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Check out this just-published article on France's response to female prolapse, and my response in the comments section:


So......bravo to France, for making it cheaper for new moms to rush to PTs and get bad advice, just when they need good advice the most? Blah blah blah.

I was looking forward to reading Christine's response, but could not even find a comments section. - Surviving

This article is a wonderful, amazing article. To think that are many women who will read this and think " oh, my goodness, that's what I have." I wish I had known long ago about prolapse. What a different it would have made in my lift. But so happy I found you now or perhaps you found me. Meant to be.

Here is Christine's reply to the article. It appears to have been removed.

"We have many clients from France for whom 'pelvic floor therapy' was not an ultimate solution for prolapse or incontinence. The myth of a 'pelvic floor' is pervasive in western culture. In actuality, human females have a pelvic wall behind them with the pubic bones positioned underneath the body like straps of a saddle. Any woman can quickly verify this for herself. The bladder and uterus are supported by the lower belly, not a soft-tissue 'pelvic floor.' The only reasonable response to these conditions is to move the organs forward into their natural positions."

Christine Kent
Whole Woman Inc.
"First Aid for Women's Health" Since 2003

I don't know how Christine does it... I personally am on Instagram... and I decided one night to do a keyword search (you can find instagram posts by hashtag topics) so I put in #prolapse.... and i started reading so many wrong things on there... seeing women having surgeries and hysterectomies - young women! who just found prolapse like months prior - all going under the knife... So many incorrect pictures of pelvic 'floors' and nothing based on reality and I wanted to start communicating and correcting people on there but I just decided against it. It all made me very sad and after reading for a few days I've given up and retreated. Especially once I saw images of happy urogynecologists performing treatments for free on "Mission" trips - fixing prolapse in countries without access to 'modern medicine'.... I keep thinking they fly in - do these surgeries - and fly out and never once think back to check and see how these women are doing 5, 10 years down the road...

I don't understand how these horribly wrong representations of the female pelvis and its dynamics are so pervasive and apart form Christine, no one's out there correcting this. There was one article that a guy wrote - i forget his name - i googled correct orientation of female pelvis and he actually had an article that explained everything that Christine said... but then I looked him up and he's a urogynie... so i don't know that he's practicing what he preaches here....

not sure where I'm going with all this - just wanted to write down my thoughts somewhere in this safe space :) it's just so shocking to me how wrong everyone is about something that is literally right under our fingertips... and it's frustrating...
but reading through these pages, I see that most of us on here who have come to understand what Christine is saying have all gone through this - it's like being part of a secret club except it shouldn't be secret!

It really repulses me how ignorant people are in regards to childbirth causing prolapse. I can assure you no other mammal gets prolapse from childbirth. Why? Because other mammals give birth in accordance to the laws of nature. Why so many injured women during childbirth? Let’s see... breaking the water artificially, pushing with the contractions, cutting the cord prior to the delivery of the placenta and so forth, all of these interventions will damage you. The uterus can push the baby out all on its own, that is its job. Most women forcefully push to speed up labor. Forced pushing causes prolapse. If you just leave it to the uterus and the Ferguson reflex, suddenly all these childbirth related prolapses will disappear. What a miracle! And if incompetent midwives (I like to call them medwives, as in meddle) stop cutting the cord prior to the delivery of the placenta “miraculously” placental delivery issues will disappear. Another example of how money and health do not go together. There is no money in physiological birth and this is why the healthcare industry developed all these unnatural birthing methods to “help”. And the specialists to “help” you even more, hmhm for a paycheck of course. There is a reason why other mammals give birth without a midwife, if they did they would end up with prolapse too. ALL THIS MISERY created to leech money from a natural process. The healthcare industry wants customers for life. There is no money in health, but tons of it in injury and disease. I am also very doubtful that other mammals do Kegels. What a tragic, ridiculous invention. And people actually pay for this!

Hello lypelros - I'm sorry, I would like to help but I do not understand your question. - Surviving

Is she looking for a translation app? I know some sites have them.