May, 2017 Whole Woman Newsletter

Whole Woman News

Lots going on at Whole Woman!

There are a lot of moving parts necessary to keep Whole Woman going. We are in the process of migrating our streaming videos to the Thinkific platform. Do take a look if you haven’t yet.

Moving the videos, while tedious, is the easy part. Once we have moved all the videos, then we have to move all the accounts of our customers over to the new platform. This is much more complex, but we’re hoping to have that accomplished within a few months. Of course we’ll be notifying all our customers when their accounts are going to be moved.

Lanny is working on a new store for Whole Woman, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ve never been very happy with our current online store/shopping cart system, but it’s expensive and time consuming to migrate from one shopping cart to another.

Additionally, we are changing our systems for delivering articles like Why Kegels Don’t Work. Lanny has developed a new page to introduce women who are new to Whole Woman to the site. Have a look at the Introduction to Whole Woman page. We’d love to hear your feedback.

We are also migrating to a new email management system, so if you have been getting duplicate emails from us, please be patient. We’ll get that resolved in time.

And just because Lanny has nothing else to do, he hopes to have completely redesigned by year-end!

About every other day I take off to the Medical School library to continue to work on a new course I am building around chronic hip pain, to expand on my book and companion video Save Your Hips.

There is a great deal of research being done on hip joint related issues, but most of it is heartbreaking. Dislocating a hip joint is a horribly violent process and does permanent damage to the joint. Yet this is being done routinely on teen and even pre-teen athletes in order to shave down the bones of the hip joints as a way of dealing with the hip pain they suffer.

The rationale for all this is absurdly tenuous, but orthopedics is now one of the wealthiest and most powerful medical disciplines in the world.

It is chilling, from my point of view, that orthopedics and radiology would betray the trust of parents and children by diagnosing and performing millions of highly invasive surgeries for conditions the literature clearly suggests may not even exist.

As harrowing as the current state of orthopedic practice is, I’m very excited about this new course for chronic hip pain, and will be writing more about it as we get closer to completion.

I’m also working very hard on an exciting new project I can’t really talk about quite yet, but that I believe will revolutionize the Whole Woman work for millions of women. Stay tuned!

Whole Woman Works!

I know from both consultations and the calls and emails we receive from women around the world that internalizing and really living the Whole Woman work is hard for many women.

Mastering the Whole Woman work takes time and effort. We all have our unique gifts, and not everyone has a talent for understanding the complexities of female anatomy and how to apply that to their daily lives.

But that is my unique gift and as you know, I have spent almost fifteen years translating my knowledge and experience into books and videos to help women, like myself, whose lives have been challenged by prolapse, incontinence, and chronic hip pain.

What I have found is that sometimes it takes an intensive immersion into the Whole Woman work for the concepts, postural skills, and techniques to fully come together and produce the transformation in women of which this work is so capable.

This is why I developed the Whole Woman Works! intensive program.

In three full days, one-on-one, we cover the anatomic principles, the posture, the exercises, and the specific skills a woman needs to fully transform her pelvic health. We shoot a video of her gait and posture, provide a detailed assessment, and design a customized exercise plan that will serve her for years to come.

It is the “fast track” to pelvic health.

I realize this program isn’t for everyone. But if you find yourself continuing to struggle with prolapse after some years, the Whole Woman Works! program may well be what you need to finally establish the quality of life you want and deserve.

Because of the time commitment on my part for Whole Woman Works!, I have only a very limited number of openings still available for clients in 2017.

If getting serious help with your condition sounds right to you, please download the Whole Woman Works! brochure by clicking the link, or apply for the program by filling out the online application. If you have questions or would like to discuss scheduling options, please write or call Lanny at or +1 505-243-4010. Thanks.

Whole Woman Editorial

At Whole Woman, our strong beliefs are the foundation of the Whole Woman work. Examples are the importance of self-care and the dangers of the modern medical system when applied to chronic conditions.

This month, I am going to start adding an editorial to each newsletter. I have written many newsletters that have contained what could be considered editorials, but have never formally defined my thoughts or writings this way.

However, we live in tumultuous, dangerous, and highly polarized times. This is not a time to hide in the shadows. It is time to step up and stand by our beliefs. What appears to be so desperately difficult these days is engaging in dialogue, communicating with the intent to enlighten, engage, actually learn from the other person. I hope we can do better.

Even though as a medium this newsletter is a “one-to-many” vehicle for communication, our Whole Woman Forum is not, so I encourage anyone with a response to one of my editorials to use the forum as a place to respond. I’m setting up a forum for just that purpose. All I ask is that all conversations be respectful, even if we agree to disagree. Thanks. I look forward to your involvement and feedback.

Science and Faith

Never in my lifetime has science come under the level of apparent disrepute we are seeing today.

Quite the contrary.

All my life, science has been looked at with reverence and as the source of enlightened knowledge about how the world actually works.

Historically, the birth of modern science is called the Enlightenment, the period beginning in the 18th century that marked the first systematic study of the world around us without recourse to superstition or religious dogma. God was still seen as the ultimate shaper of creation, but God began to be moved out of the realm of day to day experience as science began to provide measurable information about every dimension of daily existence, be it human, biological, geological or astronomical.

