October 2018 Whole Woman Newsletter

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How did it get to be October so fast?

It is still too warm for this time of year, but that has been the prediction of climate scientists for years.

The Joy of Menopause Update

It has been warm in a different way at Whole Woman as well, as Lanny and I have been working non-stop to stay ahead of our production schedule for the Joy of Menopause video course. As you a probably aware, the course consists of nine primary videos, released one per month for nine months. In between are four shorter, more practical, hands-on videos released weekly.

The first seven videos have been completed.

The video “drip” feed begins at purchase, although all those who pre-purchased the course got started on the same day.

Part one is all about our microbiology, inside and out, and how to create a microbiome that protects us from pathogens and provides healthy digestion.

The second primary video released last weekend and is all about the bones and how, as one news outlet put it, “How a disease was created to fit the prescription.” If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you will definitely want to study this video carefully.

Osteoporosis is a disease manufactured for the purpose of generating multiple billions of dollars per year in medical bills and drug sales.

It is really horrifying what the medical system is doing to older women. We are in their crosshairs and they are making billions off of those of us who have trusted the system to look out for our best interests all these years.

In the research I have been doing to prepare for these videos, I read the same story over and over. Drug researchers know what works in nature to keep us healthy and strong. But if these natural substances can’t be patented, the companies can’t make any money off of them. So they tinker with the biochemistry to create something unnatural they can sell at outlandish profit, and in the process subject women to all manner of catastrophic risks.

I happened to watch a TV commercial recently (a rare occurrence for me). It was for a rheumatoid arthritis drug. I actually timed this with the stopwatch on my iPhone out of curiosity.

A full 30 seconds of a 60 second commercial was devoted to all the horrible things that can happen to you if you are foolish enough to take this medication. We’re not talking about aches and pains, we’re talking about a profound compromise of the immune system, life-threatening infections, terminal cancer, and on and on, not to mention the additional tests and doctor visits necessary when taking these drugs.

Visually on the screen, happy, smiling people, probably 20 years younger than their target market, are living the good life.

The drug companies have hundreds of millions available for their advertising budgets. That means hiring the best producers, directors, videographers, and actors. It also means hiring the best psychologists and consumer behavior analysts. These are very carefully crafted commercials, which I’m certain have been exhaustively tested for audience response.

What the drug companies have clearly learned is that all these warnings, which they are legally required to provide, have virtually zero impact on the viewer. Perhaps the pleasing visuals simply draw the attention away from what can only be described as dire warnings so the warnings just don’t register.

Or perhaps it is some quirk of human psychology that tells us, “Well all that bad stuff may be possible, but it won’t happen to me.” So we feel we can blithely ignore the warnings.

The bad news is that these horrible consequences do happen. They would not be publishing these disclaimers otherwise. And I see the statistics in the research studies all the time.

What is so absurd is that nature provides us with the remedies we need at little or no cost.

But the wheels of commerce must turn and those responsible for keeping the wheels turning have long since convinced themselves that they are doing good in the world, and turn a blind eye to the millions of broken and poisoned bodies they have left behind, all too many of them older women.

As I have said many times, if you get hit by a bus, the medical system routinely works miracles. But for the chronic conditions that often accompany menopause, the system is worse than useless. It is a dangerous place for women who are not armed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The Joy of Menopause is the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken at Whole Woman. But the need for this information is compelling. The irony is that the true and ugly story of the medical management of aging is found in their own research studies. But virtually no one thinks to look there and catalogue the sordid realities of the big money, big Pharma system.

But you, the Whole Woman who has found this community will be forewarned and thus forearmed against the glib claims of the doctors and drug companies whose interests are in conflict with your own.

If you didn’t join the pre-sale promotion, you can still delve deeply into how to successfully navigate menopause and minimize the possibility of experiencing the litany of menopausal and post-menopausal complaints that are so common.

A nine month course is about the same as a season’s worth of your favorite TV show, basically one video per week. I have spread them out because the amount of information needs time to be assimilated and the smaller, more practical application videos give you time to experiment and learn to create a post-menopausal life that is every bit as full and rich as your reproductive years.

For more information, please visit - https://whole-woman.thinkific.com/courses/joy-of-menopause.

