I am scheduled to have a defectogram done and I am concerned because I don't know anything about the procedure. Can anyone help me?

Hi Angels

Never heard of this test. Try googling it and see what you come up with. Otherwise, go back and ask the doctor. Defectogram may just be shorthand for some other complicated name. At any rate you have a right to know what they are going to do during the test and a responsibility to your body to investigate it beforehand so you know what will happen, or can ask for an alternative test if you are not happy with what you find out! BTW what is he trying to find out???



Hi Angels,

Seeing the date of your post, maybe you have already had this done. I think you mean defocography? I had this procedure, and here is what you do. Clean yourself out the night before with sodium citrate. The technicians have you drink a barium cocktail (to fill the bladder), wait a half-hour, then the put some barium paste in your vagina, and rectum. Then you get up on a special potty where they can take x-ray pictures of you eliminating the barium. From this they can see what all the organs (rectum, bladder, and vagina) do when you try to go. They can see prolapses. It's pretty uncomfortable and embarrassing, but not painful, and it's over with quickly.

Hope that helped.