Problems with loose stools


Hi Everyone, i would love to hear from anyone who has/had problems with loose stools.
I've had this issue ever since discovering pop and probably before.(don't remember)
Every now and then i will have a firm stool (easier to pass) but mostly it is soft, causing incomplete evacuation.
This is such a struggle for me to try to stay firm, i have done tonnes of research on "loose stools" but the more i read on the subject the more confused i become.
I was doing so well up until about 2 weeks ago when my stool became very loose. This setback is most disturbing and couldn't work out why this happened, and then i realised that id'e been having a chocolate yogo or two each day. It's the only thing i can blame it on. Maybe it's the milk. I have not had any dairy products for the last couple of weeks and have done the Brat diet (banana rice apple sauce and toast) Sometimes it will firm up a bit and then become loose again. I wouldn't say it is diarhea as i only pass once a day and it's not like i have to run. I wonder if it's a part of having pop? but from what i read here it seems that most have the reverse to me.

I have also tried eliminating wheat from my diet but that doesn't
seem to be the cause either.'' Kellogs All bran'' (granular) helps to firm up a bit but it is still an ongoing struggle to acheive firmness.There is no pain associated with all of this.
Prior to this happening i would take magnezium powder the night before but not every night, only when needed and the rest of the time i would do the up and down method. Now neither are working and it's got me rather puzzled and concerned.

I do realize that the magnezium is a stool softener but it helped me to empty and worked every time. I don't know what else to do except to may be having a stool analysis. Wanted to check with you all for any ideas before doing this.
I'm also thinking that i have been carrying a watering can with about 3 litres of water in it which could have led to a pop setback and in turn caused the inability to complete evacuation. How do i know the max weight for me to carry?
Has anyone had problems with loose stools?
Thanks for reading. Mishek

Mishek, I have similar problem, but not all the time, my stool alters between hard and loose (but not diarrhoea). And when it becomes loose it seems sticky and difficult to pass...I have no idea what to do...I am still experimenting. Added magnesium at night, it helps, but not always...I bought some colon cleanser, but I am afraid to use as I may end up with diarrhoea...Somehow, I think it is related to POP...I think if not POP, it would be easier to pass, but it gets blocked on the way out...
The same as you, I wonder if there are people who have some ideas how to deal with this type of loose stool?
If I treat it as diarrhoea, I will get constipated...

My naturopath/homeopath suggested to me products from AllergyResearch. I have been using Permavite, it adds bulk to stool. But maybe you can find something what suits you, here is the link:
I just oredered GastroCleanse, but it will take time, as it is shipped from US.

Usually stool consistancy is goverened by diet and the way your intestines are absorbing/not absorbing water as the stool passes through. Gut motility, how fast things move is a factor, and not really the shape of the "pipes" themselves. Do you eat many fermented foods or include a probiotic? If not, try it. You may be short on some of those beneficial microbes that keep things balanced in the gut. Just a thought.

In my very humble opinion, you may consider giving your gut a break from the turmoil of all of these bowel products you use. Go back and start from square one with whole foods, fermented foods, water in sufficient amount, exercise. Let your gut function as it was designed without artificial stimulation. It will, if you allow it to. I know your response already -- now is not a good time. That may be true, but is there ever a good time for a revolution?

Bad_mirror, I don't actually take many products, only the ones that helped me to regain my balance and I have decreased some of them already. Mainly, I take aggod strain of probiotics and Permavite. I am also addining new foods, I drink plenty of water and exercice daily...I cannot aet fermented foods and there are unfortunately some I cannot eat at all (e.g. garlic, onion, pepper...)...
Up to the problems I developed in April, my diet had been fairly balanced and it suited me (I was on low carb, wheat free diet)...and I aim to get back to products I used to eat...I am also very careful in terms of buying food with no additives...but it is much more expencive...

Ivonush yes lately it's been loose and sticky and the colour leans toward yellow (not real yellow) It's strange that it only turns that colour when it is loose and not when solid. I don't use magnezium every night as i don't want my body to get used to it and then not be able to cope on it's own. I save it for when i can't stand it anymore. Took it lastnight and it's cleaned me right out this morning:) I am also thinking it must be related to pop because as i said i've had a set back... i think from carrying that watering can. Have noticed that with pop improvement my stool consistancy also improves and then when i have a pop setback my stool behaves accordingly. I will look up permavite and see if it is natural. just really need something to help me along until i can get my prolaps back to where it was.I kept thinking that every one here has prolaps but not many suffer from loose stools...i suppose it affects people differently.
bad_mirror, i have recently finished a course of probiotics and i will familiarise myself with fermented foods but i have a feeling that they will cause me to bloat. I have had a bloating problem for years... the same as my mum but recently i became determined to overcome this so i started to eat slowly and chew my food well and this has helped a lot.
Have never taken the time to do this before... i have always been a fast eater which is not good. Maybe i can try another lot of probiotics.
Thankyou both for your comments... will take on board your ideas... this really is helping me to figure it out. ps i agree with you totally bad_mirror to let the gut function naturally without artificial stimulation and this is exactly what i am all about.