Whole Woman Works! Intensive

There is still time for two smart and motivated women to take advantage of the Whole Woman Works! Intensive this year, but time is running out and the window is closing.

If you are tired of struggling with your prolapse, incontinence, or hip pain on your own and ready to accelerate your progress to a new level, where you are confident that you are in control of your condition and it is no longer in control of you, now is the time to act.

Please visit https://wholewoman.com/wwworks/ for more information or feel free to call Lanny at +1 505-243-4010 and he will provide you with the information you need. Every day you struggle is a day in which your quality of life has been compromised. You deserve better. Get the help you need.

New Whole Woman Practitioners

Many congratulations to our five new Whole Woman Practitioners!

Julie Sheldon in the Orlando Florida area, Monique Sanders here in Albuquerque, Julie Duggan in San Francisco, Anna Hamilton in the Adelaide Australia area, and Ruth Ever in western Massachusetts have all successfully completed their training. They are wonderful, intelligent women, well qualified, and all very excited to bring the Whole Woman work to their communities.

As useful as videos are, there is no substitute for the hands-on guidance of a trained Whole Woman Practitioner! You'll find their contact information at https://wholewoman.com/newpages/practitioners.html

2019 Practitioner Training

The 2019 class is coming together nicely, but there is still room for additional students.

If you are at or near a crossroads in your life, or just finding yourself thinking about your life to date and wondering, “How can I deliver more value to others?”, Whole Woman Practitioner Training may well speak to you.

The fact is that in every community in the world women are experiencing the emotional devastation and isolation that accompanies the discovery of prolapse, the embarrassment of urinary incontinence, or the worrisome onset of chronic hip or knee pain. Most of these women will become fodder for the medical machine only because they didn’t know there was a legitimate alternative.

You can be that alternative.

If you don’t have an existing practice to draw from, you can team up with a local massage therapist, PT, chiropractor, or other healer. Once certified, all you need to do is ask every female patient who comes in, “Have your or any of your family or friends ever experienced pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, or chronic hip or knee pain?” It is very likely 30-40% percent will say, “Yes!” And so the conversation begins.

What we hear over and over from women who find us at wholewoman.com is “Your work just makes so much sense!” And it does. And most of the women you explain the Whole Woman work to will have the same reaction.

Please give becoming a Whole Woman Practitioner serious consideration if it is at any level relevant to your current or envisioned life. Again, feel free to call for more information or visit https://wholewoman.com/newpages/wwpt.html. There is no obligation. Thank you.

On the Home Front

Our baby chickens are all grown up as is our baby kitty.

Our semi-domesticated feral mama cat continues to spend her days patrolling the plaza, while the baby plays and snoozes. We’ve had them both fixed, and as much as I disliked the idea of imposing hysterectomy on them, several conversations with vets and the vision of an endless series of noisy late night sexual encounters with the local tom cats and endless litters of kittens was just not in our future.

Interestingly, mama cat always knows where the baby is and continues to be as protective of her as she was when her kitten was tiny. And in the mean time, they chase each other around and explore the rooftops of the buildings in our plaza. It is a natural jungle gym for kitties.

We have been laying in our food for the winter. We have 12 gallons of mead burbling away, many apples and leeks dehydrated and put up in jars as well as leeks. Four and a half gallons of apple cider vinegar are fermenting in the cupboard. Bags of potatoes and onions from our favorite local farm will feed us well into the winter months, and then the frozen potatoes and dried onions will carry us until next summer.

Even in the city, it is possible to live close to nature. Mostly it just requires walking into your neighborhood supermarket, looking around thoughtfully and carefully, and realizing that there is virtually nothing in the entire building that qualifies as food.

It is a shocking conclusion to come to, how far we have strayed from nature. But the path back still exists for those with the curiosity to discover it and the appreciation that nature is the only and ultimate source of health.

Blessedly, there are still local small farmers, many of them young people, who will be thrilled to be able to provide you with fresh, organic produce lovingly raised by individuals who have chosen to live close to nature and who want to share that bounty with you.

Seek them out.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of the Whole Woman community and please let us know if there is anything we can do within our purview to be of assistance.

With love,
Christine Kent
Whole Woman