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Hi everyone.....I'm new on here. But so glad I found you ladies. Was diagnosed rectocele, cystocele prolapse a couple years ago. It was the hardest thing to insides were coming out!! I didn't even want to tell my husband but I did and he was supportive even though he had no idea what I was dealing with. My doctor sent me to a PT that deals with women's health issues and mostly prolapse issues. It did help to hear stories of others that were younger than me (I'm 58) that were dealing with this too. I went there for over a year and it was mostly kegels.....different positions and exercises while doing kegels. I finally said I was done because I could do the exercises myself without having to pay them on every visit. I've almost stopped exercising....even walking because I feel "heavy" down there and thought walking was making it worse. I found this wonderful site after I googled "exercising with prolapse". I knew I needed to do something to keep me healthy. I did want to come in and introduce myself and ask what did you start with as far as the videos......what helped most to get you started in the right direction.
Thanks and glad to be here......Bottoms-up

Hi bottoms-up and welcome to Whole Woman! First things first, please ditch the kegels. I did them religiously for decades (because it was/is considered the thing to do for overall pelvic/sexual health) and ended up with raging 'celes at menopause. So stop! They are pulling your organs INTO the vaginal space, which is not where you want them. If you go over to the blog page and do a search on kegels, you'll find several posts there by Christine which explain this more fully.

Do start to adopt the posture......First Aid for Prolapse is the basic product to get you started. Meanwhile, you can watch this little video for an overview of the work:

Good luck and keep us posted - lots of help and support here on the forum. - Surviving

Thank you Surviving60 for the helpful information. I'm definitely ordering the videos and getting started. It's hard to believe the things I've been doing....kegels....and squatty potty have been hurting instead of helping. I've stopped the kegels and can already tell a difference......I don't feel pressure down there as much. Can't wait to get started and start feeling better.

I'm getting ready to order the First Aid for Prolapse and Exercise Bundle. Just wondering if the Yoga videos in this one is the same as the other yoga video (Whole Woman Yoga Set)?? Thanks

Yes - they are the same ones. - Surviving