My Little Quote/ Poem for Whole Woman Community...


"You are not alone...
We are all beautiful pieces
Of a giant quilt,
With long silk threads linking us,
Across the miles..."

In our journey together,
(((hugs))) & Best Wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister.

Aussie Soul Sister.

So beautiful!!


I love it, THANKS! It made me smile...short, to the point, beautiful and true! Hugs to you too, Aussie Soul Sister!

Thank you! For sharing it with all of us!
A big hug to you!

And what a quilt we make! Beautiful sentiment Aussie Soul Sister...thanks for sharing.

I humbly thank you
(((hugs))) &
Best wishes,
In our journey together,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thanks Soul Sis, you are a sweetie! - Surviving

Hi, I love this quote. It reminds me of one of Leonard Cohen's lyrics which goes:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Love and best wishes to all,

Hi wholewomanUK,
Thankyou for sharing the lyric.
It is something I will treasure forever.
It is inspirational in that I know I can fall short,
& that is OK.
.....................And I am still extraordinary in my ordinariness.
Best Wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

there has never been much of the ordinary about you, Aussie soul sister. I remember your colourful uniting quilt from before and I see mostly red with a little purple/black and sprinkled in other parts brilliant rainbows of multi silk threads; some of which trail and trembled in movement and for some reason are interwoven with some soft yellow and blue feathers. I also remember our promise to share those dances one day. I’m glad you keep that quilt ever ready to hand to bring out when we most need it.

My one year Anniversary since I discovered this wonderful Community of Generous Wise Women was two days ago, but I could not write to say Thank You!!!
With all my gratitude and my best wishes a big hug to all of us!

Such good news and so gracious of you to thank Christine. I wish you another year of the same and of your company that you can notch up your achievement again this time next year.

Congrats Solita! May each anniversary find you feeling better than the last! - Surviving

Dearest fab,
Thankyou for your kind words, & wonderful imagery.
When I am going about my day, I am aware of all our community companions,
keeping each other company, while practicing our Whole Woman Dance
of life together.
Best wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister
- Solita - A Very Happy Whole Woman Anniversary to you!!

So lovely to hear of your progress, Solita! Keep up the good work, as it will save your hips as well. Can’t wait to begin to tell you why, but I need a book’s coming!!! :)

Thanks for your words. There are many terrible emotions in the world but the feeling of being alone is the most terrible one.

This piece is simply BEAUTIFUL! I'm a newbie and just realized that you guys have a poetry section. I love reading and writing poetry! I actually have a Youtube channel dedicated to my work but won't post the link unless asked. I'm not a to support others like me and receive support.