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Vaginal Kung Fu and the True Strength of the Female Pelvis

Have you heard about the newest vaginal exercise craze? Meet Kim (click here) who lifts weights, surfboards, and bunches of bananas with her pelvic floor muscles.

Vaginal Weightlifting

Vaginal Weightlifting

If you find yourself gasping in horror, rest assured you have good instincts. Yet, consider what a stunning example this is of the marvelous design of the female body! How do you suppose Kim is able to keep the surfboard lifted? Is the pelvic floor really that strong?

I bet you guessed it, especially in light of our recent observations about Judith Aston’s body. What a perfect contrast! While Judith chronically holds her midriff in, leading to all sorts of weakness and malalignment, Kim’s midriff is naturally held out, which sends intraabdominal pressure through her torso in a natural way. She is a Whole Woman goddess!

She is also a performer who has no clue that holding her vagina open with a jade egg is inviting internal pressures to push surrounding organs into her vaginal space. In normal anatomy, when the pelvis is weight loaded from above, the vagina is a closed, airless space. Kim is holding the surfboard, not by squeezing a circular contraction (kegel), but by expanding her lumbar curvature, puffing out her midriff, and closing her pelvic diaphragm side-to-side with such force that she can lift the board. Long muscles are strong muscles. What a miraculous design!

However, it appears that Kim does not always keep natural posture while lifting, and therefore may be unaware of the mechanics of her self-locking vagina. She is young and the natural dynamics of childhood have been largely preserved, which has served her well. There are limits however, and  we do not know what level of bruising and tissue damage is being sustained.


Pelvic Nutation

In promoting her tricks, Kim gives no explanation about what a “strong” pelvic floor actually is. Conventional wisdom tells us it is a contraction rather than an elongation, but trust your WW eyes! When her abdominal wall is lengthened, her pelvic wall is equally lengthened. Vaginal nutation is occurring, where the back vaginal wall clamps sharply down against the front vaginal wall.

The egg is wedged over her horizontal pubic bones, which are acting like a pulley to change the force vector from vertical to a right angle. This is the only way the mechanics can work! More than anything, Kim gives us an exquisite example of the strength of the circular bony pelvis! She is also proof of the pelvic wall’s amazing ability to manage tremendous internal pressures. It can only do this through stiffening. The body walls stiffen by expanding, not contracting.

As far as vaginal kung fu is concerned, because in certain positions her pelvic wall is not closing completely, she’s having to supplement side-to-side closure with a circular contraction. Some level of vaginismus may be the result. Strong enough to break a penis? Who knows?

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