Comments from Last Year's Conference Attendees

"I loved the conference and meeting the other women and the bond we formed with each other and with Christine and the other practitioners. Thank you for your outstanding work Christine and the courage with which you share your knowledge. You are helping so many women. I highly recommend the hands on experience of the conference in addition to the other Whole Women materials."
JM, Illinois, USA

"Even though I've had a session at Whole Woman, having the opportunity to have my posture assessed and practicing that posture through the course of a conference was invaluable. Being affirmed and reminded that this is a process was very valuable to me."
YP, Alaska, USA

"The information which I received at the Whole Woman Conference in Aug., 2017 will make a profound impact on my quality of life going forward. Christine Kent's research and dedication to improving women's health is a gift of immeasurable value."
NL, Connecticut, USA

Whole Womamn Summer Workshop

The Whole Woman Summer Workshop

August 10-12, 2017

If you are a newcomer to Whole Woman and have just recently been diagnosed with or discovered pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, or hip pain, or a woman who has struggled with her condition for some time and is ready to really get it uinder control...

You owe it to yourself to transform your pelvic health
at the 2018 Summer Whole Woman Workshop.

For the past six years we have held a Whole Woman Conference at a local hotel. This year we have decided to rename our event The Whole Woman Workshop, hold it at the Whole Woman Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and hold four workshops a year.

But the Whole Woman Center can only comfortably fit eighteen women stretched out on the floor, so attendance is strictly limited.

The theme of the workshop this summer is -

Let’s Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get Well!

Getting your prolapse, incontinence, or hip pain under control takes effort at the beginning, but very little work once you have fully integrated the Whole Woman methods into your daily life.

This is why a Whole Woman Workshop is so valuable.

The purpose of the Workshop is to “jump start” your Whole Woman practice, and minimize the time and effort necessary to get your condition under control so you can live well.

With only eighteen attendees, you can count on lots of personal attention. And, this is a workshop, so while there will be plenty of information conveyed through presentations, and demonstrations will help you bring the Whole Woman knowledge home.

One of the more difficult experiences of prolapse, incontinence, and hip pain is isolation, particularly prolapse and incontinence.

These are difficult subjects to bring up with friends and family, and if you do bring it up, most of the time you’ll either get blank looks because the women you are talking to have no clue what your talking about, or you’ll get the stock reply, “Oh, just go get it fixed…”.

How wonderful to share a weekend with like-minded women who are dealing with the problems you are dealing with and like you, are taking action to resolve their conditions without dangerous surgery! The comments to the left from previous attendees tell the story.

The Whole Woman Workshop will really bring home the fact that

You Are Not Alone…

Three important Bonuses are included...

These bonuses make this workshop a unique value for you to fast track your control of your condition.

The Details

The Whole Woman Workshop begins Friday evening at 6:30 PM for check-in.

I will lead an Opening Circle to help everyone transition from travel mode and settle into workshop mode. As women, we are oriented to service, our partners, our children, our friends, jobs, and extended family. But this weekend is just for you. It’s a different, and for many women, an unfamiliar mode to be in, so we take some time at the very beginning to shift gears.

This is your weekend…

I will make a short presentation to set the stage for our time together, then we’ll break for a social mixer.

You will find the evening invigorating to meet women from all over and start making new friends. A glass of wine, mineral water if you prefer, and some yummy, healthy, snacks make for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

We start early the next morning at 7:30 AM for Whole Woman Yoga®. While this is optional, it is highly recommended.

Organic fruit and tea will be available all morning and filtered water all day. If you prefer to grab a bite of breakfast out, there are four good breakfast and lunch eateries within 2-3 blocks.

During the day on Saturday, I’ll be presenting four talks on prolapse, incontinence, the microbiology that is crucial for pelvic health, and practical Whole Woman living.

I want to emphasize that with a small group like this, these are more like conversations than “lectures”. I want your questions and I’ll be asking for volunteers when I need to demonstrate something.

We’ll break for lunch for an hour at midday then work until about 5:00 PM.

For dinner, the Whole Woman Center literally shares a common wall with one of the best restaurants in town, and across the street is what has been rated as the 13th best artisan pizza in the country! So finding a spot for dinner won’t be difficult.

Sunday morning we will meet early again for Whole Woman Yoga®. After breakfast, we’ll dig into menopause, hysterectomy, and healing hip pain naturally. Later, we’ll have our closing circle, to stabilize and integrate all you have learned, and reinforce your commitment to yourself to make your ongoing health an unwavering priority.

