Bladder Prolapse

Body: happy to find the Whole Woman website. It is the only thing that I have found that has given me hope! I am practicing the Whole Woman posture and will be purchasing the 1st Aid For Prolapse with my next paycheck.
I have a couple questions. I have had a lifelong difficulty with my bladder...some sort of allergic cystitis, since I was a child, which caused the inner lining of my bladder to burn...very painful, as if I had a UTI but didn't. I thought it was normal and just because I hadn't had enough water to drink. After I was married, I saw a urologist who said there was a small spot of irritation on the inside of my bladder...but he didn't know what was causing it. Over the years since, I have done elimination diets to discover if foods were causing my bladder pain. Sure enough, that brought profound relief. About a 1.5 years ago...I noticed a swelling lump down there but didn't know what was going on, at the same time my painful bladder became worse. Another elimination diet left me existing on a very restricted list of foods...good foods, but frustratingly few. A couple of months ago, the bladder bulge happened, and I quickly figured out what it was. I am also going through menopause. My bladder pain intensified, and I had to let a few other food items go to find some relief, but I'm walking a fine line. I was very distraught, especially because after 22 years of separation, I was beginning to warm up to the idea of remarriage someday, and then this happened.
So, I'm wondering if any other lady on this forum has experienced something quite similar to my bladder irritation problem and maybe understands what it is and why. The doctors never seem to be able to figure it out. Except my current doctor who treats naturally, thinks I had nerve damage during childbirth (I lost bladder and bowel control after a difficult vaginal birth) and is trying to heal my bladder lining with soothing herbs...most of which have burned me up rather than soothed. But still, that doesn't explain a lifetime of bladder pain.
My second question is, does this make marriage and physical intimacy impossible for the rest of my life? It seems to me that it would be painful and irritating. I am already reaping small benefit from reforming my posture and am very thankful for that.
Oh...and I almost forgot...I cannot sit down or my bladder feels as if it swells into a ball and I'm in a lot more pain. Will this improve?

Hi and welcome. What about interstitial cystitis? I don't know exactly how this is diagnosed, but it comes to mind because it is mostly through dietary measures that the symptoms are managed (an autoimmune protocol). Have you had your D3 levels checked?

I assume that ordinary UTI has been ruled do want to make sure you are emptying the bladder completely at least once a day. A prolapse can make this more difficult, but if you practice WW toileting posture and, if necessary, get down on hands and knees in the shower, you should be OK there.

If you are menopausal, definitely try the honey applications that we discuss so often on this forum. A bit of organic raw honey (local if possible) placed high in the vagina once or twice a day, normalizes the environment in there and can bring a great deal of relief to irritated tissues.

Make sure you are sitting in good WW posture and that the lower spine is not collapsed. This should pin the organs in place over the pubic bones and minimize the bulge. Much of our modern furniture does not lend itself well to support of the lumbar curvature. It may often help to place something (a small cushion or even a wadded-up sweater) behind your lower back - especially when driving. You can't slump, that just flattens the curve and keeps the organs in the vaginal space where they don't belong.

Prolapse needn't interfere with sex. If your bladder pain is your main concern there, maybe some of these measures will make you feel better about it. Let us know how you do. I hope that some of our other members will share their thoughts. - Surviving

I place two pillows underneath me to support my pelvis and tilt it upwards, this way everything can"fall back into place." I tried it for the first time since I discovered my prolapse 4 and a half months ago and ,much to my surprise, I did not even feel pain! I was extremely happy, I do find it is harder to let loose and be 100% comfortable but I know each time will be an improvement! Some positions are just not possible with me but thats just me. I could understand the fear of feeling vulnerable and a bit of low self confidence the first time with a new man but at the same time we notice it ten times more than they do. Also, I found that once I started incorporating the WW posture and changed my diet, my pain and uncomfortableness went away. The pressure and uncomfortableness was the worst part of the prolapse for me. I felt very depressed and sorry for myself in the beginning but now that I am not in that state anymore I find it so much easier to live with! As time passes, I am becoming more confident and it doesn't consume my mind as much as when I found out in the beginning! And all of this has just been in a 4 month period so I am very hopeful that I can nip this prolapse in the butt, even just 50% of it and Id be a happy gal. :)
Oh, I also purchased the yoga DVD and found that to be helpful!

PS, once you get a good handle on the lumbar curvature and belly relaxed position you will notice that when you do slouch and not pay attention to your posture you can instantly feel that pressure and sting. At least I know I can!


Thank you so much!

Thank you! I wonder if a kneeling chair would be more comfy?

For our readers,
I just want everyone to remember that the true work with whole woman is when we are up and about in ww posture, drawing our pelvic organs into the lower belly and pinning them in place with the intra-abdominal pressure.

Hi Thornintheflesh,
If it keeps you from falling out of whole woman posture, it is fine. It would be good to learn the posture first and be comfortable with it, and then you can try out furniture and other different activities to see if they go along with the posture principles. Anything that throws you out of posture is not a good thing to be doing.

One more question...the WW posture hurts my lower back, especially while standing in one place. Will that eventually work itself out?

A little soreness is pretty normal for the most part, but make sure you are not exaggerating the posture by forcing a lumbar curvature that is not there yet. It comes with time. The best thing to do is to watch and go over Christine's description of posture over and over until all the principles stick in your head.
WW walking is an excellent time to work on these principles; just keep repeating them over and over as your going along.

I do believe that it is interstitial cystitis with ulcers, based on what the urologist saw years ago, that "spot of irritation" which are described as Hunner's ulcers. "Hunner’s ulcers, also called “Hunner’s lesions” or “Hunner’s patches,” are a subtype of interstitial cystitis (also called IC) and are not ulcers in the usual sense. They are distinctive areas of inflammation on the bladder wall that characterize the “classic” form of IC. Hunner’s ulcers are the one diagnostic feature that clinches the IC diagnosis, but this “classic” form of IC affects only about 5 to 10 percent of patients. Often, patients with this form of IC have more severe symptoms than patients with nonulcerative IC."

Many of the symptoms for interstitial cystitis fit what I'm experiencing...particularly sore, stiff joints, frequent need to urinate when having a flare up, vulvodynia (probably why it's so painful for me to sit on a hard surface), digestive problems, severe food allergies which trigger severe bladder pain for days after eating the culprit food.

Since I have begun to fully empty my bladder & use honey vaginally, I went from pain nearly all the time, to rarely being in pain unless I eat something I shouldn't. Thank you so much Surviving60 for the bladder emptying suggestion! :) I'm deeply appreciative!!!

Just wondering how Vitamin D3 plays into the picture? I am currently treating naturally the cystitis on one hand with herbs & suppliments and detox baths, and practicing WW posture and working on my exercises from the 1st Aid For Prolapse video for the cystocele. I am having good results so far but have a long way to go. I am just about to purchase the posture belt. Just deeply thankful for the help I have found on this website! Thank you!

This is something that most of us are deficient in, and i think it's especially important when you are autoimmune. Our skin can't manufacture as much, as we get older, and depending on where you live and other lifestyle factors, you may not be getting enough just from sun exposure (which of course, is the best way to get it, but few of us can achieve that). - Surviving

So now I have what I think is a uti. I tried to get control of it with cranberry and then apple cider vinegar and then lots of water. It seemed like it helped and then it would get worse again. So I had to resort to antibiotics which I haven't taken for probably 15 years. But now im wondering if it's not a uti and maybe it's that my bladder is in a weird position creating a constant need to Pee. Then I wondered if my uterus could be sitting on my bladder and kind of squashing it. I mean if the ligaments and connective tissue are compromised what's to keep the uterus from just crashing down on my bladder when in the correct position. Does this make sense. Or do I not understand the way things are laid out in the pelvis. If this was the case how would I manage that? I hope it's a uti and the antibiotic stops the constant urge to pee. If this is the case I know I'm going to have to be more careful with eliminating and not becoming dehydrated. Any thoughts on this? Or anyone experiencing the same thing?

I am assuming from what you say, that a culture was done and UTI was diagnosed so antibiotics were prescribed? I do know there are doctors who will prescribe antibiotics without doing the necessary tests to determine if that is actually the problem....

Prolapse can definitely contribute to your urge to pee, because of how the organs are pressing against one another. And you may not be completely emptying your bladder consistently, and not even be aware - this can put you on a cycle of UTI's that is difficult to break. This is why WW posture and toileting practices are so important. I hope you are making progress there - let us know how it's going. - Surviving

Thank you, surviving. Well, no the doc didn't do a culture. I just told her it was a uti and she called in antibiotics. I just assumed it was because I've had them before and when this prolapse first happened about a month ago I wasn't paying close attention to how I was peeing. I do now. I am following the toileting protocol I think. Bowel movements are hard to do with that method but I try. But most of the time I use 2-3 different positions to get more pee out. I am also trying to stay in posture but catch myself not doing it throughout the day. Have to constantly keep an eye on the ball
I have pretty severe add so it's challenging to stay focused. But I'm just wondering how my uterus stays off of my bladder when I'm in posture if the ligaments have been over stretched. . Also when I went in to another doc to get an ultrasound to check out my ovaries I told her I was having pain on the left side of my pubic area that extended around my hip bone and to the back around the hip bone. She didn't know what it could be - maybe feces because my bowels were very full- she said. I don't think so. Anyway that pain has gotten worse but more isolated by my bladder.

Hi Sassi246,
Frequent urination is just one symptom of UTI. There can also be bladder pain and a burning sensation when we pee.
I am really surprised that the doctor would dole out the antibiotics so freely, but I know I shouldn't be. Another problem here is the overuse of antibiotics, because they kill off our natural (protective) bacteria along with the bad ones, so getting a proper diagnosis is really important before taking antibiotics.
I remember not being able to have a full free emptying of my bladder at first; this could also create the sensation of the constant need to pee, just because there hasn't been a full emptying. As I got further into this work, pulling my pelvic organs into better positioning, I was able to have more complete emptying of my bladder.
Another tip you could try is jiggling and firebreathing before you go to the bathroom as this will get your organs in a better place so you can get a better stream going.
Just keep at it; this work does pay off with time and diligence.

I know I should have had a culture done but the one doctor didn't get back to me for three days. ALSO I didn't know how much it would cost so I have to know that first. The other doc is who called it in. She probably trusts that I know what I'm talking about. Haha. I haven't taken antibiotics for many many years and try lots of other routes before I do that. Maybe it's not uti. If after I finish this round of anti biotic in four more days, it's not gone I will go in for a culture. The medical system is such a farce. Especially here in El Paso. I'm just worrying that it's not and it's that my uterus is sitting on top of it and I will always be like this. I can't work when I have to pee every 5 minutes.

Thanks again surviving. I will try to think more positive

Hi Sassi, I thought I had a UTI early on after discovering my prolapse as I felt the constant urge to pee, something I'd only had happen with UTI's. Being it was a Saturday I went to urgent care, and I was shocked when the doc said no UTI! If I was a betting woman, I'd have put money on the UTI. The symptoms of cystocele at certain stages from what I understand can mimic a UTI, but since infection is not to be ignored, especially since some can quickly go to the kidneys, you should still get checked out. Just know that some of the pressure, urgency, and aching in the area above the pubic bone can be the cystocele;-) If it's any consolation, my symptoms eased over time.

Dear Kyla Rae03, Thanks so much for what you said about feeling the pressure and the sting when you come out of WW posture. That's exactly what happens to me:) And when I look in the mirror, the cystocele is bulging:)

Now I know it's a posture thing:)

A big hug to you
from Bella18