Grain Mill


Does anyone have experience with grinding their own grain? Or, do you know where I can find a reasonably priced mill? Is there a certain kind or brand that you recommend?

Thank you for your input!

YES!! Right here at the WW store!

We'll be proudly offering the very best flour grinder available. Check the store early next week to find out more. I grind all my own flour.

I'm on the road this weekend interviewing a well-known ethnobotanist for our documentary.

Take care of each other :)


Hi Joy
I've had a grain mill for about 3 years, a gift from my sister-in-law in Germany and I heartily recommend getting one. As well as giving nutritional benefits, the taste of freshly-ground grain is completely different from ready-ground. And you can also use it for grinding beans and lentils to make Indian pancakes and snacks etc. You may have to search around for sources of whole berries, don't know what the US is like for that. Judith

Hello again, Joy,

We have been trying for over a year to get permission to carry the wonderful German flour mill, Hawo. It was finally granted a few weeks ago, but our "marketing department" has not yet gotten the information up in the ww store. Our marketing dept. is also our part of our camera crew and I'm sure she'll have time to post the info later today or tomorrow. We have more interviews scheduled today. Ah..for a larger staff!!! :) C.

I am going to have to BUY ONE!!!!!!!