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December 2016 Whole Woman Newsletter

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New Newsletter Format

There is an acronym that has become popular in recent years. TL;DR. It stands for “too long, didn’t read.” This seems to be a sign of the fast-paced times in which we live. While many of our Whole Woman newsletter readers tell us that they love our newsletter, some others have complained that it’s too long. As a result, you will find a link after the first paragraph or two of each section of the newsletter that says "more…"

This way, you can glance at each section quickly and if you want to read the whole section, just click on the "more…" link and you’ll be transported to the newsletter on a web page with the full text version of the newsletter. You'll see links at the top, which when clicked, will take you directly to the relevant section. Let us know what you think of the arrangement.

Whole Woman Yoga® and Other Whole Woman Videos

We have a special running now through midnight, December 18, 2016 (MST GMT -7) on the Whole Woman Yoga® series of videos for over 30% off for the set.

We're moving them over to our new streaming platform, so if you have been thinking about Whole Woman Yoga® or would like to enrich your exercise routine with some new material that will help with your prolapse, incontinence, or hip pain issues, now is your chance to save. More information is available by clicking the links below.

For streaming versions, click this link.

For DVD versions, please click this link.

We are continuing to gradually migrate Whole Woman streaming videos from our Customerhub platform to Thinkific. Thinkific is designed specifically for online courses and allows for the creation of quizzes and other course related features that we will be able to more fully utilize in the future to help foster learning and retention by viewers of Whole Woman videos like yourself.

We will continue to provide most videos on DVD format, because there are still some in the world who do not have cheap or reliable internet. In many cases, women tell us that they don't have adequate room in their homes for doing exercises along with the videos where their computers are, but do in their TV rooms.

Most newer TVs are web-enabled, so Whole Woman videos can be watched directly on TV. Alternatives like Apple TV and Roku allow you to web enable a TV or stream from your computer directly to your television set.

Streaming video is higher quality, provides immediate access, isn't subject to scratches and damage like a DVD, and has no shipping costs, delays, or import duties. The days of DVD technology are definitely numbered, but we will provide them as long as they are available and there is a demand.

Whole Woman Practitioner Training

Remember, the 2017 Practitioner Training class is now forming up. Do get your application in, even if you are not 100% certain you want to join the class. There is no obligation and we get to have an interview! Please visit the WW Practitioner Training for more information. Click here to download the information and application package.


A few years ago, Whole Woman Practitioner Shirine Young introduced me to an important product called CorrectToes®, which are soft, silicone rubber toe separators. Sadly, the pressures of fashion have forced women to wear shoes that are virtually always too narrow. The result is, over time, swollen, painful bunions form, usually on the large toe.

The feet are the foundation of our posture, and as you are well aware, proper posture is the foundation of pelvic health.

CorrectToes® properly align the toes the way nature intended, and help prevent and cure a wide range of common foot ailments. I've written an article on the importance of feet in the Whole Woman posture. You can download it by clicking on this link.

You can wear CorrectToes® under your socks or slippers when around the house. You may find that you no longer want to wear your Louboutin high heels! Indeed, I have found it increasingly difficult to find shoes that allow the natural width of my feet free expression. In some cases I have found that other than my beloved Birkenstocks for summer and Uggs in winter, men's clogs provide a more comfortable fit.

I practically never recommend specific products, but I think CorrectToes® are a great product, and were designed and are produced by podiatrist, Dr. Ray McClanahan. You can learn more at his website, If you are experiencing pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, or chronic hip pain, you really should try CorrectToes®.

We have made an arrangement with the CorrectToes® people for Whole Woman subscribers to receive free shipping. When you check out of their store, just enter womenshealthfreeship in the promotion code box.

First Frost and Health

We finally got our first frost in early December. According to the National Weather Service, our average first frost is October 30th. The latest on record was November 22nd in 2007. This warming trend is of great concern for the entire planet, as the consequences of climate change are dire.

How can we enjoy healthy bodies on a planet that has become desperately unhealthy?

I must say, I do find it puzzling that those who don’t believe the science behind climate change are comfortable with the science that has gone into their automobiles, on which they depend to protect themselves and their families. The science behind airplane design is trusted by air travelers every day. The computers we use have an enormous amount of science behind them. No one questions that.

Those who question climate change often suggest that it is a conspiracy among scientists for their own gain.

There is an old saying, “Follow the money.” Who benefits most from ignoring the realities of carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere? There is no ambiguity about that: coal, oil, and natural gas companies. Recent revelations indicate they have known for more than 50 years that they were impacting the climate, and still have waged a systematic disinformation campaign to protect their interests.

