Can riding a recumbent indoor bike be harmful to your prolapse?


I bought a recumbent bike to ride since I was told using weights/a weight station/ was actually contributing to me uterine prolapse. I have been riding it every other day to help keep in shape. It doesn't bother me but could I be doing harm? I am really working to improve my prolapse condition with the exercises on the Saving the Whole Women DVD. Comments?

I don't think the recumbent bike puts you in a great position for prolapse. whether or not its doing harm, I can't say. but it isn't going to help the prolapse.

I cannot see how it would be adding pressure to the prolapse?

Hmmmm It is not something I have thought about but thinking about it I cannot see how it would add any pressure down there as you are recumbent...

Maybe you should test it out for us and tell us?

I - Before I got MS - Did weights for many years with a Total Trainer weights machine - Never felt anything 'down below' being a problem. But - Even though cos of hernia problems I cannot do it now - I always found that using a Concept 2 rowing machine made me feels best exercise wise. :-) If you push through a muscle group - and you feel worse then you will know this exercise is not for you. If you try it and all is well then I say go for it :-)

Living well with prolapse is all about doing what works and what makes your life feel NORMAL.

:-) Sue

According to Christine's book - and logic when you understand women's anatomoy (thanks again Christine!), riding an recumbent bike, and other obtuse posture where we are leaning back or slouching are NOT the posture of choice.

If you visualize this, then you'll be able to figure out what IS good: Your uterus is towards the front of your body lying on it's side (the top of the uterus is pointing towards your belly) - actually on top of the bladder - with the bladder supporting it. When you are in the correct posture, the uterus is supported on the shelf of your bladder, and it stays in place. But when you do a pelvic tilt where you pull your belly back - or stand straight, the internal rotation points the uterus UP, and it's more like the uterus and bladder are more side by side: and on a slippery slope! After years of holding ourselves in postures more suited to the male frame, gravity wins and uterus slips down into the vagina. So, logically, any posture that keeps us aligned and NOT tilted backwards is better support. So if you picture what is going on inside, that can help you understand what is better.

(Now mind you - that is my understanding from reading the book - so if someone can correct me - please do so. )

In yoga these positions are helpful - On the floor, sit on your calves with your feet pointing backwards, Leaning forward with your belly on your thigns- arms outstretched ( in yoga it's called Child's pose). Or do Downward dog - an upside V shade with out legs outstretched straight behind us, shoulders supporting arms outstretched and straight - with our butt up and "cow" back) those are GREAT positions - and can counteract gravity of standing. Combined with firebreathing, that puts my uterus back where it belongs.

My only problems now, is how am I going to look when I stop in a public place, and do downward dog to have gravity push my uterus back?? (just kidding)

I am waiting for the day that I see another woman at a rest stop pulling her organs back up. Then I will know that I have spotted another WW.

your description matched my understanding as well

It is my understanding that the recumbent bike isn't supposed to be the best position for your prolapse. However, I do use it from time to time.

There are many threads on the WW site that offer advice on lots of different exercises. I still do weights, run from time to time and stretch. My routines are very tough.

- Lilly Anne

I have an older, three speed Raleigh bike. I find I am bothered with uterine discomfort after riding it. I recently rode a Bianchi Milano hybrid 8 speed and found it very comfortable to ride, but can't test drive it long enough to make sure. It's an expensive bike, and I don't want to be stuck with it if it's not more uterine protecting than the one I have. I practice the posture on my bike, but it still is uncomfortable when I get off. Any hints, Christine, or anyone? I've watched the video and practice what I saw.

Hi Amish Fan,
I have a giant mountain bike and road bike, and also have a severely prolapsed uterus. During the first year of this work, riding the bike wasn't any better for my prolapse than anything else. But by the second year, I was having better results overall, and especially on the bike. I found that by leaning onto the pelvic bones more than the sit bones, as well as really breathing into and extending my lower belly helped a lot.
We have a tendency to lean back and suck in our bellies on the bike, so it is really important to exaggerate the posture on the bike at times to get it right.
I have been riding my bike with prolapse for almost 4 years now, and have only found continued improvement, especially when riding, because all the bumps on the road just jiggle and force the organs into the lower belly even more. It's a great feeling.
Hope that helps some.