January 2018 Whole Woman Newsletter


Goodness, how did it get to be the 15th already?

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season in spite exceptionally cold weather in the NE and midwest US and exceptional heat in the southern hemisphere!

Things have been very busy at Whole Woman, as usual.

The Whole Woman Supporter™

After months of designing and a few crazy days of sewing, the final Whole Woman Supporter™ support garment prototype is done. Our pattern maker is just about ready to send the patterns to our manufacturer. Next step - samples.

We’ll be producing a few samples to provide to a small group of women, mostly locally, to get their feedback and suggestions. Barring major negative comments from our sample recipients, which I think unlikely, we’ll target production to begin in March for delivery in the April/May time frame.

This is not your mother’s support garment. :-)

It is designed for the woman with serious prolapse, but will be helpful for all women with prolapse when they really need to know they have solid support.

She may be just starting the Whole Woman work and needs support until she masters the Whole Woman posture and starts seeing results. Or, she may have intractable prolapse resulting from surgical intervention and needs serious support in order to feel confident, safe, and comfortable as she pursues her daily activities.

More information on the Whole Woman Supporter™ soon!

Liz Koch is Coming to The Whole Woman Center

Once a year at this time, we host a Liz Koch workshop here at the Whole Woman Center.

Her Core Awareness with Liz Koch - 12 Hour Psoas Muscle Workshop will be held here on Saturday, January 27th and Sunday January 28th. Click the link above for more information.

Liz Koch is an international educator, author, and creator of CoreAwareness™ focusing on awareness for developing human potential. With 40 years experience specializing in the psoas muscle, Liz is recognized in the somatic, bodywork, and fitness professions as an authority on the psoas.

Both nationally and internationally published, her works include The Psoas Book, Unraveling Scoliosis CD, Core Awareness; Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Dance, Psoas & Back Pain CD and Mother, Maiden, Crone: Our Pleasure Playlist.

Liz Koch is approved by the USA National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), as a continuing education provider.

So if you are a Liz Koch follower, a massage therapist or body worker and want to expand your professional horizons (and need some continuing education hours for your licensure), or need a reason to come to Albuquerque, now is your chance. Click the link above for information on the Workshop and how to register online.

The Dismal State of “Modern” Medicine

I ran across an interesting article recently that is worth sharing - Why American doctors keep doing expensive procedures that don’t work. I hope you will read it.

The economics of the medical system virtually guarantees that expensive and dangerous procedures will continue to be done long after their ineffectiveness has been demonstrated.

But there is more to it.

Medicine likes to tout itself as based on science. But even science has a huge blind spot.

Like all human systems, power, influence, prestige, and money drives science.

Scientific thought goes through predictable phases. A theory gets formulated, data is gathered that supports the theory, and that theory becomes the de facto reality or paradigm. It gets analyzed and explored ad infinitum, careers get built on developing deep expertise in the prevailing paradigm.

But there is a problem.

As more and more detailed data are generated, sooner or later anomalous data will start to show up that raise questions about the validity of the prevailing paradigm. At first, this data will be written off as experimental error. As more and more data surfaces, often through ongoing technological refinement of measurement capability, some brave researchers will start questioning the status quo.

This questioning will typically produce a contentious and often vicious exchange between those whose entire body of work and career has been based on what is starting to look like a questionable foundation, and those upstarts who are using new data to question the reigning paradigm.

As Thomas Kuhn, author of the landmark book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions points out, in every generation of scientists there will be those who will go to their graves firmly espousing a theory that has been thoroughly disproven.

In time, the revolutionaries become leaders of the new status quo and in their turn will be challenged by the next generation of researchers.

We are seeing this phenomenon right now in evolutionary theory. Examples have been showing up for years indicating intelligent and complex human habitation long before the human evolutionary timeline to which Darwinian evolutionary theorists are committed. Darwinians are very quick to brand anyone who questions their paradigm as a crackpot.

This very human process of formulating and challenging paradigms is somewhat different in medicine.

What makes the process different is that medicine is not science. It is a practice, which is to say that it’s a business.

