Healed cystocele

I developed cystocele during my last weeks of pregnancy due to baby being very low in my womb, I believe.

I had a vagina home birth with no issues.

To my surprise, the cystocele went back by itself (didnt do anything) 2 weeks postpartum.

There is to say I am a little underweight.

Loosened vaginal wall, pregnancy hormones or prolapse?

Got diagnosed last year with a prolapsed bladder, 7 months post-partum, didn't notice any difference in my vaginal strength and tightness. I only had to deal with this problem for a month, as I then became pregnant and the problem seemingly resolved itself. Unfortunately at 24 weeks pregnant it is now back, due to heavy constipation. Although the bulge isn't as big as last year, it is there and I've definitely felt that dreaded heaviness again. My husband and I just had intercourse and I definitely felt like my vaginal wall was a lot looser. He also felt a mild difference.

Two questions: Light-headedness & vagina "leaning" to one side



I had a wonderful Skype consultation with Christine yesterday! I told her talking to her was like meeting a friend :) I had two questions that I realized I forgot to ask, but would love to pool the knowledge of the forum about.

1. I sometimes feel light-headed when I try to breathe deeply in WW posture, especially when I'm sitting. I've felt this before when I try to do deep breathing. Any thoughts as to what might cause this and any solutions?

Cervical Ectropian

Breathing in while pooping

Does anyone tend to tighten their belly and breath in when pooping? It seems to help it come out and my lower belly has a tendency to automatically want to tighten up a bit but I am worried thats not good for the bladder, uterus, or rectocele (which is the problem i have). I try ti relax my belly but that lower area just really wants to tighten and with focusing onbrelaxing my bum it’s a lot to do at the same time. I am trying but really need some input in this.

New Here, sorry if I have dumb questions!

Hi all!
I'm new here so I probably have some silly questions. I would say my prolapse "happened" 12/2/17...my Dr mentioned it a couple years ago and utterly dismissed it, I had NO idea it could develop into what it has, or get worse! I have stage 2 uterine, cystocele and rectocele. I'm 41 years old and besides my family...high impact exercise/running is my passion/my life!

Rectocele Receding & Questions

Hi All,
I am almost a month since noticing my rectocele & still waiting for my First Aid for Prolapse DVD. In the mean time I've been doing pelvic floor safe exercises & using the posture as much as I can from what I've read on the site. My rectocele is receding out of my vaginal area but now I notice more of a lump at the perineum. Is this normal to happen temporarily as the rectum moves back where it belongs?
I am also looking for a good natural supplement for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, anyone try different ones and have luck with any?


After 9 or 10 months of working the WW posture, I have to share my good news: for two days in a row now, I've been able to walk over a mile with NO protruding cervix! Me, the person whose prolapse started decades ago, and whose cervix was routinely protruding two inches outside her body before I started the WW work!

choosing a class

For all you ladies with success managing your incontinence/prolapse which of the classes did you get the most help from? They seem to overlap and trying to figure out which one to go with.

choosing which class to take

Hi, I'm trying to decide between The whole women solution to urinary incontinence, the whole women solution to pelvic organ prolapse and the first aid for prolapse. Does the 2nd one I listed above cover all that is in the other two?


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