Conference Attendee Comments

"Meeting Christine and Amy and all the teachers was, for me, an absolute dream come true. That alone would have justified the trip even if the rest of the conference hadn't been so awesome!"

"I'm thrilled that there will be video, not just for the events I had to miss, but because I know I will watch them over and over like a favorite movie! This trip was such a huge thing for me personally, for so many reasons. Thanks so much to Christine, Amy, Lanny, Nikelle, Louise, Carol, Lindy, Paula, you are all just the best of the best."

Video of the 1st Annual Whole Woman Conference

We have reluctantly decided to not produce a conference video set. The demand was modest and the effort to capture the whole conference significant. We will probably make Christine's keynote speech available at some point. Stay tuned.

The First Annual Whole Woman Conference

The first annual Whole Woman Conference on May 18-20, 2012 was a great success. Many thanks to those who made the trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We had guests from three continents including the US and Canada.

The conference theme was The Whole Woman Way - Practical Prolapse Management. We covered a lot of ground and had fun as well.

Christine SpeechI kicked off the session Friday evening with a keynote speech about my Vision for Whole Woman. I was thrilled to be able to graduate our first class of Certified Whole Woman Teachers. Congratulations Carol, Louise, Paula and Lindy! We now have Teachers in western Australia, the UK and two on the east coast of the US.

We then enjoyed a reception with wine and food so we could get acquainted. We were serenaded by a classical guitar duo from the University of New Mexico music department.

Saturday morning began with a speech by me to review the Whole Woman anatomy and posture basics. No matter how many times you may have heard or read this material, you can never have too many repetitions.

Then I lead a hands-on exercise program. With our new Teachers circulating, everyone got the opportunity for correction and adjustment of their posture.

Whole Woman Workout

After lunch, we conducted three breakout sessions. One was for women who wanted more personal support for the postural work lead by our Teachers, a session on diet and prolapse lead by me and my husband Lanny GoodmBlue Fish Clothingan, and a great session on clothing and how much impact it can have on prolapse.

The clothing breakout was supported by a wonderful clothing company, Blue Fish Clothing, who makes a fabulous line of natural fiber, artful, Whole Woman friendly clothes. After the breakouts, we reconvened for a Blue Fish fashion show, which was great fun. Please visit the Blue Fish site and give them a try. They do beautiful work.

Mer'Curie San'SomIn the afternoon, we also had a powerful reenactment by our good friend Mer’Curie SanSom of a speech by ex-slave Sojourner Truth called “Ain’t I a Woman?”

Jessica Helen LopezJessica Helen Lopez also shared some of her award-winning spoken word poetry, which was awesome and deeply moving.

Herbalist Vicki Strom-Medley offered suggestions about natural remedies as an alternative to traditional medications and the day ended with a panel discussion with Christine and the Whole Woman Teachers. On the way to dinner, our attendees were entertained by a short demonstration of Flamenco dance by brilliant local performer, Royale Arrellano.

Sunday began with a wake-up Whole Woman Yoga Workout lead by my talented daughter Nikelle Gessner.

The three breakout sessions on Sunday were Sex and Prolapse (very popular!), a panel discussion hosted by Whole Woman teacher Louise Draper-Sevenson, local naturopath Rasa Lila, and sex educator Molly Adler.

Sex Session

A great session was lead by our own Customer Service and Outreach Manager Amy Donahue-Grossman on Whole Woman activismWhole Woman Activism - getting the Whole Woman message out to women who need it. The third session was another hands-on support session with our Teachers for women who wanted more personal coaching on their posture and exercise.

Susi WolfWhen we all reconvened, local native storyteller Susi Wolf shared her unique combination of entertainment and woman wisdom.

Our special guest speaker at Sunday lunch was Carolyn Parrs, founder of Women of Green and Mind Over Markets, both dedicated to helping women and companies be more actively involved in Carolyn Parrsenvironmental movements. It was a powerful presentation to drive home the point that women have a critical role to play in a clean and sustainable environment. We cannot be healthy if the environment isn’t healthy.

During lunch, my husband Lanny hosted several husbands of Conference attendees to talk about prolapse from a husband’s point of view. As Lanny is fond of saying, “No married or partnered woman experiences prolapse alone.” Click the link for Lanny's article, A Husband's Guide to Prolapse.

I wrapped up the conference with my talk, Looking Forward with Confidence, Power and Pride, followed by a wide-ranging question and answer session.

It was a powerful conference and many of the women told us, “We’re coming back next year and bringing my sister, mother, nieces...” It was a great opportunity for hands-on learning. As useful as books and DVDs are, there is no substitute for the sharp eye and direct feedback from a trained Whole Woman Teacher.

Also of benefit were the friendships and relationships that were forged. The socially mandated silence on the subject of prolapse makes it an isolating condition. But the Conference really brought home that we are not alone!

Many thanks to all our attendees and those who made the conference possible:

Dates for the Second Annual Conference have not been finalized yet, but we will let you know very soon. See you then.

Christine Kent