Where to begin?

I'm not sure where to begin---I haven't been able to afford a doctor and found this site today in desperation as a link from Dr. Christiane Northrup while searching for information for what I thought was 'something inside me trying to get out that probably shouldn't be out'. After 5 minutes of reading about 'prolapse', I gladly discovered I was not alone and decided to try this instead of the doc route. I don't have the funds to purchase everything, and have no medical expertise to tell me what's coming out.

major discharge (like a waterfountain) & pain

I have been having heaps of problems due originally from intestinal issues & constipation. The pressure caused the cervix prolapse to go to a stage 4. I have been able to get it back to a stage 3 most of the time but am now having heaps of discharge and pain.

Starting point

I went to the dr last week after feeling like something in my body had let loose and felt confident I was experiencing a prolapse of some sort. She said my cervix and uterus were actually very high, and that if I suspected a Rectocele, that they are very difficult to fix. She thinks I likely strained my round ligaments and said that it can often result in a similar sensation. The time I feel it the most is if I need to have a bowel movement, it seems there is a pocket that pushes into my vagina, which is very annoying and makes me think it's more than pulled ligaments.

New to all of this

I have recently discovered i have a prolapse. I would never consider surgery as 3 pregnancies and births led me to the conclusion i know my own body best and I'm the best person to fix any problems. The whole woman approach seems very logical but i can not find out enough information on the posture and exercises. I live in the UK and the book and dvd are not readily available. I am trying to follow the posture from what i have read on the forum but I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly.

nauli - direction of movement


Hi there,
A quick question on direction of nauli. On the DVD Christine says to nauli counter-clockwise, I have double checked and this means up the left hand side of the body and down the right. Is there a reason to only do nauli counter-clockwise with POP or can you do it in both directions without a negative effect?

Testing for prolapse

I just have a quick question! I have a rectocele, but I'm not sure about the other organs. When I stand and do the test, I can insert two fingers into the vagina almost to the second knuckle before I touch the cervix. When I push on it, it doesn't seem to want to go up any higher. Does this mean I do not have uterine prolapse? And I cannot tell at all if I have a cystocele - don't think I feel anything there, but I'm not sure. It seems that it's just a rectocele. Any thoughts?

New to Whole Woman

Hi, I'm new to Whole Woman, I'm 60 years old and was diagnosed about a year & a half ago with bladder prolapse. I was referred by my regular gynecologist to a uro-gynecologist. Not sure I even like my uro-gyn, but he's really the only uro-gyn in town to my knowledge. He fitted me with a pessary and I've worn it now for probably 6 months, even leaving it in for days at a time because it was so comfortable and I never had any issues.

Hi All from Cleo

I am sorry I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as I had to go Doctors again. I am feeling ok and my prolapse has gone due to surgery on my colon. I had about 2 inches by 2 inches cut away. I didn't want this done but a woman doctor did this as I was rushed to hospital a year ago as they said my bowel had blocked up and I felt faint.. At the beginning I still had some rectal prolapse but now there is none. I had intussusception and it wasn't the best but I carried on like this with the help of you here for ten years or more.


Hello all,

Pessary cream substitute

Try coconut oil as the lubricant for your pessary.


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