advice on what to purchase

Hi, I had a hysterectomy many years ago and now have bladder prolapse. Can't see a specialist until June. Can anyone advise what products I should purchase with my medical history in mind?

Physical Therapy

Vaginal discharge

I was wondering if a mild vaginal discharge is anything to be concerned about, as I did not notice anything before my bladder prolapse began three months ago. Any advice is appreciated.

inquiries before ordering

Dear whole women experts!
I would like to order the book, and I can afford one DVD too. Please help me which DVD is the best for me!

Does walking worsen rectocele?

Hello. I am six weeks postpartum and have a rectocele. I notice that, when walking more than a short distance, I seem to feel it drop lower, perhaps as low as my vaginal opening. I experience a sensation of rubbing and then stinging. Has anyone else experienced this? Will walking worsen the rectocele?

A strange phenomenon


I had an interesting experience a couple of months ago and cannot reason why it happened. Thought I'd post for anyone to throw ideas at me.

At the beginning of the year I experienced a period of very extreme anxiety, panic attacks etc. I could not sleep, eat, and could barely parent my children. It lasted two to three weeks and I am fine now - that is not why I write.

Getting a break from inconntinence by pushing the bladder back or using a DIY pessary

I would like to have the opportunity to try an easy in and easy out type of pessary, or something that I can purchase that helps push the bladder back up inside besides ones fingers. My mom is a bit reluctant to cut her nails....believe it or not. I like that although she is getting dementia. She did the clock test and wrote the numbers incorrectly... :(
The incontinence is mentally taking it's toll on her psyche. Wasting the pads is depressing her and using a diaper is confusing her as well. I told her we get 2 for 1.....

Might sitting on edge of seat w bladder prolapse cause blood clot?


My mom (78) sits at the edge of the cushiony dining chair and she said she feels better. The wooden captains chairs make her back slouch....Her feet are better planted flat on the floor when she sits this way otherwise her feet dangle. She is 4 ft 6. We might cut the legs of the chair. Using blocks is a hazard. Does this pinch the leg arteries and can potentially cause thrombosis or a blood clot?

Inquiry about the book


Hello, I would like to order the book, Saving the Whole women. Can anybody help me to find out, if it is possible to download it from a site legally, because the shipping costs almost 30 dollars, which is the third of my monthly salary.
Thank you very much in advance!

Male with prolapse issues - I think - Need your kind help

Hi, I have been reading these forums with interest, and out of desperation, as I think I have prolapse issues. My history follows. In 2005, I was hit with food poisoning that put me in the hospital and on bowel rest for a week. Since that event, my GI has been problematic. I had IBS type symptoms that progressively worsened until about 5 years ago, during a colonoscopy with biopsies, they determined I had lymphocytic colitis. At the time, I was having frequent watery or malformed stools. Imodium, lomotil, and Lialda were prescribed.


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