With me it all started with a prolonged diarrhea/loose stools. The doctors "wanted" to see me as having pancreatic problems. I got a lot of enzymes and other medication. My system "shut down" completely (almost)...
After a long term treatment suggested by naturopath, it has been all more balanced now...I was unable to eat much, but slowly introducing “new” foods (the ones I used to eat- I was on low carb, wheat free diet)…still experimenting…my naturopath suggested adding new food every so often and then observe what happens with my bowels for next three days…but it seems that I am more affected by stress than food (I may eat the same and respond differently)…I always feel so happy when I eat something “new” and I feel OK…I can eat broccoli now, I want to start eating spinach and green leave veg over the Xmas…I will be at home so it will be easier (closer to the toilet ;)

As I said, my stools seem to be more balanced now, but they alter between loose and hard…and I cannot figure it out, apart from stress…
I don’t respond so “badly” to magnesium, I added extra one today morning, as I usually have problems in the afternoon…but sometimes one magnesium in evening is enough...
Often, I wish to be back in the time when I had very regular BM, just in the morning. Now it is out of “my control”…
And I still cannot figure it out...

Yellow stool- the color relates to how long the waste stays in the body, yellow one stays the shortest time/goes faster through the system…

Permavite was added to provide bulk to my stool. I tried psyllum husk, but I responded with diarrhea…
Product Description:
Allergy Research Perma a Vite®, 300 grams

Allergy Research Perm A vite® contains ingredients which have been shown to support the body's epithelial tissue lining the GI tract. Degradation of the intestinal lining results in intestinal permeability which is also known as "leaky gut" syndrome. The ingredients in Perm A vite® are known to nutritionally support the epithelial lining, which may support intestinal permeability within normal functional levels.

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, 1 level tablespoon one to three times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (8 g)
Servings Per Container: 37
Amount Per Serving:
• Calories 15
• Total Carbohydrates; 3.7 g
• Dietary Fibre; 3.7 g
• Cellulose; 3.7 g
• L-Glutamine; 3.7 g
• N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine ; 185 mg
• Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) bark powder; 110 mg
• MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane); 160mg

I do agree that we all differ in terms of prolapse and response to food and other products.
I think my POP has improved a bit with exercices, but I am back with the pain and it has been like this for 2 weeks. Hopefuly, it will pass when I will have my holiday break...
Best Wishes,

Yes i agree that yellow stools is when the stool goes faster through the system and i have only just in the last few days figured that out. It doesn't seem to matter what i eat as i can be firm or loose with the same food but most of the time i'm loose. I have tried eliminating wheat and all milk products from my diet (i love all types of custards) but they don't seem to be the culprits. I need to find a way to slow my system down. I have a fast metabolism but as i said i have only had this loose stool problem for the last six months or so. Thankyou for the info on Permavite... how is it working for you? Are you having loose stools less often since taking Permavite? and how long before it takes effect? Some how i don't think that it's the food causing this problem for me...i need to find the cause rather that use the bandaid method. We have been dealing with a very stressful situation for the past 3 years and it will be coming to an end next year. I don't know yet if my stool behaviour is related to stress. It is amazing what stress can do to our body. Hoping that you will soon have some relief from your pain.

Hi girls,
I can relate to this post of loose stools, I have loose stools for about 2 years, together with POP.
rectocele/sigmoidocele(as per the specialist).
I think I get this prolapse due to Colon issues primarily in my rectum, always felt this pressure in my rectum/anal area.
After tretament with a Naturopath, with Probiotics and homeopathic medicine, and something that helped me soo much are the PA Amino Acid injections, to raise the Immune system of your colon, those helped so much through out these years.
And in addition not eating, dairy products(If I do, its for sure diarrea)Fruits with lots of fiber. Wheat products.
A major problem that hit me also is Candida(yeast overgrowth).
Also cuasing havoc in my colon.
But I know that part of my rectocele, has been caused by my colon problems.

I am doing my best to help my colon, and doing WW posture, for POP, and Cat an Cow strech everyday.

Hope that all of us get better, that the symptons go away with our efforts to do so.

I think that this also happened to me- I had a long period of diarohea/loose stools...and then the problems with POP started...
At present my stools alter between constipated and loose- both difficult to get out...

I also had problems with candida infection and they reoccur from time to time...+ I suffer from acid reflux and IBS type symptoms...