Suggestions to be more comfortable with uterine prolapse


Can anyone recommend what I can do to be more comfortable while I'm doing the whole woman work. Christine doesn't recommend a pessary. Is there anything I can do to push things up til I can improve my pelvic health. Right now I'm using a tampon and it helps a little although it too is uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as the cervix bulging out of my vagina. But it doesn't staynuo there very well either. Also when I take it out there is blood on it so I guess it's irritating it. I'm 61 so not having periods anymore. My doctor recommended a sponge. That doesn't seem comfortable. Any suggestions?

Hi Sassi - tampons and sponges aren't particularly helpful - you will find some discussions, but I can't remember the last time I read of someone getting much relief there. WW posture, toileting, firebreathing and just jiggling the organs forward into the belly will help you. When things are at their worst, get down on your hands and knees (or elbows/knees) and just let all the organs fall forward into your belly. This gives you a feel for the possibilities of what the posture can do for you. With a uterine prolapse I think it's important to work on firebreathing early on; it's one of the best tools there it. Other suggestions welcome! - Surviving

Ok. Thank you for responding. I've been reading references to the fire breathing but I don't know what it is. Is it on this website? I will look for it. Thank you.

I find touching my toes ie leaning forward helps is this a good idea?

This is a basic tool that is found in several of the videos in the Store. It is being added to the basic First Aid for Prolapse product (not there yet, but if you own this product, once it is issued, it will be there when you sign into your course), and is demonstrated in a couple of the Yoga videos. - Surviving

Hi S60, I bought the First Aid series but didn't see the fir breathing on there although it's very possible I missed it. I had to stop the exercises for a bit as I broke my toe...what is fire breathing? Heard it mentioned several times but can't find it...I'm going thru a bad bout as I've started my periods again (thought I was in menopause but wasn't evidently) and despite practicing WW my prolapse is worse, but I've had a tummy tuck about a decade so don't expect too much success with it.

Hi T4T - Firebreathing and some other important tools are in an additional module that will be added to your FYFP account as soon as it's finished. So hang in there. Sorry about your toe. Don't be discouraged.....I myself got off to a slow start with this work, for various reasons. It's a lifelong process and you will continue to learn and see changes happening for a very long time. I still have lightbulb moments after 8 years here. Here's a little something for you:

Do some of these little pelvic rocks every day, concentrating on getting the breathing sequence correct. - Surviving

You give me hope! Having this much later in life, and finding it so late in the game I feel I'm trying to beat the clock...arrest it while I am still able, let alone to reverse it since I feel like it's at least at a stage 2, just inside my vaginal opening. I do have a question that I probably should've asked a long time ago, but guess I was afraid of the answer: if prolapse will continue to get worse if you do nothing (which I'm not, but the WW posture hasn't stopped its trajectory yet), the bladder eventually comes out of the vagina (assuming it goes to stage 4)? And if it does, does it stay behind the vaginal wall, or breakthrough it...doesn't that let bacteria into your abdominal cavity at that point? Knowing some people have had this for years, has that happened, what do you do and is surgery imminent if it comes out? This is the fear that has me up at night, and really avoiding going places as I'm afraid it will slip out while I'm out. I know it may sound silly, but it's a real concern as I don't know how it progresses. Thanks for any info! You're such a resource on this site:-)

By the way, if you practice these pelvic rocks ("new kegels") and get the breathing sequence down pat, you will be in good shape to perfect firebreathing. That is actually what you are seeing, at about 30 seconds into this clip (Christine in yellow outfit). For me, it was not intuitive at first; like many of us, I was a chest breather and kept getting it backwards.

I can't say for sure, but this is what I believe: As long as you have your uterus and have had no so-called "repairs" (and I'm not referring to the tummy tuck here), I don't believe a cystocele could ever get so bad that the bladder would break through the skin. But meanwhile your goal is to keep ALL the organs positioned the best that you can, using all the tools available, and also you want to keep the tissues healthy and comfortable with the use of honey (which will get increasingly important as you age).

It would be interesting to find some women with 'celes they've ignored for a few decades, and ask them. I would venture to guess a good portion can't tell you, because they've succumbed to surgeries (with one surgery often leading to another, and another.....).

The scary situations where things are literally coming out, are generally the post-hyst women with a vault prolapse where the procedure anchoring the top of the vagina has failed.

Don't lose sleep, my will be fine. - Surviving

Thank you so much!!!! I do have my uterus, and just the tummy tuck, so I’m okay there...I will turn my efforts from worry then to action and in addition to the posture concentrate on the new Kegel/Fire breathing! Thanks again S60! (((Hugs)))

