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Christine KentIf you have been diagnosed with cystocele or the bladder bulging into the vaginal space or any other form of pelvic organ prolapse including rectocele (rectum) or uterine prolapse, and really don't want surgery, you have come to the right place.

Pelvic organ prolapse is emotionally devastating. Difficulty in elimination, pulling, bulging, chafing all make you feel like your body has failed you. Worries about sex, the condition getting progressively worse, all contribute to the emotional stress of prolapse.

Take a deep breath and relax.

First and foremost, prolapse is not life threatening. Your vagina will not turn inside out (although this can happen post hysterectomy). Yes, prolapse is a serious problem, but in almost all cases, if a woman still has her uterus and hasn't had pelvic surgery, she can sucessfully and comfortably manage her prolapse for a lifetime, without dangerous surgery.

Even after surgery, my methods will often help.

My Story

Hi, my name is Christine Kent. I was diagnosed with fibroids when I went back to school to get a nursing degree once my kids were reasonably self-sufficient. Three gynecologists insisted I should have a hysterectomy. Two of them were women.

I had seen the effects of hysterectomy on both my mother and sister and knew I wanted nothing to do with that procedure.

I called my former gynecologist from California where we had lived before and was assured that with laser surgery, fibroid removal was no problem.

We flew to California and in the pre-operative meeting with the surgeon in response to his question about any other health issues, I mentioned minor urinary incontinence when I sneezed or coughed. "Oh, you're much to young for that! While we're in there any way, why don't I tuck up your bladder. State of the art technique, entirely routine" was his response.

When My World Collapsed

Foolishly I agreed to this. Two weeks later while starting to walk around to get my strength back, I was horrified to discover my cervix bulging out of my vulva.

My panic stricken call to the gynecologist brought the somber response, "Well, now this is very serious, you have to have a hysterectomy."

I refused and struggled with my profound uterine prolapse for almost ten years. Finally, at a cross roads in my life, I decided I was going to solve this problem.

On the Hunt

I had finished my nursing degree, worked in several hospitals, and disillusioned by what I saw in the medical system, I had abandoned clinical nursing. So I spent the next two years full-time in the University of New Mexico medical school library digging, reading, following clues, exploring disciplines from physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, gynecology, orthopedics, endocrinology and even 19th century medical textbooks.

Little by little the pieces of the puzzle fell together as I began to experiment with my own body and started to get results. I poured everything I had learned into my book, Saving the Whole Woman in 2003 and put up this website the same year.

I thought it was possible I could teach other women what I had learned that had transformed my prolapse. Amazingly, women started wrting in after just a few weeks, "Oh my God, my symptoms are better!"

Now, we have six thousand members on the forum and tens of thousands of women around the world have cancelled dangerous surgeries and are successfully supporting their pelvic organs with my postural methods.

Today, I am rarely even aware of my uterus since it stays tucked up well inside. Given that my prolapse was surgically induced, I think this is a powerful testimony to the effectiveness of my methods.

But many other women agree. Here are some comments from the Whole Woman forum.

Carol Bilek, Certified Whole Woman Teacher - I continue to benefit from the WW work. My symptoms have greatly improved. I also, as a WW teacher, feel comfortable in recommending these techniques because I know they are safe and will improve a woman's prolapse over time and not worsen it.
MsNightengale from Cape Cod- You are so in the right place here. I am three months here...still working on posture and all but noticing good things every day...It is actually an honor to be here on this site, in this forum, and following your teachings through these DVDs, forums and writings. With all my heart, thank you.
Louise Draper-Sevenson, Australia, Certified Whole Woman Teacher - My organs have definitely gone back where they belong, and they do stay there most of the time. If they don't, they are not out of position for very long before I can get them back there again. I started to feel this happening while I was in posture in the first few days, but they all slid back again when I forgot my posture, so it was conscious effort at first.

After a few months I was starting to feel more confident about it but still knew I had surgical repairs as a backstop for later. Now, seven years down the track, I laugh at the idea of needing surgical repairs in the future. At my last PAP smear my doctor commented that I only had slight cystocele, and my cervix was very deep, which it has not always been! Now, my posture is intuitive, and to be out of posture feels uncomfortable and risky.
GranolaMom from New York - This fire breathing is helping me. I want to sing it from the treetops. Thank you Christine!
Tracy - I have been to many doctors. None of them could figure out the pain, which was low abdominal, low back pain after bowel movements. I found this web site and the posture information while researching, and within a few days of making posture corrections, the pain is mostly gone, AND my rectocele and cystocele have both gone from stage 2 to stage 1.
Marie from San Francisco - For me, I will always be grateful for Christine, her materials, her inspiration and instruction, and for all of you who travel a similar path. By the way, the exercises are still instrumental in my healing program. I didn’t do them for a couple of days and I noticed!
Gail - So I finally feel that my life is back on track with the discovery of your wonderful book. I thank God for giving me the help in finding you Christine...and thank you so much!!!

Postpartum Prolapse

If you are pregnant or recently postpartum, you may be aware that pelvic organ prolapse is virtually epidemic in the postpartum population. It takes time for the postpartum body to recover, particularly with the demands of a newborn.

But let me encourage you. Postpartum prolapse is very manageable.

The Whole Woman Website

The Whole Woman website is a treasure trove of essential information for you. Articles, videos, blogs, tens of thousands of forum posts, my book and DVDs, it's all here for you to help you manage your prolapse, find the answers to your questions and even a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

Why Kegels Don't WorkAs a welcome gift, may I send you a copy of my popular article Why Kegels Don't Work?

Almost every woman has heard that Kegel exercises are the key to pelvic floor health.

Unfortunately, this is a myth.

The Myth of Kegels

Please download Why Kegels Don't Work now and I hope you find the article useful and welcome to the Whole Woman family!

Best wishes,
Christine Kent
Founder and President
Whole Woman Inc.

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Praise for
Saving the Whole Woman

Christiane Northrup

Christiane Northrup, MD
Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom,
The Wisdom of Menopause, and
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

This updated version of Saving the Whole Woman is a breath of fresh air for thousands of women who have been diagnosed with uterine, bladder, or rectal prolapse. In truth, every woman should know the information in this book to help preserve her innate pelvic power.

Michel Odent, MD
Michel Odent Author of Primal Health and The Caesarean
Director, Primal Health Research Center, London, UK

As a former gynecologic surgeon who came to see the error his ways, I passionately read Saving the Whole Woman. Christine's work is medically accurate and will bring hope to millions of women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse and who want to avoid surgery.

I hope mothers will share this work with their daughters to help them avoid the kind of childbirth experience that sets them up for problems later in life.