And yes, there is a great deal of scientific research behind the practice of medicine, but that science is at best influenced and at worst corrupted by the sponsors and beneficiaries of that research. Even when medical research is funded by government, there is an army of lobbyists hovering over the research proposals that are awarded funding to be sure they support the agendas of the big drug and surgical supply corporations.

True science takes a back seat to economics when it comes to medical research.

Additionally, while science has its systems and processes for accreditation and validation of research, scientists do not have a fraction of the sanctions granted to doctors by society to make life and death decisions on our behalf. As a result, medical practitioners are far more immune to the kinds of challenges that would be the norm in the scientific community.

This reality comes very close to home when one of their own, J.W. Davies, MD wrote the article I found when researching a solution to my own prolapse in which he calls out very specifically the anatomic error of the pelvis as a basin paradigm that has existed for five hundred years. This paradigm has given rise the the myth of the “pelvic floor” and all the surgical horrors associated with it.

If medicine were truly a science based system, others would have jumped on Davies’ bandwagon and further research would have been forthcoming that validated his conclusion.

But after his article was published, the silence in the medical community was deafening. He was completely ignored.

Now that gynecology has become a global multi-billion dollar industry, there is no stomach at all for revisiting the inaccurate anatomic foundation on which it is built. There is just way too much money, power, and prestige involved.

The Whole Woman strategy for dealing with gynecology is best summed up in a favorite poster popular during the Viet Nam era - “Suppose they gave a war and no one came?”

When women quit going to gynecologists, the doctors will have to go into dermatology or hopefully somewhere they can’t do so much damage to women.

As women, therefore, we must look to our own collective experience, knowledge, and wisdom to master the art of self-care.

To the medical system, the concept of self-care is an anathema. Bad for business! Dangerous! Scientifically unsound!

As opposed to what? Notoriously unreliavel A&P surgical repair, mesh, and other surgical horror stories with no basis in evidence?

The fundamental paradigm shift we women must make is not just understanding that our pelvis is a ring on its edge with the opening at the back. The most difficult shift is learning to listen to our bodies.

For generations, women have been trained and taught by the imperatives of our culture to ignore what our bodies tell us and listen to the dictates of the male dominated medical, pharmaceutical, exercise, and fashion industries.

As a result, we have an epidemic of preventable prolapse, incontinence, hip pain, ruined feet, “core” obsession, and fashion that sets cultural standards of beauty and attractiveness, which only a very small fraction of women can possible attain.

The true revolution of Whole Woman is the realization that prolapse, incontinence, and chronic hip pain are only symptoms.

What is a symptom?

It is your body’s way of talking to you.

But because we are not taught to listen to our body, when we hurt or are struggling physically or emotionally, we are told to trust our doctors or take our “little yellow pill” as the Rolling Stones warned us about so many years ago. As a result, we have no dictionary with which to understand what our bodies are trying to tell us, and therefore, what response is appropriate.

What I was able to accomplish with Whole Woman was to crack the code on what our bodies were trying to tell us about our pelvic realities so we could learn how to respond. When we respond appropriately to the body’s signals, the symptoms fade away.

Then you begin to truly realize that your prolapse is not a disease to be cut, poisoned, or burned out of your body. It is your best friend that will remind you when you are getting careless with your postural and exercise work.

In the same way we are taught to passively bow to the gods in white coats, we are taught that pain is the enemy to be vanquished with drugs.

Pain has only one function - it is a pointer. It is our body’s way of drawing our attention to an area where something is wrong. Once we really understand that, it becomes possible to break out of the cultural imperatives that have no basis in nature.

Feet hurt? Give away or better yet, throw away your high heels. Wear shoes that give your feet room to expand into their natural conformation. Your body with its natural needs is the baseline of right living. Not the dictates of culture.

We get calls and emails all the time from women who want direction on exercise, lifestyle, or diet. Our answer is always the same. “Run experiments and listen to your body. It will teach you what you need to know.”

We are children of the natural world. No matter how humanity in both its creativity and arrogance tries to deform the foundations of life, nature is the ultimate architect. Our bodies will guide us to a healthy, natural life if we just run experiments, listen carefully, and respond thoughtfully and compassionately to what our bodies tell us unfiltered by social expectations and cultural norms.

Best wishes,
Christine Kent
Whole Woman