prolapse progression


I was diagnosed with vaginal vault prolapse. I was not given a grade. I do not have anything falling out of my vagina but i do experience the heaviness sometimes. My dr suggested a hysterectomy and repair. I will absolutely NOT have a hysterectomy unless I was in a life threatening situation.
My question is: will this situation progress to where I will have organs protruding out of my vagina?
I have changed my posture, which was very bad. I feel that it has helped my situation. I ordered a video for pelvic strengthening.
I don't want to do a pessary just yet but i am not opposed to trying one.
I'm 52 years old and active. I have not had a menstrual cycle in 10 years. I have gone through menopause as per my doctor. I have never had a cramp, hot flash or any female problems until I noticed the heaviness which turned out to be vaginal prolapse.
I stopped the hard core exercise class and now do swimming and cycle classes.
I am about 20 lbs overweight and hope that losing a few pounds can only help my situation.


A vaginal vault prolapse is practically non-existent among women who have their uterus. It generally occurs after hysterectomy if the top of the vagina is not tethered to the spine, which is why that is usually done as part of hyst these days. Can you clarify that what you actually have is a cystocele (bladder prolapse) and/or rectocele (bowel prolapse)? You can go to the home page of this site and find links to the discussions of each type. There is also a little video there, that gives you an overview of the Whole Woman work. It doesn't sound like you have checked out our content yet, and you should do so before posting on the forum, which is specifically focused on natural prolapse management as taught by Christine Kent. Check it out and come back with your questions. - Surviving

Sorry to bother you- I have been ill for about 2 weeks and so haven't been doing the First Aid For Prolapse Streaming dvd - could you inform me if it runs out after a bit as I cant access it now? I am about 35% way through it and am doing it slowly to really get into it


You probably just need to sign into your account again.....after a certain period of inactivity, the system logs you out. You can then restart the video and pick up where you left off. This is easier if you can jot down how many minutes you were into the video when you last worked on it, and return to that same spot. - Surviving

Thanks it is sorted now

I've spent most of the day reading the forum as I promised myself I would take the time to work on my prolapse. It has become way worse and a protruding big bulge that has consumed my life with stress (I have enough of that without this) and worry. I've been introduced to WW for over a year and ordered the video and have been working on the posture as best as I can. I'm 70 and it's hard to break old habits. I know that the posture is the most important so I work on that. I do jiggling and firebreathing but I don't know how long to do firebreathing at a time. It seems the only way that works well for me is on my hands and knees. When I jiggle I just want to stay in that position all day long because it feels so good to have the bulge gone. I know that's impossible and not always possible to do them on my hands and knees. I've watched the video over and over to make sure I'm doing the firebreathing right bent over and seems I'm doing it right. So if someone can respond as to how long I should be doing firebreathing after the jiggling that would be great. Also after spending the day reading on here I realize that maybe it's my sleeping that is causing the prolapse to get worse. I sleep all curled up on my side. Is that wrong? What sleeping position is the best?? I also like my stomach. It just occurred to me today that I may be doing that wrong making it worse. It's gotten so I'm uncomfortable most of the day feeling I have to empty my bladder constantly. This really has consumed my life where I feel I can't enjoy life anymore. I've been a very active person my whole life doing home remodeling, landscaping etc and feel my life has ended somewhat. I know this is wrong to feel this way and I want to be positive but deep down I do wonder whether I let it go too long to be helped. Any responses to this would be so appreciated.

Hi mamalu. Let me start by saying that there is no age limit on starting with the WW work. I started at 60 and you can start at 70. You probably won't ever be able to regain the same degree of natural lumbar curvature that you might if you started younger, but benefits can still be achieved....especially if you are otherwise healthy and fit.

I'm not sure where you read that sleeping position was important, because we tell women all the time that how they sleep is not a factor in their prolapse. If you had any kind of hip or back pain, I might suggest sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees....but otherwise, just sleep however you are most comfortable, knowing that it's when you're upright that you are affecting your prolapse for better or worse.

Posture and breathing are the critical factors. When you hinge at the hips or get down on hands/knees, you feel the relief of having the organs settling comfortably in the belly. By keeping the belly soft and observing all the elements of posture that are covered in your video, you can train your organs to stay more or less pinned into position and away from the vaginal space when you are upright. It does require a major shift in habits and a great deal of mindfulness to make this second nature. Bending/lifting/carrying are important too (these are the things even I have to remember-to-remember even at my stage of the game). There may be times during your day when you just need to stop, let all that tension out of your belly, pull up into posture and then keep going.

If the belly is not relaxed, you may still be a chest breather, so please check yourself on this. The midriff must come fully forward with each breath. The breathing sequence is also the most critical factor in firebreathing. It doesn't really matter if you are bent over or on hands/knees when you do it; when matters most is to follow Christine's instruction on when to inhale and when to exhale. This creates a vaccuum that pulls the organs forward. A little firebreathing can go a long way, but of course, the longer you can keep it up, the better. Don't let yourself get out of breath.

Just keep at it, and try not to be discouraged. I find it helps me to visualize the organs being held forward in the belly.....this makes it easier to remember to do the things that feel right. - Surviving

Thank you so much for responding and I'm so relieved with the sleeping position!! Last night I didn't get much sleep as I was trying to not curl up! Yesterday I stayed focus on my posture, sitting etc. did jiggling and firebreathing several times a day and I actually noticed an improvement in how I felt yesterday! I do notice that I have a hard time relaxing my belly as my whole life I sucked it in! Even when I'm in WW posture it's hard for me to relax it. I must remember that and trying to think of something that will remind me constantly, like a zapper when I suck it in. HA
I have a hard time taking time for myself as I have a large family, still working and raising a 10-year-old grandson and so much going on in my life. But I know that I must focus on this and take care of myself. I'm curious how big prolapses can get? My friend's doctor told her that he's seen some as big as a football! Could that be? I think he was trying to scare her into having surgery as she shared the WW with him. She shared WW with me many years ago but at the time didn't seem to have an issue so never bothered to check it out until last year when I felt the bulge. Thank you again for taking the time to respond. I absolutely love this site for the support and just knowing I am not alone.