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Hi WholeWomen,

I’ve just read the nasty review of my book recently posted on Amazon by a disgruntled forum member (whom I believe is still with us under another username). It is unfathomable to me why a person who is not supportive of the WW work would first cause injury (book sales are way down) yet still want to be part of our community.

I also want to say that scorning me in this way is not going to change my attitude toward women who don’t get it, won’t get it, yet insist on hanging around and taking up our precious time for their own self-centered agendas.

Secondly, I want to ask others to please post their own reviews (of the book - not me - lol!) on Amazon. In almost ten years I have never asked this before, but the situation now requires it. We rely on product sales to keep the doors open (ask Amy!) and for someone to damage WW in this way is just incomprehensible. There are a couple of other negative reviews, but that’s to be expected.

Thank you!


Holy Cow. I had no idea you guys were on amazon. I read reviews there before I buy anything at all! A bad review will put me right off. Even if there are 25 great reviews I go and read the bad one first.
What the heck?
It's always good to get some 4 star reviews so you know it's not paid reviewers etc....
I'll go check it out.

Hopefully it will post....ladies, pop in there and write a review- it only takes a few seconds, it's simple and it really does help other women know if they might like the book or not.

Let me be totally honest. I read the book cover to cover a few times before I decided to write this review. It takes a while to get through it and really understand what the author is talking about, but once I did, it really *clicked* with me. It almost seemed like common sense! If you are a person with prolapse, a person wanting to avoid getting a prolapse or a person wanting to understand what is going on with a loved one who has prolapse, this is the book for you. This book openly shares the success and failure rates of the surgical solutions for prolapse. It details what to expect from the different surgeries and addresses the other common treatments for prolapse and their relative success and failure rates (like pessary, kegels, and physical therapy). I'm a person who likes to be informed. The list of references in the back of this book is priceless for learning about prolapse and how it's been treated in the past and present.
What will this book do for you? It will put your pelvic health in your own hands. No more fear, no more worry. It will give you simple steps to follow to help reduce your symptoms and help you stabilize your pelvic floor.
This book was a jumping off point for me in my journey to better health. It restored my faith in my body's ability to heal and gave me the confidence I needed to avoid unnecessary surgery. The value you will gain from the material in this book far surpasses the cost of the book! If you buy this book and read it with an open and inquisitive mind, your life will be changed forever.

It's bedtime in my part of the world, but will attend to this, with pleasure, as soon as i can get to it -
Surviving (nice job, alemama)

I am not online as much as many of you but I have found both the book and this site life saving! I don't have a lot of time but offering a positive review is the least I could do to say thank u to all you wonderful woman. Just did it. Hope it helps!

Christine - without your site and book I would be in a much much different place today. I remember when I first found Whole Woman I was convinced my life had ended and that I'd never have intimacy in my relationship again! How wrong I was! The posture firstly saved me and set me on an amazing path of healing.
So it goes without saying that I would be happy to post an honest and positive review - I will get to it asap.
The word about your work must continue to get out there! (speaking of that, is there any word on the next WW training?).

and your daughter and husband
I can ask my husband to write one from his perspective of it all (though he may take a while to get to it).
Really, at this point, padding amazon with reviews is the best thing you can do, the more reviews you have the better. I think of books as obscure if they don't have at least 100 reviews.
So glad other women here are willing to write a review!
Keep them coming. Let's make a goal to hit 50 reviews by next week. I'll keep an eye on it and update here as they come in.
It might be nice if you copy/paste what you wrote so other's can get an idea of what to write. Reverse reviews are great if anyone thought it wouldn't work for them, then tried it and it did.

I have not ben on Amaxzon book section .
I do not understand why if somebody does not find that there is anything helpful in WW books - Then why not just move on with your own life, unless you have something constructive to say - Then just move along.....

I think that if people do not agree with your views, then there are good and bad ways of expressing this.

All I know is - This DID work for me - And my life is a whole lot different because of the information Christine has shared! I dread to think what I might have done had I not come across this site when I did - I dread to think what damage could have been done to my body.

