Female urination device


I am probably the only one who has never heard of these, but just in case there are others like me who have not been in the armed forces, do not attend open air pop festivals, read women’s magazines and do not haunt camping stores and on the rare occasions when they do tend to focus on the comfortable pump up mattresses, nice bright lanterns and are fascinated as they walk past the portable loos but fail to find a fascinating little item that enables women to wee standing up, then this post may be of interest to you.

If you want to learn more about them there is a wiki article which you can reach by googling female urination device http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_urination_device.

They come in plastic which are washable and they come in light cardboard which are disposable. They are shaped somewhat similarly to a stiletto heel and you pull your panty aside and place the cup shaped end to your urethra and the spout over the toilet. The cup has room to enclose your labia. I received my first order this morning and I have tried it out already and came straight to here to share my delight.

Petrified and I had a little chat the other day here in the forum about how the uterus slides down with voiding and defecating and I have been wondering for a long time now how to pee keeping my pelvic area muscles supporting the pelvic organs and perhaps minimize the slide.

Christine’s advice in the “Saving the whole woman” is of course excellent and I have been helped a lot from it, but remembering how as a child I naturally emptied standing up in nappies, and then throwing the nappies away I was encouraged to sit or squat: A process of melding the child to the furniture rather than the furniture to the child which of course is rarely a choice in the real world.

Also, lately watching my granddaughter going through the same uncomfortable change process, I wondered if there was a way to not have to sit once one had developed prolapse. Although, obviously sitting on the toilet would not cause POP, the relaxing of the pelvic support muscles over the void does exacerbate the prolapse you have, and naturally avoidance as far as possible of this can only seem helpful.

To try to stand over the typical toilet, I found was difficult in getting my legs straggling the toilet bowel and avoiding the spray which the other organs pushing down and through created.

Well, the pee cup works. With its help I peed a fine maidenish stream. Once I pushed the uterus back up (it falls when the bladder is full) I placed the cup against the urethra. The instructions said “to straighten your knees and push your bottom backwards so that the spout is pointed down. Relax and let nature do the rest.” Sounded very much like WWposture to me and yes I was there already.

I also thought for those ladies with severe uterine prolapse and others with lichen sclerosis and similar itching and soreness may find the use of the cup when these difficulties flare up a relief from any acidic wee splashing.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Best wishes, Fab


Wonder if Louise has seen or used these? She goes to lots of outdoor events, which seems to be one of the big markets for the product. Very cool! Who knew this would help POP ladies? You should sign on and write about this in the article, ha! - Surviving

Your comments and encouragement are always thoughtful and much appreciated.

Yes, I wondered how women were able to use those tall outdoor loos, after a few hours of general use climbing atop one of those would be distinctly undesirable.

I don't get what you mean about signing on to write an article.


And I forgot to mention, they are a good solution to the airplane toilet dilemma.

Well, I've never done it, but can't one create an account and then add information to a Wikipedia article? You could do a whole paragraph on female urination devices and prolapse! - Surviving

I'll give it a go.

Please dear Fab, can you tell what is the name brand you have and where we can find them?
I have LS and I use pure lanolin to shield my skin.
It would be of great help to many women if you can add more practical information and a photograph or a diagram of the urination devise at the site of wikipedia.org! I never heard of them. - Solita

Dear Solita,

Yes I didn’t want to look like I was trying to sell things. I am sure you will all forgive me if I mention a few sites I found which illustrate the female urinary device.

I’m in Australia so I bought locally by mail from the web.

I bought the p-mate, http://www.p-mate.com.au/ (mate is a loaded term in Australia, a man has his male friends referred to as mates and even a stranger (again male) will often be addressed as ‘mate’). It’s not like the American term ‘guys’ which can be used for both sexes. Mate can be, but it is not common. I think out of respect for its having been used amongst soldiers during the first world war.

P-mate delivered within two days. Theirs is a light cardboard one and two packs fitted into a slightly larger than standard envelope so that postage was quick. Unfortunately, their product is not illustrated on their web site but there are some interesting testimonials. They sounded a little shonky with their promise of a free sample, but they did deliver true blue and it looks like a small firm and I’d say their offer is genuine as to the testimonial for a free sample.

Their American home site, http://www.pmateusa.com/ does have a photo. Look under the photo button, it’s the last photo. Theirs is a colorful green one, my Australian version is just plain white.

I’m still waiting for the WhizBiz, this is the plastic version and they have promised delivery sometime next week. Theirs would take longer to arrive as I ordered the full package and so packing and delivery would be a bigger deal.

They have an illustration on http://www.whizbiz.com.au/products/whiz.

I bought them with the idea of using them in a private toilet.