what happens if we do nothing? I've wondered that myself.... especially since, in the beginning, i thought this posture wasn't 'enough' (i mean, how could it be? why are there so many surgeries for this stuff if posture was a solution??) how bad can this get??
but i think back to women past - apparently, since talking about this with my mom, my grandmother's sister had 'everything' falling out and was in diapers the last years of her life (she was born around 1910 or so - lived to the 1980s).
i recently went to a birthday party and was talking to my friend's mom who's 74 (i was shocked - i thought she was about 65) and she was telling me how she never goes to the dr for anything - has no idea what her cholesterol is etc and I said, wow - so you've managed to avoid pitfalls like heart problems, hip problems... she replied - "yup.... all apart from my fallen uterus.... but my mom had it too...."
i immediately lit up and was telling her about my bladder (she said - oh i've got that too!) this woman's been walking around with cystocele and uterine prolapse for years and she said she 'just pushes everything back up when it gets bad'.... the thought of repairs or even seeing a dr about this never crossed her mind, and apparently, it hasn't gotten bad enough that she's bedridden or whatever. I've known her for over 10 years and would've never guessed anything was amiss - she's very spry and carries her grandkids and cooks and cleans and drives... and i think of all the women throughout the years when repairs weren't even a thing... they all somehow lived with this and had no other solutions apart from getting on with things...
i'm on a mission to feed this woman tidbits of whole woman every time i see her :) (she doesn't speak a word of english so she'll never get here herself) but basically time4tea - i try not to let the fear take over...
for some reason - as much encouragement and peace as i get from this site - i also get some fear.... i never knew rectal prolapse was a thing and reading about it here, i spent a good month fearing rectal prolapse.... same with vaginal vault prolapse.... then recently, the thought of incontinence occurring, suddenly, in public, has caused me a new fear... but i slowly realize that my body is OK and i'll be OK... the fact that thousands of women have been here and that so many live full lives and maintain with this program also brings tears to my eyes....
I feel like i've got a long way to go with this process so I'm worried about what the future will hold 10, 20 years from now....i guess there's no point thinking of worst case scenario if and until it happens.... i keep picturing my organs above bone (i even reach down and feel my pubic bone sometimes just to reassure myself that it's right there - below - not letting anything 'fall out').

Hi Typicalme,

There is no question that women become more trusting of their body over time with the WW work. Your body actually knows that all is well, but it must do the work of informing your mind, which may take several months.

I am willing to bet your grandma’s sister was post-hyst. There are other contributing factors to such a case, like dementia, but severe prolapse and incontinence do not go hand in hand. Quite the contrary, actually. It is far more common that a big cystocele will kink the urethra in the opposite direction from the normal, anatomic urethra-bladder angle, preventing unwanted losses of urine. Urinary retention becomes more of a problem, however.

There is no reason whatsoever that you should develop rectal prolapse if you are using WW posture and WW toileting posture. I worked with a 75-year old local woman (who's never been pregnant) last week who is in marvelous condition - except she has severe rectal prolapse, for which her doctors are suggesting surgery. She had no idea how to properly use the toilet and has been pushing against the hard seat all these decades! I told her just that one change will probably allow her to start seeing significant reversal.

There was even a fairly recent paper published in the gyn literature titled something like, “Prolapse gets worse, doesn’t it?” What the researchers had found is that “natural” prolapse only gets so bad! Yes, if you do nothing you might have to start lifting your half-grapefruit-size bladder out of the way to pee, but this is about as bad as it gets. Theoretically the entire vagina can turn inside out, containing some of all three organs, but we have never heard of it here. Even in such a case the uterus (“hub of the wheel”) could easily be replaced and held there with natural posture and breathing. It’s when the uterus is removed that all bets are off.

We also occasionally hear from the woman who has been told by her doctor that she’s at risk of kidney failure due to downward pressure on her ureters. This is just another scare tactic, as we’ve never heard of such a thing actually happening in the surgically unaltered woman. The way the ureters traverse through the pelvis makes such a scenario highly improbable.

We all really need to stop worrying (about anything!) and begin to step into the very best version of Ourselves. Isn’t this what we’re on the planet to do?



your comment (like so many on this site) brought tears to my eyes.... i'm not sure why but watching your videos I often find tears bubbling up to the surface.... you really help ease the fear around this and you have such a great way of explaining everything - I'll forever be grateful.

I'm an analytical person for the most part - i don't see myself as spiritual or religious or 'granola' as it were - and yet i'm also from eastern/central europe - so i grew up with folk remedies and 'village knowledge' and people who didn't have doctors around for anything. While I do trust and appreciate modern medicine (when it comes to acute problems) i also see the numbers (the $$ and the stats) and for preventative stuff I don't trust modern medicine at all.
this whole woman work feeds both my analytical side (the science and research that Christine has done) as well as my folk medicine side (I've learned a lot here and continue to do so- my 1st batch of rejuvelac is currently in progress). And apparently - because I find myself in tears watching Christine's videos (in a good way!) this is also food for my (often neglected and very small) spiritual side! I feel very connected to women since being here and I feel a lot calmer and more grounded....which i never expected to find when looking for solutions to prolapse...
I'm just so grateful to Christine and all the women who post/have posted on here and wanted to let you all know...

Your mind sounds like it works a lot like mine Typicalme! I have to remember to stay in a solution thinking mode rather than come from a fear mode. I always just kept hoping things wouldn't get worse while I worked the WW posture and did the exercises and breathing. Then I realized that I was coming from a space of fear, which could not be helpful to my situation if I'm trying to get healthier! I've developed a UTI now, and as I work on finding a way to completely empty my bladder (the shower position on all fours makes me have to push my urine out), I keep reminding myself to stay out of fearful and self pity mode, and retain a position of empowerment through knowledge and trial and error. It's a whole new way of thinking for me, but I know my body (and mind!) deserve it! This forum has been a beacon of light in this journey and a resource I will always come back to! Good luck and virtual (((hugs)))!

Her videos bring me to tears too! ;-) Must be something we innately identify with in a positive and emotional way!

time4tea - i'm glad it isn't just me blubbing at these videos :)
but I agree - I was filled with fear coming here - and fearful of putting myself out of the medical solution and throwing my trust (and $) behind this method.
But months later, I'm here - I'm living doing everything I want to be doing (haven't started running yet but that's only for lack of time) and the fear ebbs away.... i still have a whisper of fear now and again but every week I feel more confident and strong.
I guess I keep reminding myself that I'll worry if/when it DOES get worse, instead of thinking of ALL the things that *could* happen.... especially since nothing but positive things have been happening! x