November 2017 Whole Woman Newsletter

Updates from the Whole Woman World...

The Whole Woman Posture Belt

As you know from the emails you have been getting, the big news this month is the Whole Woman Posture Belt. I have been working on this for months and we are ready to place our first production order. We’re offering free shipping for pre-ordering and the response has been overwhelming.

I put mine on two or three times a day when I’m going on a walk with Lanny, washing dishes at night, or working outside. As I will be writing more soon about the lumbosacral spine is a common source of energy loss, which is greatly alleviated by the revolutionary posture belt.

I had a number of samples made and the belt has been professionally sized by our pattern maker, a talented seamstress from New York who came home to Albuquerque after a long stint in the fashion industry.

She recommended a local production house she has worked with extensively. We wanted to have this locally made so we could build a face-to-face relationship with the management and keep the business in-country and specifically in-state.

I was very pleased with the quality of the samples and the feedback I received from the women I made the samples for has supported my own experience with the belt. It’s great!

I do hope you’ll have a look. There is a short video explaining the background of the belt, and another short video on how to measure your size accurately. The free shipping pre-order runs only until Sunday night, November 5th.

Here’s the link. If you have any questions, give Lanny a call and he’ll help you out.

Shopping Cart Technical Issues

We have heard from a number of you that when you try to log into your account on the Whole Woman store, you either don’t remember your password or your password isn’t working and you’re not getting a confirmation email after ordering.

We are working with the shopping cart technical support people to resolve these issues. In the meantime, if you want to order something from the Whole Woman store (, you can always just check out as a guest. You can also always call Lanny and he’ll be happy to take your order over the phone (505-243-4010) if you’re having difficulties.

Whole Woman Practitioner Training

It’s that time of year again...If you have been contemplating enriching your knowledge and experience with the Whole Woman work, even if you don’t intend to practice now is the time to register for Practitioner training.

If you have an existing practice of some kind, massage therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, midwifery, chiropractic, or even medicine (if you’re prepared to fly in the face of conventional “standards of care”), Practitioner training is another way to make a difference in the lives of women.

If you were to ask every woman who comes to your office, “Do you or someone you know struggle with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, or chronic hip pain?” the odds are good that somewhere between 20-40% will say, “OMG yes!” Instant client opportunity for a remedial program and new revenue.

This year I have eliminated the requirement to come to Albuquerque for your practicum and final assessment, so the out of pocket cost of the program is significantly lower, and I have made some additional design improvements. If you’d like to come do a two day one-on-one, in-person practicum and final assessment with me, that option is available for training participants at a reasonable additional cost.

For more information on Whole Woman Practitioner Training, please visit for more information, and the link to the online application. We’ll be notified when your application is complete and Lanny will get in touch with you promptly to schedule an interview with me.

Even if you’re not 100% sure you want to join, do get your application in anyway and let’s talk. Chances are good you’ll learn more about the program that you didn’t know or realize before our conversation and that may help with your decision.

And a 7 month payment plan is available.

Chicken Tragedies

A raccoon got into our aviary recently and killed our three youngest chickens. Just heartbreaking. We had raised them from literally one day old. Fortunately, our two older chickens were spared, but they were both totally traumatized by the event, and one of the aunties as we call them died a few days later.

So we are down to one depressed, lonely chicken. Our source for chickens made it clear that chickens need company and you should never have just one. But going into winter is not the best time to buy chicks we would have to keep in the house for months until they were old and large enough that they wouldn’t be able to escape from the aviary.

The good news is that a feral kitten has taken up residence in our little plaza. In the evenings when we are all closed up, I let Lulu, our remaining chicken, out to run around and scratch. She and the kitten have become fast friends, playing together. Many times I have seen the kitty go into her crouching down attack mode then charge after Lulu only to see a few seconds later the kitty flying in the opposite direction with Lulu hot on her tail.

So Lulu is getting by. In the spring we’ll repopulate the chicken coop. We miss our feathered friends!

Every season of life brings its joys. Lanny and I hike along the Rio Grande a few times a week and the cottonwoods are in full flaming golden as they prepare to shed their leaves for winter. Even the fallen leaves provide the leaf mold to nourish the plants around them. Nothing is wasted in Nature.

Winter is slowly coming. A time for all things to draw inward, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And the beauty of winter is that with it comes the promise of spring and new life.

Winter blessings to you and your family.

Best wishes,
Christine Kent
Whole Woman