Is science perfect? Of course not. To paraphrase Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, in every generation of scientists, there are those who will go to their graves firmly espousing a paradigm (a term Kuhn coined) which has been thoroughly disproven.

Scientific knowledge tends to move in fits and starts. A theoretical breakthrough occurs. The new paradigm undergoes extensive and increasingly refined study to validate or disprove the new theory. This is the more linear and incremental time in a scientific discipline.

Typically through increasingly refined measurement capabilities, the flaws in the initial breakthrough are revealed until a new breakthrough theory emerges that addresses the failings of the former paradigm.

This is the march of science.

Many seem to think science is about truth. Not so. Science is a somewhat messy and complex process by which human beings work to forge a consensus about what the majority believe to be true. Any scientist will tell you that science tells us nothing about “ultimate reality”.

Science has brought us much that is good and desirable in this life.

However, scientists are human and therefore subject to corruption. As a result, we have genetic scientists on the payroll of big agricultural corporations actively creating modified organisms, which do not and cannot exist in the natural world, and turning them loose in the biosphere with absolutely no idea what the long term implications of this kind of tinkering with the gene pool may have. This is just one of many possible examples of the corruption of science for profit.

But now to a significant extent due to the science that has made life more livable for the human species, we find ourselves with both a population and behavioral patterns that are not sustainable on this small but extraordinary planet.

Science is making it very clear that humanity and countless other species are hovering on the brink of destruction due to climate change.

When 97% of climate scientists agree on human contribution to climate change, it is time to sit up and listen.

What I find most astonishing is that those who deny climate change, or the human contribution thereto, use the products of science every day without ever questioning its validity.

They put their lives in the hands of the aeronautical engineers who used science to design the airplanes that fly them around the country. They entrust the lives of their families to automotive engineers who used science to design the cars in which they drive, and the highway engineers that design the roads and bridges. They use computers without giving a second thought to the enormous amount of science, which has resulted in incredible processing and data storage power in the hands of a huge portion of humanity.

You can’t really have it both ways. You either trust science or you don’t. Cherry picking the science you choose to believe is just hypocrisy.

Assessing the validity of science is actually relatively easy. Follow the money. Who has a financial vested interest in espousing a particular position, which they are justifying with science.

If science has a major blind spot, which it does, it is in reductionism, the propensity to pick things apart and study the constituent components. What science has not been as good at, although increasingly attention is being paid to this, is the interconnectedness of all things.

If a scientist removes the heart from a living animal to study its workings, the animal dies. This is the problem with reductionism. Reductionism is powerful and useful as far as it goes, but “Wholism”, for lack of a better word, is also essential. Increasingly biologists and climate scientists are looking at the complex interactions of hugely complex systems in order to appreciate the dynamics of the interactions of the component agents, and how this interaction shapes our world.

By contrast, faith is a wonderful thing. Everyone has things they believe in. And if we are to survive life’s “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”, to borrow a line from Shakespeare, we have to believe that there is some overarching or underlying purpose to this mystery we call life. Even nihilism and atheism are held in faith.

So faith is a fact of all our lives.

Where I believe we go astray as human beings is we lose sight of the fact that just because we believe something, doesn’t make it true.

The issue is whether our minds are open or closed. Open systems breathe, adapt, grow and evolve. Science shows us this. Closed systems stagnate and deteriorate. This process is also well known to science.

Those who would have us close our minds generally have an agenda. Whether it’s about power, control, money, influence, personal aggrandizement, doesn’t really matter. What matters is whenever we are asked to close our minds, all our alarms should be going off.

Our faith can grow, evolve, shift, and change without becoming weak or ineffective in helping us make sense of our lives.

What makes us unique as human beings is our capacity to adapt - to build on the foundations of our schooling, experience, and culture. Discarding that which is no longer useful (e.g. the man or woman in the white coat has all the answers, we should just trust and do whatever they say), and opening ourselves to new ideas, perspectives and points of view, which may expand our awareness, appreciation, and compassion for others.

Science and faith can be thought of as two sides of the same coin. Science strives to uncover and understand that which is knowable and measurable. Faith provides us with a way of organizing that which is unknown, unknowable and not measurable in any conventional sense.

As a scientist, a person of faith, or just an ordinary human being trying to make their way with sanity and dignity through this astonishing and sometimes crazy life, being open to new information, new ideas, new ways of defining reality is what makes life work. Being open doesn’t mean being naive or uncritical. Quite the contrary. Being closed demonstrably gives rise to conflict, violence, and institutionalized ignorance, which humanity can no longer afford.

At Whole Woman, I strive to pull from the literature of science, that essential information (often buried between the lines), which can help women help themselves. Benefitting from this work requires a willingness to be open to new ideas, even if they conflict with everything we have been raised to believe about medicine and health. I invite scrutiny and critical assessment of the Whole Woman work. When we work together and are open together, physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health is what we discover.

Best wishes

Christine Kent
Whole Woman