Feedback from a Previous Conference

"I thought I was attending the 2013 Whole Woman conference to get some practical and unique advice on living with prolapse, but what I gained cannot even be captured in a paragraph.

  • The fellowship with this diverse group of women was relaxed and rejuvenating.
  • The center is spiritually charged and Lanny and Christine are gracious hosts.
  • As part of the conference agenda, we met a Shaman who entertained us with stories and music and gave me perspective on a very specific emotional difficulty while also giving me tools to meet my own emotional needs in the future.
  • I enjoyed the color, landscapes, food, and culture of New Mexico and Albuquerque and did some fun exploring.

What I gained last summer at the Whole Woman Conference was priceless. I am so grateful for all I learned and experienced throughout what ended up being a transforming event in myriad ways."

Kim, North Carolina


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Feedback from a Previous Conference

"At this time last year my vaginal prolapse was a grade three and my cystocele a grade two. With that in mind and because I was experiencing a lot of pressure, the doctor recommended surgery.

Instead of surgery I read your book, viewed the video and attended the WW Conference. I endeavor to always stay in the WW posture and I have found the yoga fire breathing to be a great help.

During my exam last week, she said my grade three and grade two prolapses were now a grade one.

For that to happen in one year, I think is remarkable!

I am so relieved I don't feel the heavy pressure as before. I told my gynecologist about the good work Christine Kent is doing. I explained and demonstrated the WW posture.

Today, I have such a bright outlook on life. I walk on a treadmill five days a week and my husband and I take dance lessons.

At sixty-four I can honestly say I am healthier than when I was in my fifties. My sincere thanks to you Christine and Lanny for your remarkable work!

A contributing factor to my success was the 2013 WW Conference.

The highlights consisted of

I came away enlightened with an invaluable self-confidence that I had the tools to manage my prolapse without surgery. That in itself was and continues to be powerful!

Thank you Christine."

Mary Alice, Virginia

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The Fourth Annual Whole Woman Conference

Do You Control Your Prolapse or
Does Your Prolapse Control You?

August 14-16, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Key Things You Need to Know About the Whole Woman Conference

Why a Whole Woman Conference?

If you want to know that you can truly take control of your prolapse and want deeper understanding and support for how to accomplish this, you need to be at the 4th Annual Whole Woman Conference.

If you have been following my work at, you know that postural health is central to successfully managing both prolapse and chronic hip pain for a lifetime without surgery.

You know that prolapse is not your fault. Your body hasn’t failed you, you haven’t had too many or too large babies. You know this condition can be successfully managed for a lifetime, and the nonsense you have been told by the medical system is just that - nonsense.

And the latest research shows that the medical system continues to fail to understand the beauty and natural healing capacity of the female body.

Once a year in August when our new Whole Woman Practitioners are graduating at the end of their almost eight months of Practitioner Training,, we hold our annual Conference.

This year, the 4th Annual Whole Woman Conference will be held from Friday evening, August 14th through Sunday afternoon August 16th in Albuquerque, NM, USA. The exact venue has not been finalized, but will be communicated in plenty of time to get appropriate hotel reservations.

The Whole Woman Conference is your opportunity for…

The Conference each year is lively, fun, interesting and focused on delivering useful, practical knowledge. This is a women’s conference, by and for women who are committed to learning and improving their health.

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