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Christine Kent, RN

Christine Kent, RN is the world's leading expert on non-surgical intervention for pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence in women.

While this condition may seem obscure, 50%-80% of all women will experience this condition in their lifetime.

Since 2003, Christine has helped tens of thousands of women world-wide successfully avoid dangerous surgery and successfully manage their prolapse for a lifetime.

Most women are unfamiliar with pelvic organ prolapse until they are symptomatic. While not life-threatening, it is an emotionally and can be a physically debilitating condition which is poorly understood by the traditional medical system. The traditional medical response is surgical, often with catastrophic results for women.

Pelvic organ prolapse, generally consists of three different conditions which often present simultaneously.

Christine's breakthrough research has shown these problems to be postural and for women who have not had surgery, very amenable to correction. Even some women who are post-hysterectomy or who have had other "repair" surgeries have gotten benefit from Christine's methods.

At the Whole Woman Center, Christine works with women from around the world to help them learn the postural techniques for managine prolapse that will restore their energy and emotional well being and avoid dangerous surgery.

In 2013, Christine published her new book/DVD package, Save Your Hips - Heal Hip Pain Naturally and Avoid Dangerous Orthopedic Surgery. This breakthrough work offers hope for women with chronic hip pain who don't want to start down the surgical slipperly slope. Her program of training, exercise, and stretching is also available at the Center.

Center Programs

In-Person Consultation with Christine Kent

Along with phone and Skype consultations, Christine is available for one hour in-person consultations at the Whole Woman Center. If you live in New Mexico or are travelling through, take advantage of meeting with Christine in person.

Saving the Whole Woman Workshop

For women with prolapse, incontinence, or who want to avoid these conditions, the Saving the Whole Woman Workshop with Christine will provide you with the understanding of your anatomy, the Whole Woman Posture and help you develop a customized exercise program. By appointment only, Tuesdays at 10 AM to 12:30 PM with a follow up on Wednesday at 10 AM for one hour. Call the Whole Woman office at +1 505-243-4010 for more information, or write

Whole Woman Works! Intensive

For the woman who wants to put her healing on the fast track, The Whole Woman Works! Intensive is a three-day program one-on-one with Christine. For more information on this program, please visit the Whole Woman Works! web page.

Save Your Hips Session

In the same format as the Saving the Whole Woman Workshop, Christine helps women with chronic hip conditions get back on the path to health.

Save Your Hips Intensive

For women with chronic hip conditions who are really serious about avoiding surgery, the week-long Save Your Hips Intensive is your program. After working for two hours each day with Christine, enjoy a myofascial massage with a licensed Massage Therapist, specially trained by Christine to help restore and loosen contractures and balance the muscles and ligaments that affect hip alignment and health. By appointment only.

For more information on Whole Woman Center programs, please visit the Whole Woman Store. Or call our office at (505) 243-4010.