Should we be suspicious that the vast majority of scientists are secretly in league with say the bicycle industry, to make huge profits off of people abandoning their cars for lower impact forms of transportation?


There is another old saying, “Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.”

The worst case scenario of cost of ignoring climate change is the end of humanity and all other species, except some lizards, snakes and scorpions that can tolerate desert heat. There are a sizable number of scientists who believe we have already passed this tipping point.

Florida brought the Dutch engineers over to study how to keep the state from becoming submerged with rising sea levels, something the Dutch understand better than anyone. The result of their assessment was that most of the state is doomed. The Dutch engineers packed up and flew home. Florida sits on a base of limestone, which is like a giant sponge. There is no way to keep the water out.

How about New York, Washington DC, the US Gulf Coast? How about London or Bangladesh, where over half the country is expected to be under water. Where will the millions who currently live on that land go? Some of the small Pacific island nations are already disappearing as sea levels rise.

What about those in Europe or India who depend on the snow pack of the Alps and Himalayas for their water?

When southern Florida is submerged and people paddle away from their homes and commercial properties, will they just send a text message to the bankers who hold the mortgages secured by their now submerged real estate, “Hey, the place is all yours. Good luck with it”? How will the banking and insurance industries absorb the trillions of dollars of losses rising sea levels will incur?

Where will the people displaced from their homes and businesses go? If rising temperature makes it impossible for us to grow our food, how will we feed ourselves?

I suggest the real reason people deny climate change is that they just can’t wrap their brains around these implications.

It is quite astonishing that the leaders of the fossil fuel industries would rather destroy the lives of billions of humans and drive untold species to extinction than come to terms with the reality that the era of fossil fuels is over.

What’s to be done?

All we can do is get educated, minimize our own carbon footprint, and vote for those who are honest, have listened to the scientists, and realized that we have to change our ways if we are going to survive as a species.

  • Buy food in bulk. Disposable packaging that winds up in the landfill consumes huge amounts of energy. Weekly food shopping keeps fleets of trucks on the road burning diesel and cars shuttling to and from shopping centers.
  • Use as little plastic as possible. Reuse and recycle is important, but sooner or later, all plastic will wind up in landfills or the ocean. Think of the plastic garbage patch now in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas, which is doing untold harm to sea creatures in the air and in the water.
  • Consider selling your house and moving closer to your city or town center so you can do without an automobile. Many cities are upgrading their mass transit systems and catering to those who want to walk, bike, or bus to work. Urban sprawl is no longer sustainable. Use Lyft or Über to get places that aren’t convenient on mass transit. Rent a car for a road trip. It will be much cheaper and environmentally beneficial than owning a car.
  • If you must keep your house, start a garden, grow as much food as you can, and install solar panels to minimize your use of coal or nuclear produced energy. Every meal you grow is a meal that doesn’t have to be delivered to a store by truck or worse, by air.
  • In the US, utility companies are required to purchase the electricity you consume from sustainable resources if you request it. At Whole Woman we have recently done this. All our electricity is now wind generated by Acadia Power, who sells what we consume to PNM, our local electric utility. For more information on Acadia Power's program, visit their web site.
  • We chose the company that hosts our web server in Taos, New Mexico at about 7000 ft (about 2130 meters), because at that altitude they rarely have to air condition their data center. And they just installed a large solar array to provide most of their power.
  • Watch Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary Before the Flood. It is a must-see film. Read, study, watch YouTube videos by climate scientists. Get educated and informed. We are talking about life changing events that are happening right now, not in some vague, distant time in the future.

I have spent more than twenty years studying and helping women with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, chronic hip pain, and other pelvic issues. It is my deepest hope that the women whose lives I have touched will be able to live out their years in a sustainable world. But our individual health doesn’t mean much if the survival of the human species is in question.

This isn’t about politics.

Science isn’t perfect. It is a complicated, messy, human process by which we humans try to develop a consensus about what we believe to be true. Science has given us astonishing benefits we all enjoy every day. Arbitrarily ignoring what scientists have to say is foolish and dangerous.

If scientists were 50/50 on the climate change issue, then the data aren't conclusive. But that is not the case. Well over 90% of scientists polled on the issue have come down squarely that 1) climate change is real and happening faster than our worst case projections, 2) climate change is primarily man-made, and 3) that the future of humanity is at risk if drastic measures are not made very soon, if it isn’t already too late.

Yes, it is hard to wrap our brains around this issue. But the survival of our children and grandchildren, and future generations to come, demands that we all come to terms with this issue and do what we can.

Concerns about your health brought you to Whole Woman. I hope you will consider that we can't really have healthy bodies in an unhealthy world.

Best wishes for a rich and rewarding Holiday season.

Christine Kent
Founder, Whole Woman