We’ll wrap up a little after 3:00 PM, so many of you, particularly from the west coast, will be able to fly home Sunday night. For those of you staying over, this will give you some time to really assimilate what you have learned.

Travel, Food, and Lodging

All travel, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the attendees.

Albuquerque Sunport (ABQ) is easy and relatively inexpensive to fly in and out of. From the northwest, Delta through Salt Lake City may be your best bet. Southwest Airlines has a robust schedule from the west coast. From the east coast, Southwest typically connects through Dallas or Chicago’s Midway Airport. International travelers coming from Europe or Australasia will find ample connections through the major international hubs in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

For those who love New Mexico, I hope you’ll schedule some time to enjoy our state. If you are new to New Mexico, I encourage you to plan some additional time to explore. It is called The Land of Enchantment for a reason.

The Whole Woman Center is a five minute cab or Über ride from the airport. If you wanted to take the train to Santa Fe, the station is a ten minute walk away or two minute bus ride. The ride to Santa Fe is inexpensive, relaxing, lovely and the train terminates just a short walk from the central plaza in Santa Fe.

If you download the detailed Workshop document below, you’ll be sent more in-depth information on lodging and food options. Please refer any questions you have about travel, lodging, or transportation arrangements to Lanny at

We would offer to pick people up at the airport, but we sold our last car six or seven years ago and are now happily carless, relying on our feet, public transportation, Über, and a rental once or twice a year. We are trying to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Bring a Friend

Want to really get the most out of your Workshop experience? Sign up with a friend. Having a partner in the work to share this experience with will really help propel you to a new level of control over your health. And perhaps you can share a room and lower your lodging costs.


Cost for the Whole Woman Workshop is US$ 450.00, which includes what I have described above and a thirty-minute follow up phone call with each attendee within a week or so to address any questions that have surfaced on the way home, or on reentry to your normal life.

Because space is so limited, however, I am offering an early-bird discount for those who want to secure their spot at the workshop. The early-bird price will be US$ 375.00, almost 17% off of the full price ticket. To take advantage of the early-bird price, your registration must be paid in full by July 10th. Please bear in mind, that with only 18 attendees, this workshop is very likely to sell out. So please register early.  To secure Early Bird pricing, enter Early in the coupon code box on the registration form.

A Special and Limited Offer

If you are excited about coming to the workshop and are ready to put your plans in motion, I have reserved six seats at the workshop for only $325.00, a full US$ 125 discount. I have never done this before, but I believe women who are ready to make the decision to help themselves should be rewarded for their commitment.

If you are ready to act now, this offer will only be available until May 7th, or until all six seats are sold, whichever comes first. Enter FASTACT in the coupon code box at registration.  If the code doesn't work, these special offer spots are sold out.  Enter the Early Bird code instead.


We understand that the best laid plans can go astray in the face of unexpected events. Your ticket will be fully refundable until July 10th. No refunds will be available after that date. If the Workshop is sold out and there is a waiting list, we will endeavor to facilitate selling your spot to someone on the waiting list but we cannot make any guarantees.

Workshop Details

If you would like to review the hour-by-hour schedule, please click the button below. Please fill in your name and email address, and I’ll send you the detailed schedule and more details on your lodging and dining options.

If you are ready to reserve your spot, please click the second button. The price shown will be what is currently available, limited offer, early-bird, or full price after July 10th.

Add a Whole Woman Works! Intensive

For the woman who wants an even deeper, more personalized experience, adding the Whole Woman Works! intensive after your workshop will really anchor your experience.

I will need a couple of days to rest after the workshop, but I can schedule one Whole Woman Works! intensive for Wednesday through Friday afternoon, August 15-17.

Register for the Whole Woman Works! Intensive at the same time as your Workshop registration and deduct the cost of your workshop from the Whole Woman Works! intensive. Invite a friend to share your intensive for half the normal full price. Sharing this experience gives you a real partner in the work and is strongly encouraged.

If you are excited about adding this intensive to your workshop, please fill out an application for the intensive at this link. Lanny will respond to you quickly to schedule a phone interview with me, and to finalize the arrangements.


Videos and phone consultations are useful and powerful tools made possible by the astonishing array of technology we enjoy at our fingertips.

But, there is just no substitute for being there, being physically present at a powerful learning event and connecting eye-to-eye with other women including with me.

I realize that flying to Albuquerque for a weekend workshop is a significant investment of time, money, and the wear and tear of modern travel.

My commitment to you is to give you a rich, powerful, and intimate experience, from which you will look back upon as a major milestone on your journey to pelvic health.

I so look forward to meeting you in August.

Christine Kent
Whole Woman