Male with prolapse issues - I think - Need your kind help

Hi, I have been reading these forums with interest, and out of desperation, as I think I have prolapse issues. My history follows. In 2005, I was hit with food poisoning that put me in the hospital and on bowel rest for a week. Since that event, my GI has been problematic. I had IBS type symptoms that progressively worsened until about 5 years ago, during a colonoscopy with biopsies, they determined I had lymphocytic colitis. At the time, I was having frequent watery or malformed stools. Imodium, lomotil, and Lialda were prescribed.

Frustrations with doctors and diagnosis

Hello again. I went to my university Health Center today for GI issues and brought up my self-diagnosed prolapses. Because of my concerns an RN gave me a pelvic and rectal exam.

Good news first: no evidence of polyps, hemorrhoids, or rectal prolapse. It was just a rectal visual and digital exam but that means nothing was evident enough to warrant attention. I can live with that right now.

Exercise Bike

I have an exercise bike I have not been on since I have had my prolapse(over last 18mths) I am now wondering if using it would be helpful to me or not.I am not sure if I would be making my prolapse worse.Could I get some advice for this.Would love to get back on it!

Cystocele, Hormones, and Libido--Questions

I had a partial hysterectomy in 1988, followed by 20 years taking Premarin. In 2009 I went off this artificial estrogen and endured 3 years of intense hot flashes. In 2012 I began using bio-identical estrogen cream [applied to thin skin, not intravaginally] and the hot flashes disappeared. My libido also declined. My physician prescribed two other bio-identical hormones: progesterone [capsules] and testosterone cream. My cystocele then asserted itself--dry, painful and protruding.

Help and advice !!

Ankle weights



Pregnancy and Exercise


I missed this segment on the ABC news this morning, but this all sounds "nuts" to me. I was plenty busy during my pregnancy years without adding on "boot camp" exercises.



Check-In and Good News

So it's been about a month since I discovered strange lumps in my vagina. Lots of ups and downs since then, caused by other anxiety issues and conversion disorder that had my body convinced I had some nerve issues. Completely recovered from conversion and working on the other issues with therapy and some (hopefully temporary) anti-anxieties.

splinting help please

Hey ladies, well the good news is I'm pregnant! Only five weeks, but unfortunately I might be miscarrying. At this point it's just a wait and see approach so I'm trying not to be worried yet.
My question is that does anyone know if it's ok to splint for rectocele during pregnancy? I forgot to ask the doctor and can't find anything on Google.
I know you aren't doctors but there is a wealth of knowledge here, has anyone been advised not to do it during pregnancy?


Over the past 6 plus months I have had a partially numb leg from sciatica. I have a bulging disk and a neurologist said I could have a surgery to scrape away some of the disk to alleviate the pinched nerve. I would like to avoid surgery but am at a loss at what to do now, after chiropractic work, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc. Any suggestions?


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