I guess no matter what you do or write - somebody will not agree and some body will enjoy making everybody aware of their feelings. I guess that 'free speech' allows this... I would just hope that women reading about the book will take ALL the messages from people who have read the book and notice that the vast amount of them are positive.

What a shame things had to come to this. I'm so sorry that many people out there will get to read an emotional reaction to what was most likely a misunderstanding.
As you probably know I'm pretty new around here but I'm totally invested in this work and can't believe how lucky we all are to have it all and mostly for free. It is rare to see a person so willing to work this hard for so many others while expecting so little in return.
In all honesty, because I was so new when i read the "guts" comment, I too was shocked and a little "frightened off" as it sounded angry and maybe even spitefull to me without the context of the whole picture. Luckily I kept reading the forum and book and I'm doing the posture and WW workouts and intend to make this my new life. You have given me hope where i thought there was none. I don't know how I will ever be able to thank Christine and all of you but I will try, beginning with an Amazon review.

Thanks for your support! It looks like Amy did post a comment, but otherwise I only ask for honest commentary from women with prolapse who have benefited from the work.

You know, I can always tell when women aren't with the program (the mods and I are invariably discussing these situations long before they boil over on the forum) and subtly dissing the work in favor of more conventional stuff. In reading "Shanti's" comments I can so understand why she doesn't belong here and I actually think anything I said that offended her was not strong enough!

Let me make it clear that we only have time and energy for women who want to do the WW work. The reason I'm such a "zealot" is because all other conventional programs and treatments are the opposite of what we are doing!! If you can't see that, please move on.

Have a beautiful day!


I found the WW site when I was searching for help and support when I felt my world (and body) had fallen apart, never to return to their original state! I eagerly latched on to the DVD and the book, immediately ordering both and began reading, watching and practicing. I joined the Forum and have spent many hours reading the comments and questions from the women who have posted messages there.

I have been on a quest for information about how to heal myself, as I wasn't getting (what I thought were) good answers from the medical contacts I had made. I like to do research and to obtain information and then figure out how it might apply to me, what parts might help me and what parts wouldn't work for me. We all have different bodies, different "diagnoses," and are at different stages of our lives.

It seems to me that Christine and WW have helped tremendously (as in life-changing) the women who have been to the forum. For those who find that Christine's principles don't work for them, I would say so be it. You can't please all of the people all of the time :-) It's too bad that there are women who feel they have to be personally negative rather than writing an objective book review. I think there are so many positives though that have come from what Christine has provided for us that the negatives should simply be seen as part of the "cost of doing business."

Onward to continue to help the vast majority of women on the Forum, and the book and DVD owners who are delighted with their purchases!

There are always going to be critics, and that's normally a sign that you're onto something. If you don't have criticism then nobody's listening.

I think most, if not all, women arriving at this forum are independent thinkers who can reason for themselves whether something they are trying is working or not. And if it's not working, then I agree; move on and find what does work for you ("One man's meat is another man's poison"...).

Speaking from a purely scientific point of view, there's been no clinically conducted "trial" of the WW methods, and I can't imagine there will be one in the near future, or how it would be done. So until then we individually have to decide if it works for us, without the comfortable backup of clinical "proof", and use self-enquiry and enquiry on this forum to solve questions as they arise. And we need to work as objectively and unemotionally as we can. "We" being any woman who has prolapse and is looking to avoid or at least delay surgery.

I think it's okay to question things. Actually, it's important to, otherwise we'd all still be working with kegels. But expect that WW methods will be, are being, questioned. It's also important to avoid as much as possible any emotional or catty responses (which I'm guilty of in all aspects of my life) and to be especially aware that we are not seeing eachother face-to-face and the written word often feels harsher than the spoken word.

I can't say I'm "getting with the program", because I shy away from any sort of movement (that's just me - I accept that movements have often been the catalyst for positive change throughout history). I would say that I'm always looking for the truth in things - not beliefs, but factual evidence - and I take the middle road (ahem - as much as possible, the flawed being that I am!). My middle road is that the method works well for me, and yes, like many others have commented, it is a life-changer. You don't have to take the book as gospel (I don't), just give the methods a try.