You will see that it is designed to be used at a common urinal with man fronted style pants which have a front zipper or buttons. I don’t wear these, so for me it’s a matter of pull the pants down or skirt up which I think I would need to do in any case as my uterus needs to be put back first.

I have been using the cardboard one at home, just one a day for multi-use. It has stood up to that. I did wonderfully at first but then got less meticulous and had a few spills, but if you are at home this is safely all part of the learning process. I find the seat up approach is best and any stray dregs can possibly be shaken like a man does, though I haven’t tried this as yet, too intent upon not over balancing the tray. The urine can roll back if you don’t hold it level. But these accidents I stress are by far the minority of cases. If you had brothers you will recognize similar perils.

If you get the opportunity to google 'female urinary device' you will probably find a supplier from your particular homeland.

Best wishes, Fab

Fab I have been managing well with pure lanolin at home, my skin has healed and it is very sensitive from the LS, but I am always scared of having to use a public bathroom, I dread getting infections from the aerosols of the water inside those toilets. When I was a child my mother told us never to sit on the toilet seat and always urinated standing on the seat, it was easy to do when you are a child and she was holding my hand, the device sounds like a great help on a public bathroom, I do not have prolapses and I do use front opening pants or skirts and I live in Canada, I will look again at the sites that you mention to see the photograph, I might be able to find them with other names here. Thank you for your detailed and prompt reply. - Solita

I think the main use for this type of device at outdoor events is where there are long queues at the Ladies, but no queues at the Men's urinal blocks. Many young women are happy to front up to a urinal with the men. I wouldn't be happy being the only woman at a wall full of urinals.

Re posture, I don't think it would be easy to use while wearing fly-front trousers, because the bottom of a fly opening is not low enough. You would have to pull your pants half down to get the angle of the dangle right. The posture required seems to be a tucked butt posture with the shoulders held forward, if you look at actual photos. For skirts, one piece swimsuits, and body stocking type garments though, they could be very useful. I am having an interesting visual of me decked out in my full Tribal costume, taking a pee before a performance. Those of you who do ATS dancing will understand this!!!

However, I really think for me that they would be more trouble than they are worth. I have found very few public toilets where I cannot half squat over a really skanky bowl, and very few bush locations where I can't get 30 seconds for a pee without a car going past. That's the great Australian outdoors for you! Bathing suits are usually lycra, so it is easy to stretch the crotch aside for a pee.

I think trying to squat with your feet on the seat of a plastic portable toilet is a sign of insanity. I can see the headlines now. " Festival Hire Toilet Jaws of Life and Helicopter Rescue for Half-Undressed Woman With Broken Ankle and a Very Clean Bottom."

Solita, I sympathise with you about catching germs from dirty toilets but I think we are exposed to far greater risks from door handles, hand rails, computer keyboards and our own dirty hands. Domestic disinfectant advertisements have a lot to answer for! However, if I had LS I might be a bit more protective of my nether regions.

I have been squatting behind trees since I was a tot, so I have had plenty of practice. I do admit that some women are not comfortable with their bodies anywhere near a public toilet seat, and that nature calls, regardless. I think you just do what suits you. These products have a market, and that would include women who have a lot of difficulty sitting and standing in confined spaces.

At outdoor events;-

1 Don't use the toilets near liquor outlets. They are continually soiled, and have queues all the time.
2 Always take a pee during very popular, crowded acts. There are no queues. Nobody else will leave their seat to take a pee during these acts.
3 Don't take a pee mid morning or mid afternoon, when the coffee makes everyone want a pee. This is especially so when coffee is sold near liquor outlets.

Thanks for your thoughts even though I think you miss my intentions. I meant this as a serious topic talking about avoiding squatting while urinating which exasperates POP, avoiding the risk of infections and contamination from filthy toilets, and comfortably peeing in confined and rocky spaces like aeroplane toilets, and possibly protecting sensitive vaginas from acidic urine spray. If you had read down further with the testimonials you would have seen that there are also other serious situations where women have found these devices valuable, the woman soldier in Iraq who as a consequent of using the device was able to avoid going out when it was inconvenient and unsafe (I envisaged sniper fire at night), a marathon athlete who did not want to break her run to wait at a portaloo for twenty minutes, another lady with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy who was unable to stand up again after using a public toilet, and two ladies who had knee replacement surgery who found it difficult to sit on the toilet.

What you have to say about the value of the device appears to be sheer speculation. I have already described that it is possible to use the device in WWposture. I am at the moment testing the devices and will get back to you.

