July 2017 Newsletter

The Whole Woman Work

The Whole Woman Work is both simple and complex.

The anatomy is pretty straight forward…The pelvis is not a basin with the opening at the bottom, it’s a ring on its edge with the opening at the back.

So much for the myth of the “pelvic floor”.

When you lose your lumbar curve, your bladder and uterus are pulled away from the front abdominal wall, which destabilizes your entire pelvic organ support system, your urinary continence system, and your hip joints.

Whole Woman posture restores pelvic alignment, lumbar curvature, pins your organs where they belong, and stabilizes your hip joints.


Complex: retraining your body into a configuration different from what you learned years, probably even decades ago!

And yet, changing our posture is essential for successfully managing prolapse.

When I discovered this fact after years of research and experimentation, and used that insight to bring my own serious uterine prolapse under control, I knew I had cracked the code on prolapse. Little did I know that it would revolutionize controlling urinary incontinence and chronic hip pain.

We often hear from women who have found or been told about us, that they want to know about our exercise programs.

Of course, the exercises I’ve developed are important for strengthening the body and repositioning the organs. But the exercises don’t buy you much if you are not in Whole Woman posture.

In many ways, exercise programs are easy. You set aside some time, you do your workout, maybe take a shower, then get on with your life. Exercise programs may be physically, even mentally demanding, but they are of relatively short duration.

The posture, on the other hand, begins when you first arise from your bed, and lasts until you lie back down for sleep.

During those two points in time, we all have busy lives. Domestic responsibilities never end, we have jobs to do and businesses to run, relationships to maintain, parenting or grand parenting, and the list goes on and on.

What is difficult about the posture is that as soon as your attention is captured by what you’re doing at any moment, your attention is no longer on your posture and your old body habits immediately kick back in.

Then, after some period of time, you remember, “I’m not in Whole Woman posture!” And you pull back up, at least until the next lapse.

What has happened during those lapses?

With every breath you take, your body has been trying to push your organs down and back, out of your body.

When you are in Whole Woman posture, every breath you take pushes your organs toward your lower belly and pins them in place.

I can’t emphasize enough how important the posture is.

Let me share with you one trick I have learned over the years.

Amazingly, we can divide our attention.

We can be actively engaged in what we are doing, and at the same time watch ourselves doing what we are doing. It is a quirk of the human brain that allows us to do this. Try it. Dividing your attention is a useful exercise.

And it is a useful way of remembering to remember to stay pulled up into Whole Woman posture.

In time, Whole Woman posture becomes your default way of standing, sitting, walking, running, lifting and carrying.

Does the Whole Woman work mean that we can never slouch on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch a movie?

Of course not.

But realize you may pay for it in the morning.

Remember, the Whole Woman work is not about “curing” your prolapse, it is about regaining control of your body and your life.

If you are having a difficult day, use what you have learned about firebreathing, nauli and belly tosses to get your organs back where they belong, then use the posture to get them to stay put.

When you get to the point where you have really learned what helps your body manage prolapse and what makes prolapse worse, and adjust your life ways accordingly, prolapse loses its emotional grip and becomes a relative non-event in your life.

As we discussed in last month’s newsletter, self-care is about running experiments and paying attention. Even when you are doing mundane things like standing at the sink washing dishes, pushing a vacuum, or a shopping cart, pay attention, and try different ways of standing, or pushing and pay attention to how your body responds. You will eventually find that Whole Woman posture is our natural, effortless human alignment.

Be clear that prolapse, urinary incontinence, and chronic hip pain are your body’s way of telling you that you need to change.

I see women from time to time who really want their prolapse or other condition to go away, but when it comes time to actually change their life ways to alter how they have always moved through their lives, they become reluctant to integrate change. Then they wonder why Whole Woman isn’t working for them.

I am just finishing up a new video course, Save Your Hips, which includes the latest research on hip health and some unique contributions of my own. But through the research and creation of this course, it has become even more clear how important the posture is.

As I have been saying from the beginning of Whole Woman,

“Change the posture, change the prolapse.”

The 6th Annual Whole Woman Conference

Now only a little over five weeks away, our annual conference is right around the corner.

If getting updated with the latest research on pelvic health and practical, real-world help from myself and the Whole Woman Practitioners I have trained and certified would be important for you, then you really need to be at this conference.

Yes, it takes time away from home and family. Yes, coming to the conference costs money for registration, travel, lodging, and meals. Those items are on the cost side of the equation.

On the benefit side, you are sharing the experience with other women who have made the commitment to help themselves. The energy and focus are palpable. Your intent is to create a quality of life for yourself until the end of your days, of comfort, confidence, and knowing you are in control.

What would that be worth to you?

I only hold one conference per year and space is limited. Take the plunge. Invest a few dollars in yourself for your own quality of life for the years to come.

And...I've decided to hold off the US$100 conference price increase that was supposed to go into effect July 1st until the end of July. And there are significant discounts if you bring friends or family members with you to share the experience! Here's the link for more information...

Supporting Whole Woman

The biggest challenge we face at Whole Woman is that relative to the population as a whole, so few women even know Whole Woman exists and that we offer legitimate, effective, and non-surgical alternatives for pelvic health problems.

So, in the spirit of organizational “self-care”, we thought, “Let’s run an experiment.”

Most of you frequent shops, stores, or restaurants near where you live and/or work. If we provided a file of a flyer for Whole Woman, would you be willing to print out a few and put them up on bulletin boards or in the windows of markets, coffee shops, or stores in your neighborhood?

So we have created a one page flyer about the Whole Woman Conference. If you would be willing to print out a few and ask your appropriate local shop keepers if you could post one in their window or put it up on their bulletin board, if they have such a thing, some woman might find us who never would have thought to look for us on Google or Facebook. We might send out a new one each month with the newsletter if there is interest.

If you would be willing to help us with this experiment, we’d be most appreciative. The best thing we can do for the people who provide a valuable service is help find others who might benefit from that service as well.

If this is something you are interested in doing, please click this link and we’ll send you the flyer in .pdf format for you to print. I’m asking for your name and email so we can keep track of who has expressed interest in this program. Your help would be most appreciated.

Click here to download the flyer… Thank you!

The Whole Woman 4th of July Sale

Just a quick reminder that we have a 30% off sale going on right now.

The only exceptions are the Whole Woman Conference and the Whole Woman Works! intensive. Everything else in the Whole Woman library of videos, books, consultations is 30% off until midnight on the 7th of July.

Lanny informs me that the coupon code Big4thSale had been set up but not activated on the Whole Woman Store. So if you found you couldn’t get the discount, that’s why. Our apologies. Lanny corrected the problem as soon as a customer called our attention to it. But I’m going to extend the sale one more day from what was originally Thursday, July 6th until midnight, Friday, July 7th (MDT, GMT -6) as a compensation and apology.

So now is your chance to take advantage of a big discount and add to your library or schedule that consultation you’ve been wanting.

Thanks for your patience with our little hiccups. And feel free to reach out to Lanny if you have any difficulties ordering. You can reach him at support@wholewoman.com or by phone at +1 505 243-4010.

Best wishes,

Christine Kent,
Whole Woman

PS. Be sure to take advantage of this big summer sale. I don't offer this big a discount very often! It applies to videos, books, DVDs, and consultations too. Christine.