I wasn't going to add more comments to the Amazon reviews, but added a couple more, to counter what I saw as character assassinations, rather than book reviews.

If anyone else is having a look at these reviews, remember that you can also vote on the reviews independently of writing your own reviews.


Thank you once again, Louise, for your invaluable support. I know it’s coming from a place of truth over camaraderie. I wanted to return to this thread as well, in response to Kiko’s sensitive thoughts.

I loved your insights, Kiko, and agree that things either resonate or they don’t. I also agree about critics and criticism and feel I’ve been given another lesson in letting the chips fall where they may. I can only say (again - lol) that from my perspective, if the WW work isn’t working, then acceptance will have to fill in the gap. If that isn’t possible or enough for some women, then they will need to look further for help. We just can’t be going round and round the same tree time and time again - arguing surgery and what-not. Likewise, I will not argue the effectiveness of kegels, estrogen, or the neutral pelvis. There are plenty of other websites promoting those options.

I think a little history is in order to provide women coming here from Amazon some perspective. Two of those reviews were written by former WW members, donjackw (southern gal) and sunnykristina (happymommy). Donjackw is a post-hysterectomy woman who could not stand the fact that we were telling the truth about surgery and the medical system. Sunnykristina, whose mother was post-hyst also had a more conventional point of view and after many heated exchanges on the subject, they left to start their own prolapse website. They were joined by other anti-WW going back several years to when I used to argue the same subjects at a couple of other pro-surgery forums. I see via google alerts that these same women are actively driving traffic to their website from several different pregnancy sites. They promote PT as well as kegelmaster and estrogen. Sunnykristina’s husband is in the Christian documentary-making business and she aspires to produce her own prolapse videos. So, you can see that by complaining about a negative review I stirred up an old hornet’s nest that is, unfortunately, always lurking nearby.

These are not our only detractors. The conventional way of looking at the pelvis and prolapse is deeply ingrained in physical therapy and they are not letting go any time soon. We will simply bide our time while the rest of the world wakes up from an outdated, mechanical, and ultimately unsupportable view of the female body.

It is a sad truth that we are better off without some women. For example, we are in the process of taking applications for WW teacher training and one of the requirements is that prospective teachers have their uterus. This is for one reason and one reason only: because we feel it necessary that a teacher be able to feel what she is teaching, and a post-hysterectomy woman cannot feel the natural pelvic pull of WW posture. This infuriated one particular applicant who threatened last week to slam us on social media. When I read her words I could only be thankful that we have such honorable teacher-trainees who would never dream of such behavior. I know I can be pretty hard-nosed sometimes, but this is the standard I want always for WW.

Long rant...thanks for letting me clear the air.


You know, I can understand a woman who has had hysterectomy getting very emotional about how she had been misled into sacrificing her uterus for little benefit, when we tell women here that the uterus is the vital hub of the pelvic cavity, which holds it all together and stabilises it; also, that in removing her uterus the surgeon also cut a lot of connective tissue which would otherwise have been stabilising her bladder, and may have also set in train a process of instant or slow castration (loss of sexual interest and libido, and loss of the pheromones that draw males of the species to her). Castration also alters her personality and her body for ever, in ways that were not explained to her prior to the surgery.

These women have been in many cases conned and definitely robbed of an essential body part and an important aspect of their lives while they were sleeping in an environment where they trusted those in green gowns and masks. No wonder they feel betrayed and angry!! The surgeon is locked in his ivory tower, so Christine gets shot because she is the only one in range, when she delivers the news. And there is no soft way of breaking this news.

I feel a small version of that anger *every* time a woman comes to the Forums and tells us she has had a hysterectomy and repair procedures for POP, which have left her no better off, and with less body to work with. I feel sick to the stomach every time because it could have been me, and immediately grateful that it was not me. I feel a tinge of guilt because I have been spared their suffering, and I feel incredibly sad for all the suffering and mutilation they have endured to get to this point, and for what they have to deal with in future.

My heart goes out to all of these women. I know that they can get some benefit from this work, and I hope they can eventually feel whole again.

I just wish the few who criticise Christine weren't quite so judgemental and dogmatic. It says something about them that I would rather they kept private.