Best wishes, Fab

A few days ago I first time found out about fud's. I love hiking and we take road trips frequently so roadside stops are sometimes necessary as well as some unpleasant toilets where there is one available. I've always envied my husbands ability to just whip out and go in those situations and wanted something like this. As soon as I saw a facebook post about the Shewee I immediantly started researching the internet and found there were lots of different brands and types. I found ones that would be to my liking and set about making my own. (I hate to spend money on something I can make.) I have been using for a few days now and find I'm having problems with it. I'm finding it difficult to get things flowing. I end up having to bear down and consequently the flow starts and stops. I think its just a problem relaxing and retraining myself after 30+ years of it being ingrained that I have to sit. (My best friend jokes that I'm potty training again lol) My question is, has anyone else who has tried these type products had a similar type issue and how did you overcome it? Also I've noticed that even with bearing down until there is no more if I sit there is more. Has anyone had this issue that did not have the other issue? I'm wondering if the two are connected because I can't relax. I read a study saying that men should sit to pee because of this same reason and thought it might also be the same for us gals.
Thanks firstly for putting this discussion up. There are very few forums with discussions about fud's and most only mention them in passing while on another topic. Secondly thank you to any and all responses.

It's nice to joke that you are potty training again because in some aspects you actually are. I found the cardboard design had a longer and wider cup and so much better at containing the flow than the stiletto heel shape designed one which I believe is issued by the NHS in England and so I would have to assume that the English women have a very dainty and controlled stream unlike the wide ranging spray we have here in Australia which varies of course on how much you have drunk and how long you have hung on.
The flow is a hard one. Have you already practised the WW method of backing onto the toilet, not actually sitting on the seat and having all the weight on your feet when you urinate. This is then a matter of relaxing as you say. A good way to do this is to diaphragm breathe deeply, tummy goes out with the inhale and back in again with the exhale. Another way is to get up and just walk around the bathroom a little and then go back to the bowl. If these fail then give up, leave the bathroom knowing you will probably have to return shortly, but at lest you don't have to assert any pressure that way. This hesitation with the commencement of flow is not just a matter of prolapse or prostrate trouble in a man but can happen when you are uncomfortable too; stress, strange toilet, in a hurry and so on. The stopping of the flow a third or half way into urination probably has all to do with prolapse. I would suggest mastering the WW method first which would probably only take a week or so and then try again the face to bowl approach with legs either side of the toiled to use the fud. Let's hope someone else has tried it as they may have learnt other things. The portable toilet is something we have all wished for as a convenience and it's nice to see it being realised to a degree.

Thank you for you response. I'm not sure what WW method is. I have to say it is ironic to have found this website and trying to use the fud. I did not think I had any prolapse issue, I was merely looking for convience. However it seems that the excessive pushing my have exacerbated a bladder prolapse I didn't know I had and now I'm in pain and I can feel my bladder against my vagina. Side note, I have irritable bowel syndrome which swings back and forth between constipation and diarrhea and all those years of straining caused the prolapse. My mother was my age when her bladder prolapsed. She also suffers from ibs. I'm thinking about giving up the fud unless its an emergency pee break. Even with stopping half way atleast it will take the pressure off until I can find somewhere to sit. Unless it somehow would be helpful to master it?

I did a search and found out about the WW posture. The video was a clip from this website basically standing up straight and then showed some exercises to help with prolapse. I'll give those a try.

for getting back mamalbug. Sorry to hear that it is a bladder prolapse, still hopefully it is early times and going into WWposture now and being more careful with the urination and emptying your bladder fully will stand you in good stead. No, I don't see any advantage to a bladder prolapse in mastering the fud. The IBS is a a worry and maybe a concentration on the foods you eat, even keep a food diary for a few days, may give you some patterns on the effects of certain foods whether leading to constipation or diarrhea. Any relief you can get from the IBS will benefit your prolapse. Good luck and yes do try the exercises and see how you go.

Take care please, there is more to the posture issue than simply "standing up straight" because there are different definitions of what that is! Read on the site and study Christine's work. If you have been pulling in your abdomen, tucking your butt under, and throwing your shoulders back, your prolapse will not be stabilized but rather, will continue to get worse, and over time your hip stability will suffer as well. Restoring lumbar curvature is the key to pelvic organ support. You ought to stop here awhile and gather some more info. - Surviving

I agree about the posture. As surviving has said in the past, this site is much more than the forum. We can give you advice on the forum, but the real information is in the site itself. When I first came here, I went to the tool bar at the top and clicked on and read everything it had to offer, and then ordered the book and DVDs for more in depth information. The whole woman posture and work really does help in managing prolapse symptoms all on its own. Check it out!

So true AG. We understand when women join the Forum with lots of questions before they have even checked out the content of the site. But it means we end up repeating ourselves a lot!! - Surviving