March 2017 Newsletter

I hope this early Spring newsletter finds you well! After an unusually brief and mild winter, our fruit trees are all in bloom and the days are sunny and warm.

Construction Sale

Due to a major upgrade of the Albuquerque mass transit system, the entire street in front of the Whole Woman Center has been torn up for the past several weeks. Here's what it looks like at the moment.

So, since all traffic to and from the Whole Woman Center has virtually stopped, we thought, "Why not have a construction sale?"

So until midnight Tuesday March 14th, take 20% off everything in the store. Just use the coupon code ConstructionSale at checkout.


As you may be aware, we are slowly migrating our streaming video customers to our new streaming video platform, Thinkific.

I know, those cutesy tech names are annoying, but we've been happy with the platform so far. We're hoping to have all the streaming videos on Thinkific in a month or two. You'll doubtless be hearing more about it from Lanny.

If you haven't yet looked at it, check out our page at

International Women's Day

It is exciting to see the buzz around women making themselves heard around the world. We women bring so much value to the world and can bring so much more! And with Spring just around the corner, it is a good time to think and talk about our Mother Nature.

The traditional female gender of Nature is not an accident.

Nature is irrepressible. In spite of our best efforts to tame and or destroy her, we live at her whim. She does not live at ours.

When the Apollo astronauts sent back the first pictures of earth, a blue-green jewel hanging in the blackness of space, we had our first glimpse of how small and self-contained our planet really is.

Even though the pictures did not give rise to the environmental movement, Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring did that, they gave the movement new awareness and impetus.

And rightly so.

The challenge humanity faces now is unlike anything we have experienced before. Credible environmental scientists are very concerned that if we lose the polar ice caps, the subsequent rise in global temperature may destroy agriculture and ultimately humanity.

And they are not talking about 50 or 100 years from now. They are talking about the next few years.

The problem as I see it is that we, particularly in the West, either ignore nature, complain about Nature (heat, cold, hay fever, bugs, etc), or seek to exploit Nature. Nature's bounties are treated merely as resources to be stripped from the earth for our own uses. The consequences of clear cutting timber for example, with the subsequent erosion and fouling of streams and rivers, loss of habitat, have all been deemed acceptable to produce the most timber at the lowest possible cost.

But the cost to the planet is never quantified in the equation.

The natural world is unthinkably complex. It is our home, the cradle from which we sprang. Nature has always absorbed everything we have thrown at her. And yes, we have had to learn to moderate our excesses as we choked on smog and poisoned our waterways.

Consider a seed. These are a few kernels of sacred blue corn. If you put just one of these kernels in the ground, do a nominal amount of work to give it the nutrients it needs, add some water from time to time and let the sun work its magic, the corn will grow and deliver thousands of kernels in return.

That's a return on investment that would make a Wall Street magnate blush with embarrassment.

Such is the power of Nature.

And the issue is not destroying the planet. Even if humanity wipes out all living things except maybe scorpions and cockroaches, in 100 million years or so, it will all be back. But there will be no humans to hear the birds sing and admire the stars in the night sky.

It is the rare female, animal or human, who is so unconscious of her surroundings that she will allow her nest to become fouled and harmful to her young.

We live in a challenging time and it is women who can bring awareness of the damage we are doing to Nature. And it starts at home.

I hope you will think on these matters, educate yourself (search "climate change" on YouTube) if you are not already aware of what is happening in the "war with Nature", and take action, whatever action you are moved to undertake.

I thank you and my children and grandchildren thank you too.

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Founder, Whole Woman