence and chronic hip pain are also common symptoms of pelvic misalignment just as prolapse is.

So I encourage you to expand your video library with in-depth understanding of how increasingly important the Whole Woman work becomes as you age.

I have worked with many women now with chronic hip pain. This condition is no fun at all for women, and like prolapse, the surgeries can and all too often do have catastrophic results. And the conventional medical interventions for urinary incontinence in women are equally horrifying.

The good news is that with the specialized exercises I have developed in conjunction with the Whole Woman postural work, as you age, you need not fear either of these conditions destroying your quality of life.

I also speak frequently with women who have experienced prolapse, sometimes for years. They buy my materials and somehow in the daily press of their lives, they just never really internalize the Whole Woman work until their condition reaches a point where it can no longer be ignored. All too often, these women are actually seriously considering surgery.

So to address these issues, here is what I have put on sale starting today, Friday April 6th until 10PM MDT (GMT -in 6) on April 13, 2018.

Whole Woman Health Bundle

For this sale, I have created a new video course bundle, The Whole Woman Health Bundle. This includes The Whole Woman Solution to Urinary Incontinence and Save Your Hips. I have included these because most women find us by searching for prolapse information, and are not really aware of the potential additional risks of urinary incontinence and chronic hip pain.

In these two courses, I explain both in detail and provide specialized exercises for both conditions.I’m also adding three additional videos, The Whole Woman Lecture Series, which includes The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina, and All One - The Bacteria-Gut Partnership, essential information on the microbiology of the vagina and gut, and Whole Woman Higher Dimensions - Techniques to elevate your Whole Woman work to a higher dimension…

Normally, this collection would sell for US$ 448.94. On sale for the next week for only US$297.00, a savings of 33%. And, if cash is tight, there is a two payment plan. As always, my video courses come with a sixty day guarantee.

Here’s the link -

Phone consultation with me, Christine Kent. If you are still struggling with your prolapse, incontinence, or hip pain after some months or years, it may be time for some personal support to get you on track. My phone consultations are normally US$197.00 for one hour. For the next seven days only, the phone consultation is $147.00 or 25% off. Note that Skype and in-person consultations are US$ 50 additional.

Here’s the link to order -

For a more in-depth experience with me, consider a one-on-one class with me. Yes, it will mean coming to Albuquerque. For two and a half hours on the first day and with a one hour follow-up the next morning, you will get a profound education in the Whole Woman work, one-on-one with me. Normally US$499.00, for the next seven days, just US$ 400.00, a 20% discount.

Here’s the link -

The Whole Woman Exercise Baton and Posture Belt Bundle for US$ 99.00 offer has been extended for this sale. Be sure to follow the measurement instructions on the short video to save the delay and expense of an exchange.

Here’s the link -

Want just the Exercise Baton or the Posture Belt alone? Shipping is free on these items for the next seven days.

Here are the links -

Baton -

Posture Belt -

To recap the sale items…

  • The Whole Woman Health Bundle videos - 33% off
  • Phone, Skype or in-person consultation with me - 25% off
  • One-on-one class with me - 20% off
  • The Whole Woman Belt/Baton bundle - 19% off
  • Individual Posture Belt or Baton - free shipping

Please take advantage of these bargains. Give them to yourself or give them to someone you care for as a gift. For scheduling a consultation, class, or intensive, please call Lanny at +1 505-243-4010 or write lanny@wholewoman.com.

And, if you have note yet acquired the new First Aid for Prolapse Bundle, it is your key to successfully managing prolapse.

It's not on Sale, but here's the link -

A Voice of Reason for Fifteen Years

This year is our fifteenth year of educating, supporting, empowering, and encouraging women to emphasize self-care, by listening and experimenting with their own bodies to optimize health.

It is one of the great travesties of our time that our medical system has failed so miserably to address the needs of women’s chronic conditions, or virtually any condition that doesn’t offer the profit potential of drugs, surgery, or hospitalization.

The tragedy is that the system is by and large populated with caring, smart, hardworking, and talented people. The problem is not with the people, but the system itself, which is deeply corrupted by the insatiable drive for profits from Big Pharma, the surgical supply companies, and their Wall Street investors.

The influence of these companies shapes the entire system from medical school curriculum on and does not tolerate any deviation from the “standards of care” that are primarily designed to support their economic agenda.

The shattered lives of women are just collateral damage when subjected to “cures” and “treatments” which, instead of being based on a deep study of what supports natural health, depends on complex and expensive drugs and technological procedures.

Since my own uterine prolapse in 1993, the journey from devastation, exploration, committing to finding the solution, the years of research, cracking the code, spreading the word, to the thousands of women around the world whose lives have been and are being transformed by the Whole Woman work has been in turn terrifying and exhilarating.

But it has been a labor of love, and Lanny and I so appreciate the moral and financial support from the thousands of women that have made the Whole Woman work possible.

I have always encouraged women, “Tell your friends, your mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, and acquaintances.” It is time to end the conspiracy of silence that surrounds prolapse to this day, and gives the medical system the stranglehold on public perception that they have all the answers.

How ironic considering that when it comes to pelvic organ support they literally have more misconceptions than answers.

We cannot wait for government to support us. Certainly the medical system has zero incentive to develop simple, low or no cost-effective alternatives to their complex, expensive, and ineffective procedures.

No, the medical system will only change when women see past the fear-mongering, that the uterus is just a cancer time bomb waiting to go off, and that PAP smears, mammograms, and regular gynecology visits are the only things standing between them and the Grim Reaper.

It is only through women talking with women that will steer us way from the gynecologists until the good doctors decide to retire or go into dermatology or some discipline where they can’t do so much damage. Do we need a few gynecologists? Sure, for those very rare conditions when a woman’s life is in danger.

Just as you are the only one who can control prolapse, WE are the only ones that can change the structure and face of medicine. WE are the customers of the medical system, and as much as they like to throw their weight around and control their patients, WE are in control and WE get to make the final decisions about our health.

Will major media support us? No. Not for the foreseeable future.

The reasons are simple. First, major media gets huge advertising revenues from drug companies. It’s difficult to bite the hand that feeds you.

Second, once you step outside the boundaries of the mainstream, to major media you are fringe. A curiosity, perhaps, but only to be disparaged by the pundits with all the conventional credentials.

No. Woman to woman is how this quiet, peaceful, and non-violent revolution is going to be won. I hope you will do your part and spread the word.

Those women who are comfortable with the conventional probably won’t be able hear you. No matter. You do what you can.

I believe we are here on this planet to learn. We are all paying our tuition in various ways. The only thing that matters is that we get the education we have paid for. Education can be a painful awakening, but it ultimately guides us to pay attention to what really matters in this life, love and service.

When we get to the last hour of our lives and look in the rear view mirror of where we have been and how we have lived, these are the milestones that will mark the progression of our lives. Nothing more, nothing less.

Many blessings,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman