Hi,I have been following Christine's advice and happily using raw organic honey for over a year and feel that this has indeed helped the flora in my vagina to be exactly as it should be ,no problems at all! When I suggested this as a solution for a friend she asked my why I do not get problems with yeast which she says honey causes.I wondered if it was because it was the raw organic honey I use.Is there an answer I can give to her please?

Hi Everhopeful and thanks so much for your post.

Natural yeast and lactobacillus have a very ancient, symbiotic relationship, which is the reason they are found together in ferments. The reason I say using vaginal honey is “alchemy” is because it’s not as cut-and-dried as taking a pill or cream. However, it’s a lot more effective and you get to learn much deeper lessons about your precious (and probably immortal) body.

Yes, natural yeast is part of the process, and our undies should smell like yeasty, sourdough bread baking in the kitchen. It’s true! Candida species are not likely to get a foothold, as in your case. Once in a while I can feel itchy, but it’s been maybe a full year since I’ve reached for the 1/2 vinegar 1/2 filtered water spray bottle, which takes care of it immediately. Honey is very acidic and once it becomes cultured with lactobacilli, alkaline-loving species like candida stay away. The natural yeast that does remain must be balanced by lactobacillus and okay with the acidity.

Lacto species are the key here, the big bacillus that crowds out fungi and pathogenic bacteria. Studies show that lactobacilli do not like monosaccharides like table sugar. They just don’t multiply very well on a sugar substrate. Their natural energy source are oligosaccharides, which are glucose-protein-glucose molecules. Scientists call L. species “fastidious” because their preferred foods are oligosaccharides found in flower nectar, honey, fruit, milk, and grains.

Most people don’t understand the difference.

Save the sacred Bee!!


Thank you so much for your very comprehensive answer,I am still digesting it!
I love bees even more now !

Do we insert laying down? How much? If you feel organs do you go towards the front or back? Can I put honey in my finger when I splint?

Hi 4Hisglory,
You can insert it anyway that is comfortable for you. Just a small dab on the tip your finger inserted high up inside the vagina, once or twice daily.